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(mature content)
OddbobShoot 'em up11.1 MBClick here to download

G-Force is a brilliant remake that plays very much like a flat 2D Tempest, in which enemies rain down from the top of the screen in an attempt to crash into your ship. Press the Z or Y key to shoot, and tap the X key to activate the special weapon.

Only two directional arrow keys are ever needed, and use of the superzapper is only allowed once in each level. Playing hints can be found in the same forum thread, though simple strategies can be formulated after a few plays. Highly recommended for a quick fix.

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- Windows, Mac
mawShoot 'em up7.13 MBClick here to download

G:plus is an arena shooter created by maw, where the player's ship continually moves in a perpetual orbit around the center of the screen. Use the up and down cursor key to increase or decrease your distance away from the middle.

Each game starts off with a timer counting down from ninety seconds, but can be replenished in increments of ten or thirty by collecting power-ups left behind by the gems you've destroyed. Playable on both Windows and Mac platforms.

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YamotoShoot 'em up1.22 MBClick here to download

Gaism is a decent vertical shooter based on three minutes' worth of gameplay, featuring three short levels with adjustable an difficulty level to provide beginners and veterans an equal challenge.

The ship's cannon will always point in the opposite direction of your movement when the shoot key isn't held. Energy can be increased by collecting the yellow orbs, though firing will cause it to drop at a steady rate. A bar is deducted whenever your ship collides with any harmful objects or projectiles until none is left, which will cause the game to end.

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Galaxian 2007
danjo, Danny BoydShoot 'em up1.82 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Galaxian 2007 is a remake by Danny Boyd with a couple of bells and whistles not found in the original, though gameplay essentially remains the same. Use the arrow keys to move your ship, and hold the shift key to shoot.

Powerups can be collected for temporary firepower upgrades or extra lives.

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Galcon 2006
Phil HasseyStrategy5.54 MBClick here to download

According to philhassey, Galcon 2006 is a remake of an old DOS game. Imagine that you could send ships from Earth to populate other planets. Left click on a planet which your soldiers are currently occupying, then click again on a destination to initiate an invasion. Colonized celestial bodies appear on the star map in a bluish hue instead of the original gray.

Aliens from Mars can do the same as well, sending their fleet to invade other planets. Both humans and Martians engage in a race to conquest the stars and total domination or slavery.

Grey planets will put up a fight before submitting to a large force. Ships are automatically replenished, and the rate at which they are produced depends on the size of each planet.

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(mature content)
D5Action/Arcade15.2 MBClick here to download

Undoubtedly one of the best Qix clones on the PC, the only drawback to be found in Gal Pani X is the use of suggestive images as backgrounds. The gameplay involves drawing lines to uncover parts of a picture while trying to avoid collision with enemy projectiles.

A player has to reveal at least eighty percent of the silhouette to complete the main objective. Most bosses have attack patterns which resemble those found in classic scrolling shooters as well. Difficult to recommend due to it's subject matter but as a freeware remake this is definitely one for the collection.

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Galshell 2 Bullet Rain
(mature content, nudity)
ArtesneitShoot 'em up8.80 MBClick here to download

Galshell 2 Bullet Rain is perhaps the most accessible of all Artesneit releases, though they're not taking it any easier on the nudity content.

It's possible to begin playing from any of the three levels, with plenty of continues to use and a different character assigned to each difficulty. Collect items marked with the letter P to increase your power-up gauge. When it's completely filled, your weapon will receive a decent firepower upgrade.

Not suitable for players with weak stomaches.

Galshell: Blood Red Skies
(mature content, nudity)
Akira Hut OriginalShoot 'em up6.36 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Good side-scrolling shooters are hard to find. R-Type fans who can't get enough of the alien levels and bosses should give Galshell: Blood Red Skies a try.

No power-ups here though. To upgrade your ship, just collect a certain amount of blood vessels from the enemies you've eliminated.

Highlights of the game are probably the sprite designs. Good enough to end up in any R-Type or Gradius shooter.

Gamma 4
cactusAction/Arcade4.87 MBClick here to download

Gamma 4 is a one-button game from the warped mind of cactus, developer of Clean Asia and Psychosomnium. This particular project was originally created for the Gamma IV showcase, but has since been released as part of the Cactus Arcade 2.0 collection and made available as a separate download as well.

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Gamma Bros  
- Windows, Mac
Pixeljam GamesShoot 'em up19.5 MBClick here to download

The name Gamma Bros sounds like a platformer but it is in fact a shooter. Use the W, A, S or D key to shoot in any of the four directions. Collect coins to purchase upgrades or health, and get close to an enemy to fire rapidly. You can change characters by touching your partner's ship when it appears on the screen.

A password save function is available, allowing players to continue from the last stage attempted. Access it by pressing the arrow keys while viewing the main menu. There's a Mac version as well.

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