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SKTAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

The Flash demo for Taito's action puzzler game EXIT is playable using any internet browser.

Click on Mr. ESC, then any accessible location on screen to move the protagonist around. The same method can also be used to interact with objects or use inventory items.

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Exit Fate
SCFRPG148 MBClick here to download

Exit Fate is a new full-length RPG from Origami, creator of the well-received RPGMaker effort Last Scenario. The game not only features standard 2D battle encounters but boasts a tactical strategy mode as well, in which players must assume control over legions of troops, issue commands and lead their armies to a crushing victory. Bonus items are awarded for good results, especially if the fight ends quickly with minimal losses to your side.

A new addition is the bribe system, allowing players to avoid potentially dangerous encounters by using the local currency as a bargaining device. Use the C key to confirm your selections, or press the X key to cancel your choices.

The magic system is also a slight departure from most common RPGs. You earn mana points as the battle progresses, meaning that most spells can only be cast after several turns. The number of times a spell can be used in each battle is limited, but unused healing spells are cast automatically to restore the health of party members after battle.

Press the Left Alt and Enter key to switch between full screen and windowed mode. This game comes highly recommended if you're a big fan of RPGs, and wouldn't mind a couple of ripped sound effects, music and familiar-looking tilesets.

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Exolon DX
- Windows, Mac
Graham GoringAction/Arcade13.4 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Exolon DX is basically a remake of an old Hewson game with updated graphics. The original was a favorite among fans and this version is just as good. Besides the graphical overhaul, the animation is much smoother this time around as well.

Your quest is simple as you seek to eliminate as many aliens as possible with your standard blaster or rocket-propelled grenades. Both weapons have limited ammunition though these can be replenished by collecting ammo pickups.

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Experimental Chick, The
SlowfootShoot 'em up4.41 MBClick here to download
(external link)

The Experimental Chick is a mission-based arena shooter in which you have to destroy surrounding red blocks and break out of the laboratory that you've been held captive in. Men in biohazard suits will appear out of these walls and try to prevent your escape, but you have a gun that can be used knock them unconscious and destroy any of the robotic contraptions that they've deployed to stop you.

Two different gameplay modes are included, although most players won't likely bother playing survival mode for too long after completing the main campaign.

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Gregory WeirPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

As a hotshot computer security cracker, you will solve over fifty puzzles and fight against totalitarianism, abuses of power, and terrorism. The Story Mode in Exploit offers a twist-filled story of international intrigue, and Challenge Mode offers 19 more puzzles to engage the mind.

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Extreme Gardening
Jan Willem NijmanAction/Arcade8.34 MBClick here to download

Extreme Gardening is a short puzzle game about trimming hedges. On each of the fifteen levels, players are shown how the hedge should look, then given ten seconds to cut it into shape using the mouse to click and drag the hedge away.

Depending on how similar your final piece is compared to the original, you'll be awarded bronze, silver or gold medals. Time is tight, so you'll need to work quickly and precisely.


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Tommo ZhouPuzzle0.72 MBClick here to download

Extremine is a challenging variation of Minesweeper that forces players to think fast, created by Tommo Zhou for the friendly Ludum Dare 14 competition. The goal of the game is to detonate mines instead of just marking them, and if you don't act fast enough you'll find that the mines will start to box you in as the board shrinks ever faster with each passing second.

The number of usable markers is limited in every game, but you can restore the marker count by unmarking tiles or detonating marked tiles correctly.

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Eyeball 3: Rorschach Dungeon
Sergio CornagaAction/Arcade1.70 MBClick here to download

Eyeball 3: Rorschach Dungeon is a short game in which both of the main characters can be controlled with the same mouse. Left click on an area to approach it, and hold the right mouse button to use your eye beam. Right clicking on one of the character's pupil will cause it to generate a shield, protecting it's caster while damaging other enemies on contact as well.

The health indicator at the top of the screen is shared by both eyeballs, and can be increased by colliding with enemies of the same colour.

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Eyeballing Game, The
Matthias WandelPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

The Eyeballing Game is a series of geometric tests designed for measuring your ability to estimate the correct angles and centers of each shape or line shown. Move the blue square using the mouse to a position stated by the text at the top of the window, then release the button to find out how much you've missed the right spot from the answer displayed at the bottom of the screen. A green square will appear and point out the correct location after you've made your guess.

There are seven different tests in total, and each challenge has to be done three times over before the final score is calculated and allowed to be submitted online.

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