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Raptor 2
Bouncing Fox ProductionsPlatformer13.8 MBClick here to download

Raptor 2 is a platformer which features a velociraptor as the protagonist of the story, on a mission to acquire parts for a machine that will destroy a meteorite hurtling towards Earth.

Attacks are mapped to both space and left control keys. Drinking water restores health. Apparently raptors also have the ability to climb poles and scale walls, though not without some difficulty during certain sections in the game.

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Rara Racer
- Windows, Mac
Stephen Lavelle, increpareAction/Arcade1.97 MBClick here to download

Rara Racer is a short action game which involves navigating your race kart around cones haphazardly placed around the track. Use the arrow keys to move, and press the space key to start a race from the main menu.

The game automatically quits back to the desktop once your two minutes of play time is up.


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Rat Cave
JTRAction/Arcade4.84 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Rat Cave is a new exploration game by the author of Death Worm. Take control of the protagonist as he enters a network of caves to find the mythic beast and slay it. This could prove to be slightly tricky as you're only allowed to carry four arrows on your noble mission.

Press the F1 function key to display the instructions. Use the W, A, S and D keys to move your character, then left click to shoot an arrow. Simply walk over an arrow to retrieve them. Canteens can be refilled by pressing the space key when a water source is found.

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Pixeljam GamesAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Ratmaze is a decent Flash game in which your objective is to guide a rat as it attempts to collect all the cheese hidden in a labyrinth. Use the arrow keys to move, and press space to turn music on or off.

There's an additional button which is only revealed in a certain area, while another secret room offers an easter egg. Pretty fun to play but only for the first try.

Ratmaze 2  
Pixeljam GamesAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

The lovable rodent from Pixeljam's original maze adventure returns for another go at navigating a dastardly tricky labyrinth in Ratmaze 2, on a quest to nibble down every single piece of cheese or edible material it could sink it's teeth into.

The first maze is made playable in this version as well, and a scroll mode can now be activated for a clearer view of the rat's surroundings. Expect to encounter puzzles such as those that requires pushing objects into certain areas or finding false walls to uncover hidden passages.

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HikwareShoot 'em up0.55 MBClick here to download

The latest release from Hizoka.T.Ohkubo, RAY-HOUND is an action game which requires no shooting from the player's part. Trapped in a room with enemies consisting of turrets, you can retaliate by clicking on the left mouse button to muster a shield and send their shots back at them. The other method is to move your ship towards the lasers rapidly to initiate a boost and repel the beams of destruction.

In the options menu, it is possible to adjust and increase the chances of boosting with quick mouse movements by lowering the figure. Press F11 or use the ALT and enter key combination to play in full screen mode.

A timer is always counting down, but you can increase it by destroying all enemies to complete the level. The gameplay system is pretty offbeat, since it can be rather hard to direct shots unless the player is adept at slinging projectiles.

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Rayging Blue 2
FREAMSShoot 'em up25.6 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Rayging Blue 2 is a work in progress from FREAMS, featuring two short levels in the latest version.

The gameplay system is rather different compared to other shooters. Your ship is protected by a shield which replenishes it's own energy over time. The sub-weapon can be activated by pressing the X key, extending the ship's wings and increasing it's firepower.

Press the directional keys quickly using a left-right-left or right-left-right combination for a temporary rapid fire power-up. Your alpha-strike beam charges automatically when no shots are fired. A decent effort if not for it's length.

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Roger Hicks, Brian TerwilligerAction/Arcade47.2 MBClick here to download

rComplex is a short demo created by two people in under eight days as a proof of concept, plays quite similarly to Canabalt, and features a strong narrative that tells the story while you attempt to outrun a giant squid-like creature. The objective of the game is basically to survive for as long as you can while trying to escape from a high-rise building.

Running is automatic and done at a steady pace, but the distance between you and the monster is reduced whenever you stumble over another piece of furniture or obstacle. You can also keep the creature away from you by shooting at it, although ammunition is limited to just twelve bullets only. The music tends to drown out the protagonist's voice often, and there are no checkpoints implemented, but you should be able to reach the end of the level after a couple of tries.

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Reactor 09  
(mature content)
BernieAdventure4.70 MBClick here to download

Warning: May contain potentially provocative or offensive material.

Reactor 09 is the latest AGS adventure game by Bernie in which you assume the role of a prison janitor originally convicted of murder. Much like the Monkey Island series, a verb coin is used for interaction with objects or other characters.

The story is rather short but there are four endings to discover, each with a different set of requirements to fulfil.

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Rean, Conqueror of the Labyrinth
YuraboPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Take control of Rean, treasure hunter of dark and lonely places, as she gets in and gets back out in record time. Find the key to open the treasure, get the treasure itself, and then get back out of the maze in as little time as possible. You can't see very far, so be sure to keep track of the layout of the maze as you go. - oranda

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