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Ganbare Natsuki-san
Alpha Secret BasePlatformer9.41 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Ganbare Natsuki-san is an excellent puzzle platformer by Alpha Secret Base, borrowing a few elements from an obscure PSX game called Umihara Kawase Shun. The rope has been replaced with a metal gadget, able to extend and grab on to walls and ceilings.

Press the Z key to activate it, and use the directional keys to move around while holding down the same button. Jump using the X key, and tap the C key to bring up the pause window. Selecting the third option from the main menu will take you to the tutorial, complete with demonstration regarding controls and advanced techniques.

The objective of the game is to collect all food items, while avoiding water and contact with spikes. It's entirely possible to finish all fifty levels in one sitting. Very addictive and highly recommended.

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Garden Gnome Carnage
Daniel RemarAction/Arcade5.23 MBClick here to download

In Garden Gnome Carnage, you control the skyscraper with the left and right cursor keys. Use the gnome tied to the chimney to knock elves off the side of the building. Grab and fling bricks using the space key. Call in an airstrike by pressing the shift or enter key.

Gift-clad elves won't give up scaling the skyscraper unless you knock them out of the screen.

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Garden Gnome Carnage Flash
Daniel RemarAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Originally released as a Windows-only game back in late 2007, Daniel Remar's Garden Gnome Carnage has been ported to the Flash platform by Ludosity Interactive for distribution on casual game portals. The objective here is to prevent elves from reaching the top of the building and sliding down your unprotected chimney hole, since the game is over when you're too overwhelmed to prevent that from happening.

Your means of defense include swinging a gnome tied to your chimney to knock back the invaders, throwing bricks at anything that moves, and calling in airstrikes to carpet bomb the entire area for a few seconds of respite. Note that the only way to defeat elves who carry gifts is to knock them out of the screen, and your brick supply is replenished if you allow a cat into the building through the chimney.

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Garden of Coloured Lights  
Linley HenzellShoot 'em up2.41 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Garden of Coloured Lights is a new vertical shooter by Linley Henzell, creator of Excellent Bifurcation and the popular Dungeon Crawl. This version features three levels, each with a different theme and end level boss. Sound effects are implemented in a very unique manner, in which every shot fired triggers a different sound based on their colours.

There are plenty of options to choose from, though your ship can only be equipped with a maximum of three. Some requires a cooling period to recharge, while others can be fired constantly with no penalties whatsoever. Weapons are upgraded by using them repeatedly, as represented by gauges shown at the top left of the screen.

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Evan RodriguezShoot 'em up1.28 MBClick here to download

Gaso is a bite-sized action game with a small window size, featuring ships and bullets each consisting of about four pixels. Use the A or D key to move your ship around, and hold the numpad 0 key to shoot. Level objectives are explained in the readme file, though the variety does introduce too much complexity into a simple shooter.

The numpad 1 and 2 keys can be used to increase or decrease window size, but only while the title screen is shown. An intriguing project that offers little in terms of gameplay.

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Gate 88
- Windows, Mac, Linux
Queasy GamesStrategy12.1 MBClick here to download

Gate 88 is often described as 'like subspace but with the ability to build turrets and command fighters.' While a skillful pilot can decimate the enemy in one-on-one combat, a thoughtful player can overwhelm the opponent with strategic turret and fighter placements. However, only those who truly understand the intricate details of both action and strategy will win the day.

Because alliances can be broken on a whim, players must interpret the social situation of the game to ensure that each alliance is sincere. For example, it is not uncommon for an allied player to plant turrets and fighters within your base only to break the alliance and watch your empire crumble from within. Always be careful with your trust.

Gate 88 employs a unique user interface that allows players to pilot their ship while performing strategic operations. The tutorial and practice mode will get you up to speed.

Gearbolt Rage
o3 softwareAction/Arcade1.69 MBCurrently unavailable

Gearbolt Rage is an overhead shooter, comparable to another Multimedia Fusion game entitled Destruction Carnival. Hold the left shift key to strafe, and press the control key to fire your current weapon. Use a combination of both control and Y key to change the control settings.

Add a knife to your inventory by pressing the W key. A riot shield can also be acquired by using the Q key.

Gears of War - The Minesweeper
Rodain JoubertPuzzle1.23 MBClick here to download

Gears of War - The Minesweeper plays quite similarly to its namesake, but instead of avoiding mines you would have to actively engage locusts in battle and taking damage for points. You recover a little health for every turn you take, and the strength of a locust determines how much injury you are to receive in each random encounter.

Occasionally you will also come across special items that can restore your health or turn the tide of battle, but a soldier is only allowed to carry one of these at any time. Clearing out an entire area of locusts can be rather difficult, though players can choose to retire with their current score at any time with no penalty for quitting early. The only thing you will be missing out on is the chance to score more points by taking out other locusts.

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TonypaAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Geartaker is a simple Flash game by Tonypa which requires a degree of patience and timing. The objective is to jump from one wheel to the other, with extra bonus points awarded for long distance leaps of faith.

There are fifteen stages in total, and the entire game loops once the final level is completed but with faster rotation.

Kenta Cho, ABA GamesShoot 'em up2.24 MBClick here to download

GearToyGear is a 3D tunnel shooter which plays like Kenta Cho's Torus Trooper, although in this mission you are only able to control the speed and flight direction of the ship that you pilot. Shots are fired automatically, and if your initial ship stock isn't enough you can also earn extra lives by scoring more points in the game.

The ship's current speed is indicated by the multiplier shown at the top right corner of the screen. The faster you go, the more points you score. Try not to crash into an obstacle or fly into the path of a laser beam while moving at breakneck speed.

For Windows users, the installation of XNA Framework 3.1 is required to get GearToyGear working. Playing the game with an Xbox 360 controller is recommended.

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