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TorrenteShoot 'em up3.68 MBClick here to download

CandyCane is a Christmas-themed shmup originally developed for the DevCrunch Christmas competition. You take control of a candycane surrounded by a variety of Christmas objects. Collect presents to get upgrades.

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CandyCorn Undergrowth
Jph WacheskiShoot 'em up0.04 MBClick here to download

CandyCorn Undergrowth is the second game created by Jph using Ville Krumlinde's ZGameEditor. Each of the five levels can only be completed by successfully building up all green nodes using your craft's build beam. Use the Z key to shoot, and hold the X key to activate the beam. Collect green buds to increase your beam gauge. Press the space key to pause the game at any time.

IdaAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

You control a robot with the ability to build turrets in CannoDash, a tower defense game where enemies appear from each side of the screen in turn and will chase you down relentlessly. Tanks which hit a turret will get stuck to it until either one is destroyed, but paper planes have no such limitations by travelling through air.

The W, A, S and D keys are used to move the robot around the room. Placing a turret with the enter key deducts ten points from your money counter, but you earn back half of that for every enemy tank or plane destroyed.

There are also two difficulty settings to choose from, and players can beat the game by surviving all fourteen waves without letting any of the enemy units touch the robot.

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keim, Kei MesudaApplicationBrowserClick here to open
(external link)

cannonML is a shmup pattern generator made by Kei Mesuda, the developer of Nomltest FS, Invisible Vision and Arcanacra Black Label. This handy tool uses a simple text copy and paste method for the purposes of saving or sharing shooter creations.

An example of how this application would work is by copying the text in one of keim's posts into the text area. The numeric value for &start5 in the first line can be changed to any number to modify the amount of ships you start with.

Use the cursor keys to move, and hold the Z key to shoot. Press the shift or N key to make your ship move slower. An English reference guide is available.


Captain Binary
Twin BottlesAction/Arcade42.2 MBClick here to download

Captain Binary is a decent action game that attempts to emulate the Metal Slug series and Alien Hominid. Consisting of three short levels, one hit is all that your muscled hero can take although there's plenty of lives and credits to use.

Weapon upgrades can be collected to increase your firepower. Does not include gamepad support or difficulty setting.

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Captain Forever  
FarbsShoot 'em upBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

In Captain Forever, you're the captain of a ship named Nemesis, stranded in space without a single clue about your current whereabouts. Fortunately an info buoy is around to help, providing you with some information about the sector you are in and supplying repair modules to rebuild your ship.

By destroying enemy ships with your default laser weapon, you can cause them to drop ship parts that can be attached to your own ship. Additional ship plating, extra weapons and increased thruster power are just some of the benefits to be gained from salvaging intact modules.

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Captain Kickass
NobodyShoot 'em up1.92 MBClick here to download

Captain Kickass is a new arena shooter by Nobody which mimics gameplay elements from Geometry Wars and several other similar arcade games. Firing is automatic, while the ship follows your cursor around hence cursor keys are never needed.

Rotate your firing direction left or right by using the mouse buttons. Items can be collected immediately when they appear or be left alone to wander the screen until absolutely needed. Delay power-up effects by holding down the middle mouse button.

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Carnage Street
Leonardo CavalettiShoot 'em up4.04 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Carnage Street is a simple 2D shooter in which you play as a hero who has to protect his city from a zombie invasion. There are only two status indicators that you have to worry about, those being your life and the state of the city itself. The game ends if you are too injured to continue, or a hundred zombies or more made it through the city's one-man defense line.

The red gauge at the bottom of the screen shows your current level, which can be increased by dispatching more zombies. The higher the level, the more zombies will appear but you will score more as well, and more destructive weapons will appear for you to collect.

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Howard KistlerAction/Arcade2.22 MBClick here to download

Not exactly a remake, though it's another of the Bejeweled family of games that originate in the dawn of time. It's called Cartouche, and has an Egyptian motif. Plays like most of the matching games, except in this one you can match on either the colors or the glyphs.

Stephen Lavelle, increparePuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Cascode is a puzzle game about matching patterns and making consecutive combos to win, created by Stephen Lavelle as part of his portfolio of experimental short projects. It takes a while to figure out, but once you get it the game should be relatively simple to win in just a few tries.

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