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Dad Would Be Proud
David ScatliffePlatformer2.83 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Dad Would Be Proud is a short one-screen platformer consisting of only a handful of levels, centered around a gimmick that would be used repeatedly by the player so that they could reach the exit located on the other side of each room. Objects and traps are introduced at a steady pace as to not overwhelm the player with too many confusing elements, but your dependency on the time manipulation ability will make it seemingly difficult to complete a stage without this particular trait.


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Strange VisitorAdventure56.0 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Damsel is a short 2D adventure game created by Strange Visitor in just under four weeks, and comes in two versions, with voice acting and without. A princess has been abducted and imprisoned inside the highest room of a tower, and it is up to the player to hatch an escape plan before night falls and the evil wizard Dorkus returns to marry poor Damsel.

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Dark Burigi's Mansion
IkikiPlatformer0.45 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Dark Burigi's Mansion (yamibrigimantion) is sort of a mix between Tarenagasi and Rocket Mairo, but instead of a rocket launcher you're using a cannon that shoots out brown stuff at whatever you're aiming at. The substance seems to be corrosive as well, and can turn enemies into mush if they come into contact with it. This prototype only has a single level to play through.

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Dark Oberon
Marian Cerny, Peter KnutStrategy15.4 MBClick here to download

Dark Oberon is an open source real-time strategy game similar to Warcraft II released under the GPL, featuring sprites created from shots of real models made out of plasticine. The current version only support multiplayer games, but expect a campaign mode to be developed in the near future. It is still possible to play the game in single player mode, though there will be no enemies to defeat.

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Kevin SoulasPlatformer9.83 MBClick here to download

Darkfate is a lo-fi 2D platformer which tells the story of Chris Freeman, a man who suffers from a bout of amnesia and doesn't recognize the wintery tundra that he is in. The only way Chris will get any answers is by venturing forward and braving whatever challenges that he might find, in hopes that he could somehow recover his memory if he encounters things that he has seen before.

The game automatically saves at checkpoint locations, and you can replay any chapter by selecting the load option from the main menu. Both English and French versions of Darkfate are available for download from the official site.


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Daruma Game
Naokazu TeradaAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Daruma Game is a Flash implementation of an ancient Japanese game called Daruma Otoshi, with a couple of small changes made by the developer Naokazu Terada. The traditional hammer has been replaced with a ball on string, and pieces can be knocked away from the structure in any order, as long as the head touches the ground without being turned sideways or upside down.

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Dash and the Stolen Treasure
Red Sharks TeamAction/Arcade166 MBClick here to download

Dash and the Stolen Treasure is a platform game inspired in Jak and Daxter's series, Mario and Crash Bandicoot, developed from scratch by a group of five students from the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain. You play as Dash, the world's most most famous pirate, who is also ironically afraid of water. His treasure has been stolen by the band of blind shark pirates known as the Unknown, so he sets out to get his revenge and recover all of his coins and gems.

Along the way you'll get the chance to save some baby sea urchins, play baseball with the octopuses, and meet a crazy cast of loony and funny creatures on the ancient island that the thieving pirates are hiding at.

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Dash Border
IsshikiShoot 'em up2.89 MBClick here to download

Dash Border is a rather unique shooter by Isshiki, creator of Vax-11, Z-LOCK and Area 2048 among others. The screen wraps around, enemies are shapes made out of simple lines and bullets can only be fired in a straight line. Much like Asteroids really, but that's where the similarities end.

Playing the game cautiously won't get you far. The author encourages players to move the ship continuously, in order to gain momentum. Doing this rewards you in two ways. Your ship acquires increased firepower and the ability to pass through all enemies but not their bullets.

The game is over if you fail to destroy everything within the time limit. Use the arrow keys to control your ship, and press the Z key to shoot. The F1 key operates the coin slot.

Dash de Leilei
EasyGameStationAction/Arcade15.0 MBClick here to download

Dash de Leilei is an action game by EasyGameStation featuring characters from Capcom's Darkstalker universe. The objective is to guide the protagonist as she makes her way to the end of each level before time runs out.

Six items are presented at the start of each game. You can use the sword to destroy most of the obstacles, though timing your jumps are more important. Pressing the X key when you're on top of a platform will launch your character airborne for a short while. Crashing into rotating plates or mines slows Lei Lei down.

The same developer was responsible for Gunners Heart, DuoPrincess and Ele Paper Action as well. Unfortunately the trial version only showcases two levels.

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DayMare Town
Mateusz SkutnikAdventureBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

DayMare Town is a stylish adventure game by Mateusz Skutnik, creator of the popular Submachine series. Outlines are used to depict many of the backgrounds and characters you will encounter during this short journey in a mysterious town, seemingly abandoned by it's previous occupants.


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