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Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2, The
Brad BornePlatformerBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 is a free side-scrolling Flash platformer created by Brad Borne. In it, you play as the Fancy Pants Man, a two-dimensional stick figure with spiky hair and triangular-shaped pants. The objective of the game is to guide Fancy Pants Man through open levels which feature numerous obstacles to overcome and a variety of enemies to avoid or defeat.

There are plenty of squiggles to find during the course of the adventure, and collecting one refills Fancy Pants Man's life meter by five percent. Grab a hundred of these to earn an extra life.

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Fantastic Blood Boy
Gustav KilmanAction/Arcade2.24 MBClick here to download

Fantastic Blood Boy is a 2D action game created by Gustav Kilman, in which players have to protect red clot crystals from an entire army of sockpuppets. Blood Boy is practically invincible in the game, and touching a clot crystal will move it to a random position on screen. A new crystal is generated when you've collected enough blood from the sockpuppets you've destroyed. You may have up to three clot crystals at any time, but the game ends when you've lost all of them to exploding sockpuppets.

Deactivate a sockpuppet's destruction sequence by jumping off them. A crystal that isn't moving around will generate weapons, which can then be acquired by moving Blood Boy next to one.

Farmer, The
drZoolAction/Arcade3.94 MBClick here to download

Not just reliant on a funny intro song, The Farmer is a pretty good game coded by drZool for the Ludum Dare competition. Part Harvest Moon with some Mario-stomping element, you play the role of a farmer who has to achieve certain level objectives shown before the start of each stage.

This would usually be a certain number of coins, seed, flowers or fertilizers. You start off with a few seeds that can be used to generate the four items mentioned, depending on when you decide to harvest them by pressing space. Some planning is required as the game will end if you run out of seeds.

You will get more seeds if you pick the flowers as soon as the petals fall off. Exchange flowers picked when in full bloom for coins from the shack on the right. Decomposed flowers can be collected as fertilizers, while roaches can be eliminated by jumping on them. The rules may seem a little complicated at first but players should be able to grasp the concept after a few plays.

Fate by Numbers
RevivalAdventure1213 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Fate by Numbers is a sci-fi noir FMV adventure game. You assume the role of Alice Sanger, female private eye. She is assigned to get a briefcase, but quickly finds herself immersed in a web of corruption and shadowy motives.

What follows is a mysterious journey through the layers of a future metropolis with 50's noir influences.

As far as adventure games go, it's pretty standard fare. Puzzles are about average difficulty. You have a few gadgets that are fun to use, such as the photo enhancer. The acting is decent, which helps keep things interesting. But the gameplay itself seems rather easy. Everything was solved with a couple of clicks without even resorting to the hint button.

Definitely worth checking out if you have any interest in adventure games.

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Favored, The
Joseph LarsonRPG0.15 MBClick here to download

The Favored is basically a remake of robotfindskittens with some changes to the original rules, created by Joseph for the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge. The game involves collecting rabbits by walking over them, then depositing enough of the creatures at the exit point so that the passage to the next level can be opened.

You can only carry a maximum of four rabbits while walking around, and there is also the danger of accidentally grabbing the one bunny that has the power to strike you down. Had the game included some element of strategy to increase the chances of avoiding the all-powerful bunny, then Joseph could have a winner in his hands.


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Feather Raid
Ichigo-CitronShoot 'em up11.7 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Feather Raid is an excellent shooter featuring a power-up system much like the one employed by Konami's Gradius series. There are no lives but your character is able to take several hits, indicated by the HP gauge shown at the bottom of the screen. Your HP can be increased by completing levels and gaining experience points.

Hold down the Z key to shoot and press the X key to activate a power-up. Tap the left shift to launch the cyclone attack, although it requires a recharge after each use.

Ben ChandlerAdventure15.1 MBClick here to download

In Featherweight you play as Thadd, a scout for a rebel group fighting against robots who are out to capture all humanoids. Discovering that a fellow spy has been caught by the machines, he embarks on a mission to rescue her even with the knowledge that chances of succeeding is slim.

The interface is easy to use and puzzles aren't too difficult to solve, although there is a bit of reliance on challenges that require figuring out combinations for locks and doors throughout the adventure. Expect to do a bit of pixel hunting as well, but the game is short and the amount of frustration from retrying has been kept to a minimum.

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Fedora Spade Episode 1  
Orchard-LAdventure26.6 MBClick here to download

Fedora Spade Episode 1 is the latest creation by Orchard-L, developer of the horror adventure game Missing. Assume the role of a detective as you attempt to solve a complicated case by gathering evidence and questioning the single suspect in the game.

Use the Z key to confirm choices or press the X key to cancel a selection. Playable in windowed mode only.

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Fedora Spade Episode 2  
Orchard-LAdventure26.6 MBClick here to download

Fedora Spade Episode 2 introduces a larger cast of characters to converse with and interrogate, as you attempt to solve the latest crime mystery with your sleuthing skills and persuasive charms. You're not alone in this adventure though, as a partner will tag along to provide even more humor if not some assistance.

Use the Z key to confirm choices or press the X key to cancel a selection. Playable in windowed mode only.

Additional files/mirrors

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Fedora Spade Episode 3  
Orchard-LAdventure26.6 MBClick here to download

Fedora Spade Episode 3 is a new chapter in the continuing adventures of our favorite sleuth, and as usual the returning cast of Baldie, Daphne, Theo and Jules provides much humor to this investigative series. This release features a new fast forward option. Players can now skip portions of a conversation by holding down the C key.

Additional files/mirrors

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