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Bummin' a Ride
Gregor HaaseAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Bummin' a Ride is essentially an Oregon Trail-type game with small arcade games replacing the usual random events found in the original. Your character is a bum who had just inherited a million dollars, but to collect the money he must make his way from one end of the country to the other in under twenty-five days or lose it all to a needy orphanage.

There are a variety of mini-games included, but most of these are derivative of the run and collect type, plus you won't have much time to do most of them because of the urgency in getting to your destination as quickly as you can. This is where the game suffers because it requires too much walking to get from city to city, and hitchhiking seems to be a rather strenuous exercise due to the fact that you'll be losing health whenever your protagonist raises his thumb to flag down a ride.

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Bunny Blaster
Shalin ShodhanAction/Arcade4.91 MBClick here to download

Bunny Blaster is a short arcade game created by the developer of On a Rainy Day, where the objective is to breed a thousand bunnies to win, simply by shooting at them using any or all of the four weapons at your disposal. There is no lose condition, and you can take as long as you want to complete your task.

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Burn the Trash  
cactusShoot 'em up1.61 MBClick here to download

Burn the Trash is a freeware vertical shooter created by cactus, and again this developer impresses everyone with his creativity and coding skills. This time around your ship is equipped with extremely destructive weapons, but as usual the enemies are no easy targets either.

Hold the Z key for a standard beam, or press the X key to clear bullets caught in your blue beam's path. Use both keys together for a special attack which causes massive damage, but use it with care as this weapon tends to overcraft and may destroy your craft altogether. An online high score submission feature is included.

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BusterPlatformer1.16 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Buster is a new platformer by the creator of Akuji the Demon and Guardian of Paradise. Press the X key to slash, and tap the Z key to jump or double jump. Hold the C key to absorb collectibles.

To dash, simply tap the left or right cursor key twice in rapid successions. It is possible to scale walls vertically by doing a running jump, then quickly tap the Z key when your character is against the wall. You can also grab hold of certain walls by pressing the X key after executing this move.

The trial version features one level only.

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ButaVX: Justice Fighter
NekomuraRPG7.59 MBClick here to download

ButaVX: Justice Fighter is a short role-playing game that features a likable line art look for the graphics and animation, although the adventure itself is an extremely short one and won't take longer than ten minutes to beat. The story is about a pig who loses his ball by accidentally kicking it through the window of a granny's house, so he sets out on a quest to retrieve it by running errands for villagers and searching for random encounters to be involved in.

There are two endings to be found in this game, both triggered by the results of your battle with the final boss. Windows only.

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Butterfly Flies for Fry
yu-kiAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Butterfly Flies for Fry is an average action game in which the player has to catch Mystia while avoiding her projectiles to acquire a good score. Move the mouse cursor further to the left to speed up, and vice versa. The game ends when Yuyuko goes hungry or falls out of the screen. This can be avoid by eating sakura-mochi repeatedly or clicking on the mouse.

By the Numbers
(mature content)
Aki AhonenAdventure18.0 MBClick here to download

By the Numbers is a short adventure game created using the AGS engine, featuring full voice acting and characters rendered using a combination of motion-capture script and simple vector graphics. You play as lieutenant Timothy Orman, a cop who has to question an eyewitness to a kidnapping for clues that'll lead you to the criminal. Nearly the entire game is set inside the questioning room (a One Room One Week competition rule), excluding the short intermission sequence that splits the story into two acts.

The post-competition version includes an option to skip dialogues or cutscenes, while subtitles can also be toggled on and off by pressing the S key. The conversation between the two main characters can get a bit colourful at times, so you might want to consider lowering the volume of your speakers or putting on headphones before playing it if you have children in the house.


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ByteAlity Tower Defense
Erik LeppenStrategy4.03 MBClick here to download
(external link)

ByteAlity Tower Defense is a tower defense game with more than twenty types of towers to unlock and over a hundred maps to play. Much like RPGCreations' Immortal Defense, the coverage area for a tower can be reviewed by selecting a defense structure, then holding the left mouse button over a valid placement section. Release the button to build the structure immediately, and upgrade a tower by left-clicking on the tower again. Funds for tower purchases and upgrades can be amassed by taking out enemies before they reach the main building and inflict structural damage.

Earn additional points in each map by calling for the next wave of enemies before the timer counts down to zero. A short tutorial and comprehensive map editor are included, though certain features are disabled until a player has made sufficient progress in the campaign mode.

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