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Jamie SandersAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

vNES is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator programmed in Java. To use the website, you will need any Intel x86-compatible computer. For best results, it's recommended that all media players are turned off before starting a game.

If the controls do not work, double-click the game field before continuing. Click on the NES icon at any time to return to the home page.

RadixShoot 'em up0.83 MBClick here to download

Voidlight is a horizontal shooter by Radix which was never completed, but nevertheless very much playable in it's current form. Collect S bonus items to improve speed, B to increase your option count and T or W items to upgrade your weapons. Acquiring items also increases your shield gauge.

Hold the C key to shoot, press the X key to rotate the options and tap the Z key to launch a smart bomb. The number of ships are unlimited, though players have to retry the previous level as a penalty for colliding into an enemy bullet, ship or any part of the caves. Seven levels only.


Jordan BrowneShoot 'em up2.22 MBClick here to download

Vortex is a new abstract arena shooter by Jordan Browne, a Game Maker developer known for his Shuttle series. Use the Z and X key to shoot in either direction, and eliminate twenty enemies from each wave to complete a level.

An extremely promising project marred by poorly implemented controls.

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Vox Populi, Vox Dei
(mature content)
WeremsoftAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Vox Populi, Vox Dei (A Werewolf Thriller) is a short but violent action game in which you play a hero on a quest to save the girl that broke his heart, held captive by a pack of semi-intelligent werewolves. You can sneak behind an enemy before pouncing on them, then delivering blow after blow to make sure that they won't ever hurt anyone again. A cloaking skill can also be employed for temporary invisibilty, although you will immediately turn back to normal right after stepping out of a teleportation portal.

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Voxelstein 3D
Hans KriegAction/Arcade28.1 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Voxelstein 3D is a remake based loosely on ID's FPS classic, created by Hans Krieg using Ken Silverman's Voxlap engine. The game consists of only one short level, in which players must find a way out of the mansion they are trapped in using any means necessary. This may involve the conventional way of opening doors, or chipping away at walls or obstacles blocking your path to reveal an exit.

A text configuration file found inside the game folder can be edited for a number of amusing results. Hold the I, L and M keys to restore health, unlock all weapons and receive plenty of ammunition.

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Vs Snake
UnknownAction/Arcade0.30 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Vs Snake is a decent two player implementation of the classic time waster, with a configurable A.I. thrown in for good measure. There are even four different skins to choose from, though the gameplay is a little too basic and won't sustain interest for more than a couple of minutes.

DHCShoot 'em up18.3 MBClick here to download
(external link)

DHC's Vulkaiser is a short horizontal shooter demo which features two levels, though the cartoon style employed by the developers for this project may not be as appealing as their previous works.

Use the Z key to shoot, and tap the X key to launch a bomb. Power-ups can be collected as they appear periodically, with a different effect and special attack assigned to each.

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- Windows, Mac
Terry Cavanagh, distractionwarePlatformer13.5 MBClick here to download
(external link)

VVVVVV is designed around one really simple mechanic: zero gravity jumping. Whenever you jump, you take off into the air and donft stop until you hit a ceiling. Then you can walk around a bit, and jump back down. In VVVVVV, itfs not a gimmick; itfs the basic mechanic - every single jump reverses your gravity. Itfs the starting point.

The game is set in a big open world, with lots to explore. As well as that, the game has a number of smaller, linear levels set in this - the idea is that they contain gameplay elements not found anywhere else. As a result, you can tackle these 'dungeons' in any order you find them in.

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