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Babarageo STG Banner
BabarageoShoot 'em upBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Babarageo STG Banner is a shmup which utilizes a screen measuring only fifteen pixels high. Use the mouse to move your ship, and hold the left mouse button to shoot.

The background changes for every one thousand points that you earn. The fun part is figuring out exactly where to click on each picture to acquire your power-up. An item shop allows you to change the color of your ship as well.

Endurion, Georg RottensteinerPuzzle14.5 MBClick here to download

Babel is a puzzle platformer that is inspired by Polytron Corporation's Fez, featuring a flattened 3D world which can be rotated to find new ways to advance. Your objective here is to find all diamonds in a stage to activate the teleport and get to the next stage.

Use the action key to read signs, talk to old men, pickup and put down items, or unlock doors (when carrying a key).

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Daray ManningPlatformer3.35 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Baggage is a short 2D platformer that features an unnamed character who is late for a flight, with your task being to collect all of your luggages to place at the baggage claim before the plane takes off. There are only ten levels to play in total, and though the game seems buggy at times it should still be beatable with just a bit of perseverance and patience.

Note that the developer did not include any hints about the double jump ability, which is needed to get through the first area. You can use the F4 function key to switch between windowed and full screen mode.

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Ball 2
N.IAction/Arcade0.19 MBClick here to download

Ball 2 is an average action game by N.I in which the player has to collect all diamonds in each stage by carefully guiding a bouncing ball around traps and obstacles. Use the arrow keys to move the ball around and hold the Z key to decrease the bounce height.

N.IAction/Arcade0.10 MBClick here to download

Balloon is a decent action game by N.I which involves a little bit of planning and strategy. The objective in each level is to guide the balloon to the top of the screen while searching for extra lives, invincibility or bonus items hidden in some of the blocks.

Use the Z or X key to shoot in either direction. Press the C key to place a bomb. If the down arrow key is held, your balloon will hover in place until the button is released. Tap the P key to pause, or use the F1 function key to reset the game.

Balloon Tournament 2006
GingerAction/Arcade7.15 MBClick here to download

Possibly the best Balloon Fight remake ever, though the game itself is practically nothing like it's source material. Balloon Tournament 2006 features multiplayer deathmatch with a very capable A.I. controlling your opponents and teammates.

There's plenty of characters to choose from, and even more to unlock by completing challenges with the best times. Land on an opponent's balloon twice to ground them, then proceed to knock them out before they inflate a new balloon. Certain stages require the player to capture an object and hold it for a certain period of time.

It's also interesting to note that the developer of this game was also responsible for programming Blocksum.

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Team DarkbitsPlatformer0.61 MBCurrently unavailable

Ballz is a rather nifty platformer which involves getting your main character to the teleporter located somewhere at the end of each stage. Horizontal movement is constant, with Ballz doing a complete turn only after hitting a wall. To jump, simply press the space key.

Levels can be attempted several times, since collecting stars is vital to unlock the rest of the game. Made in under seventy-two hours.

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Banana Nababa
Lazrool, LazraelAction/Arcade2.41 MBClick here to download

Banana Nababa is an action game based of boss fights, unlike the heavy reliance on platforming skills as demonstrated by Lazrael's earlier releases.

Use the D or V key to attack. Hold the C of F key to jump. Push the F4 function key to switch between windowed and full screen mode.

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Syunsatu Sare DoShoot 'em up24.1 MBClick here to download

Banshiryuu is an upcoming Comiket release from Syunsatu Sare Do, featuring three levels packed with enemies, bullets and the obligatory boss battles. Four difficulty settings are presented to the player before the character selection menu is shown, with the easiest option located on the top left of the screen. The girl with a kimono has a primary weapon which practically obliterates most bosses at quick speed, and is perhaps the best choice for beginners seeking to play longer than a couple of minutes.

Hold the Z key to shoot, and press the X key to launch a bomb. Hold the shoot button and left shift key together to use your secondary attack option.

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Banshiryuu v1
Syunsatu Sare DoShoot 'em up4.73 MBCurrently unavailable

Banshiryuu v1 is a two level demo shooter that features four difficulty levels and several weapon configurations that you can choose from the selection menu.

Screenshots: 1

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