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SuperpanicPuzzle0.65 MBClick here to download

WordUp is a homebrew word puzzle game for the Nintendo DS, also playable using the nocash NDS emulator.

Use the stylus to connect alphabets and form words. A word must be three character or longer. If a valid word is connected successfully then the selected blocks will disappear. The game ends when a column of blocks reaches the top of the screen.

Two game modes are included, WordUp mode which is open ended and an arcade mode with level progression.

The game works perfectly on an emulator, but contains some alpha and scaling effects. Under emulation setup, choose the VGA option for GBA Mode to increase brightness. It plays better on actual hardware due to the stylus controls.

Additional files/mirrors

World Map
GameDesignPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

A nice little flash game by GameDesign, World Map will test your geography knowledge thoroughly with a set of twenty questions about countries and map locations.

Definitely one for the kids or academics.

HardUserK.IShoot 'em up6.11 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Wrath by HardUserK.I is an excellent shmup that has more room for movement sideways than vertically, much like Capcom's Mars Matrix.

Unlike other shooters, your ship can take more than a few hits before going down. It's current health is shown on the upper left of the screen. Power-ups can be collected to upgrade your firepower or replenish the ship's energy level.

Both your bullet dodging and grazing skills will be tested here, because the only way to charge up your special weapon is by grazing enemy projectiles. Press the X key to activate it when the counter passes one hundred, else it won't work at all. Tap the same button twice to save it's energy while removing all enemy bullets from the screen.

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