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Jetpack Basketball
Messhof, Mark EssenAction/Arcade10.3 MBClick here to download

Jetpack Basketball is a hotseat game for one or two players, where the challenge is to place the ball into the basket eleven times to win the match. Your opponent will attempt to do the same, and though you can't steal a ball directly, players can hover near the basket at the right moment to grab the ball before it enters the basket.

There is also a button that you can press to make more balls appear in the court. Terrific fun for a Sunday afternoon when you have some relatives over.

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Jetpack Brontosaurus
Flashbang StudiosAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Jetpack Brontosaurus is a 3D browser game developed by Flashbang Studios using the Unity engine. Use the W, A, S, D or cursor keys to move, and press the space key to activate your jets. Hold the left mouse button to move the camera view around.

The installation of Unity's Web Player plugin is required to play.

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Jetpak - Solar Crisis
Richard JordanAction/Arcade2.60 MBClick here to download

Jetpak - Solar Crisis is an excellent remake of the similarly titled game for the ZX Spectrum machine. Your mission in each level is to collect and assemble parts of a probe by placing them on a designated area, while trying to carry out repairs on your ship.

Unfortunately only fans of the original will find this particular effort appealing. Nine planets to visit in total.

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Ben BairdAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

JetTrek is a two-button game in which you can only move upwards and downwards with your jetpack, shooting at enemies for points while trying to keep your heart count above zero. New obstacles are introduced after you've scored a certain amount of points, and you can replenish health by destroying asteroids and collecting the hearts stored inside.

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(mature content)
Miles DrummondPlatformer1.70 MBClick here to download

Jigsaw is a puzzle platformer made for Arthur Lee's Action 52 cart-themed game development jam, featuring two worlds to explore and a healthy number of checkpoints that automatically saves your progress up to that point. The playable character in this remake has a gun that fires nails, which is mainly used for defeating the enemies he encounters and building small steps for him to scale walls with.

It is important to note that only a maximum of three nails can be had on the screen as steps, so if a fourth nail is impaled on a wall then the first nail will disappear as well. This leads to some interesting switch puzzles later, since a switch will only be on when a nail is still stuck to it.

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Jigsaw Battle
SKTPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Jigsaw Battle is a new puzzler from SKT, famed for their popular Moai series together with several other quirky Flash game releases to date. The game pits you against the CPU in a jigsaw completion duel, and the winner chosen from whichever side completes a set of three puzzles the quickest.

Jigsaw Puzzle - Fargenius Editions
FargeniusPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Jigsaw Puzzle - Fargenius Editions is a decent puzzle game playable using any internet browser. There's only a couple of pictures to choose from, but most of the common features have been included to provide a short enjoyment for fans of jigsaw puzzles.

Jihyo Attack
IkikiAction/Arcade0.49 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Jihyo Attack (Written Resignation Attack) is an abandoned 2D platformer created by the developer of Teppoman 2, where you play as a rather angry employee who just wants to quit his job. Armed with a large hammer in his hands, our salaryman will have a chance to smash everything up at the workplace before handing in his letter of resignation to the boss.

There are only five floors to climb, and you can beat the entire game in just a couple of minutes.

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PixelAction/Arcade0.11 MBClick here to download

JiLJiL is a rather old creation by Pixel, recently released to the public after a minor update or two was done to it. The game involves protecting your tail from a cat's pawprints and bouncing the sliced fruit around to increase your score.

Jimmy's Lost His Toilet Paper
Petri PurhoPlatformer5.67 MBClick here to download

Jimmy's Lost His Toilet Paper is a platformer puzzle game where the goal is to clear the level from toilet paper. Move with arrow keys and hold on to the toilet paper with shift. To restart the level press space.

There are some additional elements in the later levels, such as lifts, laser walls and love.

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