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HikwareAction/Arcade0.46 MBClick here to download

Friction is a collection of four mini-games by Hikoza.T.Ohkubo made in the style of WarioWare releases for the Game Boy Advance.

The first stage involves increasing the temperature shown by the thermometer without the nurse noticing you. Move the mouse in a circular motion quickly when she is looking away. A beating will ensue if she catches the patient coughing.

Your task in the next stage is to erase scribbles off a paper. In the third mini-game, sheeps are attempting to escape to the meadow and it's up to you to turn them into food by activating the attack area.

In the final stage, you're presented with a length of paper to unroll by using the same technique applied previously.

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Lost PixelsPlatformer92.1 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Frogatto is a freeware 2D platformer which stars a frog that can swallow and spit out enemies as projectiles. At the beginning of the adventure you'll discover that his reach is rather short, but the coins that you collect along the way can used to purchase upgrades that'll increase the length of his tongue.

The game features six distinct areas with thirty levels split between them, and you can use magical pedestals to teleport yourself to the start of any location that you have previously explored. You'll want to open any treasure chests that you find as well, since some of them carry life capsules or huge coin bonuses. Depending on how thorough you are when searching for secrets and hidden areas, playing the game from start to finish could take up to a couple of hours.

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Froggy Ribbit
Christopher MairAction/Arcade5.61 MBClick here to download

Christopher Mair's Froggy Ribbit is pretty competent remake of the original by Konami. Joystick and joypads are detected right from the start, menus work and sprites looked decent enough. Controls are just right and all the features from the original can be found here.

From Primordial Egg
Logan AmesAction/Arcade1.94 MBClick here to download

From Primordial Egg is an action game created by Logan Ames, developer of the exploration platformer Nothing. Starting out as a baby dinosaur inside an egg, players would have to press a button repeatedly to break the shell and venture forth into the labyrinth for food.

Use the Z key to bite, press the X key to kick out, and hold the C key to jump. You can run by tapping the left or right arrow key twice, which helps increase the jump distance. Enemies receive more damage from bites, and chomping on them once they're lying on the ground restores health by a small margin. Evolution is also gained through eating, with eager chompers shifting from one growth phase to another quicker than a player who avoids confrontation with the archaeologists.

You can restart a level at any time by pressing the F2 function key. A simple congratulatory screen is shown after you've completed the game, which is hardly the reward players are expecting all the key presses their fingers had to endure.


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Front Line
D. IkushimaAction/Arcade1.52 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Front Line is a side-scrolling game that plays a lot like Abuse. You start the game with a gun and a few grenades at your disposal, and you can use a shield to temporarily block enemies' shots. There is really nothing more to it - no clever level designs and no surprises. Aiming and shooting are done using the mouse. The keyboard primarily functions as a means of movement. Basically it's just two keys, Z for left and C for right.

A neat little Japanese freeware gem that should appeal to anyone who likes Abuse or platformers in general.

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Jesse VenbruxAction/Arcade5.72 MBClick here to download

In Frozzd, you take the role of an astronaut tasked with the mission of freeing orange-colored creatures named Mubblies from their frozen state. You begin each level with King Mubbly as your companion, who has the ability to unfreeze his subjects or attack the Frozzds with a tap of the space key. Drink coffee to increase your suit's temperature, and use the points you've acquired to unlock new stages.

Each of the twelve levels introduces a different enemy, and points acquired from previous stages can be used to unlock new ones.

Additional files/mirrors

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Fruits of the Forest
Ido YehieliRPGBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Fruits of the Forest is a simple roguelike with few character stats, based around the idea of foraging food for the villagers in your town. Purple berries indicated by semicolons have to be collected and passed on to villagers in yellow to feed them, but watch out for the bandits who are roaming around the forest in search of wanderers to murder and loot.

The numeric keypad can be used to move your character, and pressing 5 makes him or her wait for one turn. This is useful when attempting to lure bandits into your path, as most healberries are placed at the far reaches of the map and combat damage from each melee encounter can be reduced to just one point with careful planning and execution. You can press the E key to consume a healberry and restore your hit points fully.

Doors can be opened by bumping into them, or closed by standing next to one and pressing the C key. There is no penalty incurred when a villager escapes from his or her home. The game does have a proper end screen, which is displayed once you've managed to feed all hungry villagers as indicated by the yellow counter on the left side of the screen.


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Fun Fun Drive
FargeniusPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Fun Fun Drive is a decent puzzler consisting of ten levels, in which the player has to shift tiles around to create a path for the car to reach it's destination. Puzzles can be attempted in any order, but the car will run out of fuel if a track takes too long to complete.

Certain stages may have more than one sign to reach for.

Future Pinball
Christopher LeathleyAction/Arcade19.2 MBClick here to download

Future Pinball is an excellent 3D pinball simulator with a comprehensive editor and plenty of user-created tables to download.

It takes a bit of work to start playing any of the tables. Download and install both Future Pinball and Sci-Fi Classic, then run Future Pinball from the desktop. Click on file, then open, and select the Sci-Fi Classic table. It takes a while to load, but once it's done just click on play table to begin. A control configuration menu can be found under preferences.

Both flippers are controlled using the shift keys. Tap the button next to the shift keys to nudge the table left or right. Press space bar to nudge the table forward. Insert a coin by pressing 5, then 1 to start a game. Use any of the function keys to change the camera angle.

oNyxShoot 'em upBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Fuzetsu is a curtain fire shmup by oNyx, where you control a pixel surrounded by a bluish aura with no proper shot button. Bosses in the shape of red circles will attempt to deplete all three lives that you begin with. The only way to retaliate in the face of such odds is by scraping the bullets that are fired by these dangerous adversaries.

The window size is rather small, so it's advisable to configure the screen resolution before starting a game. Requires Java 1.4 or better to run.

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