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Samurai High Jump
GamePureAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Samurai High Jump is a new Flash release from GamePure with a passing resemblance to Nanaca Crash, but not quite as addictive. Left click to plant the pole, then repeat the same action to control your ascent. The game doesn't end unless you make three mistakes consecutively, while the height of the bar is incremented progressively for each successful jump.

Samurai Movers
SKTAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

In SKT's new flash game Samurai Movers (Hikkoshi Bugyo), players have to use the catapult to fling objects in an attempt to place them at the marked locations inside the elder's house.

Left click once to start the catapult swing, then click again to release the object. If the trajectory is correct, the furniture will land right inside the building at the right spot, else the entire house could come crashing down when the angle if off by even a few degrees.

Samurai Railroad Mansion  
LurkAction/Arcade19.1 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Samurai Railroad Mansion is an action game developed by Lurk using Mark Overmars' Game Maker engine, and has more than a passing resemblance to Nintendo's light gun classic Hogan's Alley. A simple tutorial shown before the start of each level explains the type of enemies a player will encounter, though the advice on offer can be rather vague at times.

Hold the left or right cursor key before pressing the attack button to swing your blade in either directions. Your samurai's face will appear above the section in which he will strike at when the Z key is held. Press the F4 function key to switch between full screen and windowed mode.

Honor is lost when you hit a maiden or an opponent who has submitted to you, but can be restored by one rank for every ten thousand points you acquire. Timing is a crucial element in this game, as certain enemies can only be attacked after a few seconds, while others have to be sliced at the moment they appear on screen. There are only eight stages to play in total.

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Sandbox of God, The  
Vertigo Games, Mr. ChubigansPuzzle7.45 MBClick here to download

The Sandbox of god is a puzzle at heart, where every decision you make affects your outcome in the end.

You can use each godly power only once. Heavily inspired by GROW, you have many different choices so there really isn't a set path to follow.

Additional files/mirrors

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DespainRPG26.8 MBClick here to download

Sandfall is a short demo for an upcoming RPG game with a unique battle system, in which the player can only use one character throughout the entire adventure. Swords are traded for guns in this futuristic western setting, where each bullet is precious and has to be bought or discovered by searching inside boxes. Adversaries cannot be expected to drop items for the player to collect.

Shooting at enemies from a distance does not bear the usual rewards of experience or riches, since they will respawn after a short period of time. Money is rare, and cannot be acquired from enemies. A character's level does not increase automatically when experience is gained, instead it must be traded for lessons or new skills by approaching pit fighters and children on the streets.

Press the C key to execute an action, or tap the X key to access your inventory screen. Use the alt and enter key to play in full screen mode. Plenty of potential but little is showcased in this teaser, with only two cities and a small cavern to explore.

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Sandy Evolution
Kurt Waldowski, David SlebodaShoot 'em up12.8 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Sandy Evolution is a horizontal shooter in which players can collect fragments and pieces of the enemies they defeat to evolve into a stronger creature. This effect only lasts for a couple of seconds, forcing the players to change forms constantly and not just stick to the strongest ability throughout the entire game.

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Santa Fu
I-MockeryAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Santa Fu is a holiday-themed remake of Kung Fu Master, where players take on the role of St. Nick who is on a quest to spread festive joy by beating up elves, reindeers and gingerbread men. There are five levels to play and two hidden characters to unlock, although both of them have the same set of moves as Santa Claus and differ only in appearances.

The responsiveness of the controls can be a bit dodgy at times, but to counter this problem the developers have also made the game available as a free download from their site.

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CheezeAction/Arcade3.12 MBClick here to download

Santaro was originally a 3 Minute Competition entry made by Cheeze in which players have to guide the protagonist towards the present found in each level, usually surrounded by a variety of obstacles or hazards. Features nine stages in total.

Additional files/mirrors

Santaro: 3 Minutes Version
CheezeAction/Arcade3.14 MBClick here to download

Santaro: 3 Minutes Version is a 3 Minute Competition entry made by Cheeze in which players have to guide the protagonist towards the present found in each level, usually surrounded by a variety of obstacles or hazards. Features nine stages in total.

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Paul PridhamAction/Arcade2.17 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Saucelifter is a brilliant Choplifter remake featuring vector graphics for enemy vehicles, turrets and buildings. Press the Z or C key to shoot in either direction, or hold the X key to aim downwards. The landing gears will appear automatically when your ship approaches the ground.

The aim of the game is basically to grab up to eight hostages at any one time and transport them to the teleporter on the right. Land right next to it and they will exit the ship and walk onto the platform automatically.

Paul was also one of the developers involved in the Sword of Fargoal remake.

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