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You Have to Burn the Rope
Kian BashiriAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Possibly inspired by Valve's Portal, You Have to Burn the Rope is an extremely short game that features good pixel art and sound production using DrPetter's sfxr tool. There is only one solution to the problem, though the credits will be remembered long after you've managed to beat the final boss.

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You Have to Fertilize the Egg
(mature content)
Kian BashiriAction/Arcade1.49 MBClick here to download

A sequel to Kianis' You Have to Burn the Rope, You Have to Fertilize the Egg is a self-declared art game which utilizes only the cursor keys for controls. This effort is slightly reminiscent of cactus' Life is a Race, where players will have to guide the hat-wearing cell from one end of the passage to the other, all in the name of survival.

You Made It
Jesse VenbruxPlatformer3.85 MBClick here to download

You Made It is a new 2D platformer by Jesse Venbrux, developer of Frozzd and the Karoshi series. Move your character with the cursor keys, and use the up arrow key to jump. Press the same key again while in midair to execute a double jump.

The game has ten levels only. A screenshot is taken automatically and saved as a bitmap image once you've managed to complete the entire obstacle course.

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You Probably Won't Make It
Jesse VenbruxPlatformer3.58 MBClick here to download

A sequel to You Made It, You Probably Won't Make It is a platformer created by Jesse Venbrux which is difficult by design. Expect to encounter spikes after spikes on walls, floors and even ceilings as you attempt to make your way safely to the exit in each of the eighteen levels included.

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Yum Yum
DerbyAction/Arcade6.81 MBClick here to download

In Yum Yum, you control a creature named yum that just happens to be at the beginning of the universe. The objective of the game is to keep this particular species alive throughout ten levels of play. Face all manner of enemies in your quest to be one of the dominant species in a new world.

Controls will take some effort to learn. Two choices are made available to the player, although in my opinion the second control setting will probably suit most players best. A crosshair will determine the yum's movement direction and speed based on the distance. To attack other species, launch a projectile by clicking the left mouse button. Right clicking is basically a reload function. To restart a level, just press the middle mouse button.

Enemies appear in all shapes and sizes. The introduction of bosses add variety to the game, and bonuses in the form of extra lives can be collected to prolong the yum's existence.

Yum Yum Remake
Stained GlassAction/Arcade0.96 MBClick here to download

Yum Yum Remake is basically a reinvention of the original from Derby. The background color is a soothing blue, though the action is anything but. Point to a location on screen using the mouse, and the white little creature will speed towards it.

Left click to launch a projectile and right click to destroy the current one after release. Press the middle mouse button to restart the level.

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Yume Nikki  
KikiyamaAdventure41.9 MBClick here to download
(external link)

In Yume Nikki (Dream Diary), you're cast as a young girl living in a small apartment. There is very little to do in your room, but fall asleep and an entire dream world is yours to explore. The Z key can be used to interact or gain new effects. Certain locations beyond each door may yield more than one effect for the player to discover. Press 9 to wake yourself up. Use the desk in the room to save your progress, and hold the escape key for more than two seconds to exit the NASU console game.

Acquiring the bicycle, lamp and knife should be at the top of your list, as these items will double your character's speed, light up dark areas and allow basic attack moves to be executed. Nearly all locations are wrapped around, hence walking in one direction endlessly will always bring you back to the starting point.

Installation instructions are provided in the zip file. Dream Diary does have a proper ending.

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