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Invisible Vision  
keim, Kei MesudaShoot 'em up1.79 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Invisible Vision is a 3D arena shooter set at sea, where players get to engage in naval battles with enemy submarines while surviving the occasional boss encounter or two. Wireframes are used to replicate the surroundings of a dark ocean, and with careful observation you can easily detect enemy ships based on the ripples caused by their movements.

The arrow keys can be used to move your ship around. To launch a torpedo, just press the Z key. Every missed shot costs three seconds, and the game is over when you run out of time or lives.

If green is not your favorite color, there are two other executables to start the game in gray or blue.

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Iron Dukes
One Ton GhostAction/Arcade8.99 MBClick here to download

Iron Dukes is basically a collection of three different mini games, repeated with increasing difficulty as your three crew members gain seaworthy skills by equipping an odd array of treasures and loots.

Fights involve shooting at objects flashing red for maximum damage, while diving requires the player to left click on a safe spot shown on the right of the screen as they sink further into the sea in search for treasure chest. Clicking on a skull incurs a health penalty.

This demo features one playable level only.

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irRegularGame of Life, The
irRegularGamesPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

The irRegularGame of Life is a puzzle game based on Conway's fascinating Game of Life theory, where cells in a grid stay alive, die or multiply from one generation to another based four simple mathematical rules.

This concept is applied here as a series of puzzles, in which players would have to figure out the correct placements of starter cells on the grid so that the goal for a specific level is achieved. A sandbox mode is included to allow for easy sharing of user creations, and there is even an option to change the colour of cells if grey isn't your thing.

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Irritation Stickman
DAN-BALLAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Irritation Stickman is a ragdoll style game with a simple premise: use the mouse to pick up the little stickmen and fling them around each stage, collecting coins, time bonuses, and finally getting them safely to the goal. The red meter next to your mouse cursor indicates how much longer you can hold onto a stickman before you lose your grip and let go. - oranda

- Windows, Mac, Linux
Charlie's GamesShoot 'em up13.2 MBClick here to download

Irukandji is a score-based vertical shooter that currently contains only one level to play, although by beating the game for the first time you do get another ship that can be used for your subsequent attempts at unlocking more achievements. There are multipliers and power-up items to collect, and you can also destroy enemies with your special missile weapon by holding down the C key.

Players can only unlock two ships in the demo. The full version features six different ships, a full set of achievements, online high score tables, and will cost a dollar to purchase.

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Isora and Muku
EyezmazeAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Isora & Muku is an arcade game that tells the story of two sisters who are trying to reach their home safely, but the path forward is populated by monsters that come in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately one of the sisters is a martial arts expert who can float in the air and kick some serious butt, so she'll have to do her best in protecting her sibling from being harmed by the monsters.

All attack moves are executed automatically when you're standing next to an enemy, and players can save forest animals that have been turned to stone by breaking the outer shells which imprisons them. It takes about fifteen minutes to play through Isora & Muku, and to get the perfect ending you'd have to rescue all of your friends and not use a single continue throughout the game.

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Ivory Springs
Joakim SandbergPlatformer3.98 MBClick here to download

Similar to Joakim's The Legend of Princess, Ivory Springs is an incomplete project that is short on length but packs enough content to entertain for about half an hour or so. The game is an enjoyable exploration platformer which features great background art and sprite designs, a catchy soundtrack, directional shooting, Mega Man-type slides, and memorable boss fights.

There is a special guest appearance included as a surprise, but if you haven't been following konjak's work for a while now you'd probably wouldn't even notice her cameo.

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BusterAction/Arcade11.1 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Iwanaga is an action game that is reminiscent of arcade classics like Cabal and Blood Bros., in which the player has to dodge swarms of bullets while shooting back at enemies at the same time.

Hold the Z key to shoot, and use the X key for special moves such as double jumps or dash. The default control scheme can be switched easily during combat.

Items are collected automatically when your character isn't shooting at enemies. Orange items restore health, while blue ones increase your secondary weapon charge and time limit. Swap between both weapons by pressing the X and down cursor key.

Bullets can be slashed by tapping the Z key rapidly, This only works on projectiles with a purplish tinge and not the ones which are blue in color.

There's a certain balance to maintain as shots weaken after prolonged use, so switching weapons regularly can be vital to maintain health and increase the time limit. A small hit point will appear when the Z key is held down.

The final boss requires a certain strategy to beat, and much like Buster's Vacant Ark multiple endings are included for each difficulty setting. Use 7-Zip to unpack the files, and JoyToKey for joypad support.

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