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Kutar Sword Master
Giga-RensyaAction/Arcade0.85 MBClick here to download

In Kutar Sword Master, your task is to hit enemies with a sword by pressing the left and right mouse button. The game ends immediately if you swing wildly and miss. A boss battle ensues after you have taken care of a few enemies.

There's plenty of commotion going on in the background, and the scene changes after every boss fight. Unfortunately the gameplay is too simplistic to hold anyone's attention for long.

Kutar T-shirt
Giga-RensyaAction/Arcade0.90 MBClick here to download

Kutar's Powder and Kutar T-shirt are two mini-games from Giga-Rensya with the same controls but slightly different gameplay. Your character can be moved around by using the left and right mouse buttons.

In Kutar's Powder, the objective is to collect the powder that your colleague spills from the platform above you with the help of a bottomless bag. In Kutar T-shirt, your friend will fling pieces of clothing and it's up to you to sort them out by catching only the t-shirts.

Of the two, Kutar T-shirt is more forgiving as misses are allowed and the player does not have to hold down the mouse button to move around.

Kutar the Deepest Cave
Giga-RensyaAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

In Kutar the Deepest Cave, your character equips himself with a gadget that allows him to fly into a dark cave in search of apples. As indicated by the bar at the bottom, the only way you can earn points is by getting as close as possible to the right side of the screen.

Left clicking turns off the light, but seems to serve no purpose whatsoever. After making some progress, a warning signal will appear and the game speeds up considerably.

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