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Other Age
Zeiva IncAdventure6.71 MBClick here to download

Other Age is a rather amusing dating simulation which requires the use of an internet browser to run. The silliness is cranked up pretty high in this one, and though the adventure itself is rather short there's at least a couple of endings to discover.

Will only interest fans of ren'ai games.

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Out of Order
Hungry SoftwareAdventure8.37 MBClick here to download

Out Of Order is a traditional 2D freeware adventure game, created with the SLUDGE engine by Tim Furnish. It sports a point-and-click interface which players use to control the protagonist, Hurford Schlitzting. After a storm wakes him, Hurford finds himself thrust into a futuristic dictatorship called 'The Town'. Hurford attempts to get to the bottom of things and thwart the plans of his alien captors. Out Of Order has a unique story and is filled with well-written dialog and clever one-liners.

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Jordan BrowneShoot 'em up2.37 MBClick here to download

Overdrive is a shooter made by Jordan Browne using Game Maker, which can be quite difficult to play partly due to it's restrictive controls. Your ship can only move in four directions, and a key press is required for each shot.

But the game does has it's own charms, for example the introduction of boss battles every five stages or so and multiple enemy types which are different in each level. The unlockable menu can be activated by holding the left shift key and pressing Z at any time, although it is quite beatable without any cheats whatsoever.

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Richard BlocherAction/Arcade4.02 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Ozmoze is a short arcade game where you have to guide a hollow circle to the exit in each stage without hitting any obstacles or getting stuck in walls. The circle can teleport a short distance at the press of a key, an ability which can be rather useful when trying to reach the other side of a wall or avoid traps in the blink of an eye.

There are fifteen levels to play in total.

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