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Pandora's Gearbox
Alex VostrovPuzzle7.38 MBClick here to download

Pandora's Gearbox is a puzzle game where you're trying to get a ball through a machine to the finish area. You can't see inside the machine, so you have to guess what's inside. You have several tools that help you in your task. You can move objects that are red directly, and you also have a robot with built-in sonar that can explore the inside of the puzzle.

There are ten levels included with Pandora's Gearbox. Level one is a tutorial level that should give you all the information you need to play.

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MomoPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Paneroku (Click Panel) is a browser-based board game for four players, where the objective is to guide your avatar to the destination in the middle of the screen before any of the other computer-controlled characters reach it. Instructions are only available in the Japanese language, although with a bit of trial and error you should be able to grasp most of the rules after a couple of sessions.

The round begins with each player taking turns to either place roads on the board or draw some cards from the two decks. You can place as many roads as you like before drawing cards or ending your turn, but a card cannot be placed if it causes any other path already created on the board to lead to a dead end. Players are not allowed to set any more cards on the board after drawing a card from the deck as well. You can only draw a second card or end your turn so that the next player may make their move.

Roads can be drawn from the blue deck, while effect cards are obtainable from the red deck. Using the red X on the board will deny other players from placing a card on that space. The red arrow nullifies an effect, and blue arrows can be used to remove existing roads from the board. Starting from the second round, players would first have to roll the dice to move their avatars before they can place roads or draw cards from the deck. To end your turn, simply click on the blue button at the bottom of the screen.

This release is the prototype version, so players should naturally expect to encounter a bug or two when playing.

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Panic at the Club
PasztorAction/Arcade9.75 MBClick here to download

Panic at the Club is an average action game where players engage zombies in a disco. Use the cursor keys to move the protagonist around. Tap the left mouse button to shoot, and hold the right mouse button to initiate bullet time. Increase bullet time by taking out enemies.

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Panic Breakout
GameDesignAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Panic Breakout is an arcade game that plays like all other Breakout clones, but in GameDesign's version you are pressured to destroy all blocks as quickly as you can. Blocks are pushed downwards continuously, and the game ends immediately if you run out of balls to use or allow any block to cross the dashed line.

Left clicking releases all balls in your possession, and any balls still in play after you've completed a level will be carried forward to the next round. Bonus rounds appear every fifth stage as well, with the first type conferring bonus balls while the second reduces your spare ball count.

Power-ups include those that increases or reduces the size of the circle you are in control of, barriers, extra balls, and stars that boosts the travel speed of all balls.

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Panic Star
KikaruShoot 'em up1.42 MBClick here to download

Panic Star is a simple vertical shooter in which players acquire points by collecting blue gems. Every fourth wave is a boss fight, though only three were included in this version. Use the cursor keys to move your ship, and hold the Z key to shoot.

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Paper Cakes
HUSCKPuzzle3.42 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Paper Cakes is a clever puzzle platformer in which you play as a character who has a craving for cakes. The gimmick here is that each level is drawn on both sides of a paper, and to reach the cake you would have to fold the paper and form new platforms to walk on or make the geometrical-shaped creatures disappear.

To play this game you would need to download and install both Adobe AIR and the Bamboo Dock software. These apps can be uninstalled at any time with no hassle at all. Paper Cakes was developed by a team of students from the University of Southern California and the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands. There are forty levels to solve in total, split into four different worlds with a slightly different theme and a new gameplay mechanic introduced in each.

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Paper Dreams
Zack BanackShoot 'em up9.40 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Paper Dreams is a vertical shooter consisting of three levels to play, where the objective of the game is to shoot at everything that moves. Collect the plus signs to upgrade your blaster and increases your chances of survival, but do avoid the red ones as those reduces your firepower by one level.

It's pretty difficult, even on easy mode, although a checkpoint is saved as you enter each new level. The entirely hand-drawn visuals are quite striking, turning what is pretty much your standard shooter into something pretty special.

Additional files/mirrors

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Paper Moon
Flashbang Studios, Infinite Ammo, Adam Atomic, Adam SaltsmanPlatformerBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Paper Moon is a short platformer originally created for the Gamma3D competition, then remade with new art and music for Flashbang Studios' Blurst web site. The aim of the game is relatively the same, where players are required to grab apples, bananas and cherries for points before time runs out. You start with five minutes on the clock, but the time limit can be increased by collecting time bonus items for extra seconds.

Use the arrow keys to move and jump, or press the space key to bring objects to the foreground or background. The installation of Unity's Web Player plugin is required to play this version of Paper Moon.


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Paper Moon Gamma3D Version
Infinite Ammo, Adam Atomic, Adam SaltsmanPlatformer21.5 MBClick here to download

Paper Moon is a short platformer which lasts for only five minutes, featuring artwork by the developer of Nano and Gravity Hook. In it, players run through a couple of small levels in search of apples, bananas and cherries for points before time runs out.

Use the arrow keys to move, press the space key to jump and tap the X key to bring objects to the foreground or background. The O, P, K and L keys can be used to adjust the 3D effects. Hold the Left Alt and F4 key to quit with immediate effect.


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Jesse VenbruxShoot 'em up6.87 MBClick here to download

PaperBlast is a new arena shooter from Jesse Venbrux controlled entirely using the mouse. Enemy spawn points are marked by spinning red squares seconds before they appear, while shots can be concentrated in one main direction by repeatedly tapping the left mouse button. Use the right button to activate one of your three bombs. Weapon is upgraded automatically as the game progresses.

Press the F4 function key to switch between windowed and full screen mode.


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