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Ultra Mission, The
cactusAction/Arcade2.68 MBClick here to download

The Ultra Mission is an arcade shooter game in which you play as a soldier who has to rescue civilians from a group of armed kidnappers. The enemies will not hesitate to open fire at any threat, and have placed sentries and automated turrets to prevent you from achieving your mission objective.

You move the hero by using the WASD keys. The left mouse button fires your gun, while the right button launches a missile at the direction of your target reticle. Missiles can break through walls, but be careful not to hurt civilians or you'll have to restart a mission all over again.

There are eight levels to play in total.

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Umbrella Adventure - The Castle of Cake
Srehpog, HiVEPlatformer48.6 MBClick here to download

Umbrella Adventure - The Castle of Cake is a monotone-coloured platformer created by the developer of the popular Game Maker RPG, Ark 22. The story is about a gopher who was rudely awakened by the smell of sulphur to find his stash of more than a hundred cakes stolen in the middle of a rainy night. Curious about the disappearance, he sets out on a quest to find his delicacies, even if it means travelling all over the land to retrieve every single one of them.

There's an umbrella outside the house that you can use for a number of purposes, although you're restricted to utilizing it mainly for whacking enemies and blocking their attacks until new tricks are discovered. The game does take a while to beat, but a helpful save system is included so that players can keep track of their progress and resume the adventure later on.

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Unattended Luggage
Terry Cavanagh, Stephen Lavelle, Alteisentier, distractionware, increpareAction/Arcade3.56 MBClick here to download

Unattended Luggage is a short action game where players would have to collect all packages in each room to progress from one stage to another. The task is made slightly difficult by airport security personnels who are out to prevent you from carrying out your given objective, although dodging around them requires nothing more than a bit of skill and luck.

Use the cursor keys to move, and press the space key to advance cutscene text. The game will probably take about five minutes to beat.

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Unblade Senki  
uepomPlatformer17.9 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Unblade (Record of War) is a 2D platformer in which you play as a frog carrying an indestructible umbrella, on a quest to find a kidnapped princess and rescue her from the clutches of an evil minion. Along the way you can collect power-up items that could be used to destroy floors or walls, replenish health, bombs that help you jump higher, and even the occasional invincibility spell or two to help you through a tricky section in a level.

There are seven stages to play through in total. You may have to rename the executable files to get the game working on PCs that do not have native Japanese text support installed.

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Unbound: A Wound Vignette
LimpingFishAdventure29.1 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Unbound: A Wound Vignette is a sequel to Heartland Deluxe, and the second in a series of three short introductory games based on the backstory of an upcoming full-length game entitled: Wound. This release is shorter than it's predecessor, and will take less than five minutes to complete.

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Hombre, H. Inada, Rendat.Action/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

UNCF is a game that resembles cactus' xWUNG, in which you take out enemies by swinging the ball that is attached to your character. If you come in contact with any of the enemies or their projectiles, you lose a heart. Lose all four, and the game ends. Fret not though, you can resume the game from your last attempted level by selecting the continue option from the main menu.

Hearts can also be restored by collecting power-ups with the heart symbol that appear occasionally on screen. If you happen to acquire a power-up item, you can activate these using the left mouse button. There are four stages to play in total.

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Under Ground the Bowling
(mature content)
YamotoAction/Arcade1.02 MBClick here to download

Under Ground the Bowling is a reworked bowling simulator by Yamoto, in which the player has to knock other characters towards a queue of people waiting for the bus to pick them up. A score chart is displayed every few seconds to indicate your points haul, and the angle in which you hit another character determines their flight trajectory into the air and towards the other lane.

Use the cursor keys to move the muscular man around, and press the Z key to wave his hand. There are no special bonuses for perfect scores.

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Under the Garden  
Paul GreasleyPlatformer10.4 MBClick here to download

Under the Garden is a sandbox-style exploration game set in a harsh winter environment, where supplies are limited and resources such as food and lumber for your fireplace have to be gathered from the land. Here you'll learn how to hunt, mine for valuable items, cut down trees for wood, and construct buildings or bridges out of bricks and boxes.

You can use a fireplace to save your game, but to do so you'd have to keep it lit with more firewood from the forest. There are quite a few safehouses to find in the wilderness, and many of them have their own individual fireplaces that you can utilize as checkpoint locations. Standing next to a fireplace also restores any stamina lost through constant exposure to bad weather conditions or injuries.

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Underside, The  
The Podunkian, Arthur LeePlatformer7.76 MBClick here to download

The Underside is an exploration-based action platformer in the vein of games like Castlevania, Metroid, and Cave Story. However, unlike most other games in this genre, the gameplay is driven more by plot than by free-roaming exploration.

Graphics and engine are completely original. The plot revolves around a character named Ip who must escape from the underside, and prevent the world from being destroyed while he's at it. Characters, plot strands, and dialogue are heavily inspired by Earthbound, and are quirky, whimsical, and sometimes a little strange as well.

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Underworld Trip
Yoshio Ishii, NekogamesPlatformerBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Nekogames' Underworld Trip is a platformer created in a style that is similar to Terry Cavanagh's Don't Look Back, where players will attempt to figure out what has happened to them by journeying deeper into the realm of the dead.

Throughout your adventure you will encounter numerous traps and obstacles which kills instantly on contact. There is no health system to allow for second chances, although you can restart from the beginning of a particular scene at any time with the use of the R key.

There are a total of eight stages to play and six single screen endings to discover, but you would have to replay the entire game starting with the first level in order to view another short end sequence.


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