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I Fell in Love With The Majesty of Colors
Gregory WeirPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

The Majesty of Colors is a short puzzle game created by Gregory Weir, where players can arrive at any of the five separate endings by experimenting with different action for each scene.


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I Love You
(mature content)
Miroslav MalesevicAdventure6.27 MBClick here to download

I Love You is a 2D platformer created for increpare's friendly Love Letter Competition, a contest where participating developers will attempt to code a full game in under two weeks as a present to their loved ones. There is a puzzle near the end that might require some thought to solve, but the adventure itself is rather short and won't pose too much of a challenge for anyone to complete.

The game is intended for mature audiences only.

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I Was a Vegas Showgirl
Alasdair BeckettAdventure31.1 MBClick here to download
(external link)

I Was a Vegas Showgirl tells the story of one Sissy O'Leary, a stage performer who was asked by her boyfriend to steal a hat that belongs to the toughest casino owner in Vegas. It's anything but an easy task, since you'll have to chat, charm and dance your way past guys like the bouncer and the casino manager to get to Mr. Stack-O-Lee himself.

This 3D adventure game (made with the Dage Engine) is rather short in length and can be completed in under an hour, although it also features a couple of clever puzzles that should keep you guessing for a bit. A short descriptive text appears everytime you're standing next to a person or an object that you can interact with, and there's never really a situation where you'll have to carry or manage more than three inventory items at a time.

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I Was in the War
BisseAction/Arcade1.27 MBClick here to download
(external link)

I Was in the War is a short action game where players are subjected to relentless enemy attacks from all fronts, but can jump or flip to avoid serious injuries. Use the cursor keys to move, press the A key to leap, and tap the S key to switch positions.

The soldier grows in size when moving forward, but shrinks when remaining stationary or colliding with another object. A proper ending is included.

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I Wish I were the Moon
Daniel BenmerguiPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

I Wish I were the Moon is a short puzzle game designed by Daniel Benmergui, where players must figure out the correct solution to achieve any of the five possible endings in this story.

Use the camera frame to take pictures and relocate objects onscreen, or press the R key to reset the scene for another attempt.

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I'm O.K.
(mature content, nudity)
ThompsonsoftAction/Arcade12.8 MBClick here to download

Warning: Contains strong language and graphic scenes.

I'm O.K. is an effort which came about after a couple of designers had read Jack Thompson's proposal for a violent videogame as a charity benefit. Based on the draft that Thompson had written, the story of Osaki Kim (O.K.) can now be experienced by gamers around the world courtesy of Thompsonsoft.

Players get to control O.K. as he seeks vengeance for the death of his son by annihilating every single game designer alive. Gameplay is similar to SNK's Metal Slug series, with the violence taken to an extreme level.

The list of usable weapons include uzis, shotguns, rocket launchers, machetes, molotov cocktails and a baseball bat. Weapons can be purchased from a shop at the end of each stage. To purchase items, the player has to earn coins in the bonus stage by shooting at shop customers.

There's a lot of references to classic games of yesteryear which are fun to spot, though none will be revealed here for fear of spoiling the playing experience. Graphics do not disappoint, which isn't much of a surprise considering that Derek Yu of Eternal Daughter fame is the team's lead sprite artist.

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Ted LauterbachShoot 'em up3.99 MBClick here to download
(external link)

I.c.e. is a short horizontal shooter developed by Ted Lauterbach for the YoYo Games Winter Competition. Use the cursor keys to move the ship, and hold the Z or X key to alternate between your primary and secondary weapons. The game features two playable levels only, but does include three difficulty settings to cater for both beginners and shooter veterans.

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Icarus Proudbottom in: The Curse of the Chocolate Fountain
- Windows, Mac
1-2-3 Blast On!Action/Arcade19.6 MBClick here to download

Icarus Proudbottom in: The Curse of the Chocolate Fountain tell the story of our titular hero who is trying to find a way to stop himself from spurting out a limitless supply of brown chocolate from one of his orifices. After dodging a couple of birds at the start of the game, you will receive a katana blade from your spirit animal which can be used to slice any adversaries that you encounter during your adventure.

A unique code is given at the start of every area (excluding the first) that you can use at the main menu screen to skip levels. There are four stages to play through in Icarus Proudbottom.

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Ice Breaker
Vitaliy SidorovPuzzle11.3 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Ice Breaker is a logic puzzle game which involves charging up power generators before time runs out. Use the left mouse button to turn an element counterclockwise, or right click to turn them clockwise. Two or more connected elements will keep their charge, hence there's no need to build an uninterrupted circuit from the primary energy source.

Scroll the mouse wheel to select a special tool. The wrench tool can be used to repair broken elements, while wirecutters tool allow players to extract elements from the screen and place them into the inventory for later use. A battery tool charges any element on the map. Simply charge an element with a tool icon to collect it.

The game features forty stages and three difficulty settings. Levels must be completed at a higher difficulty in order to unlock more stages quicker.

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GoGameGladPuzzle1.74 MBClick here to download

iceMice is a simple puzzler by GoGameGlad, featuring nine stages and a functional level editor to faciliate user creations. Collect all cheese in a room to reveal the exit, though certain obstacles require both mice to work together if a solution is to be achieved.

Future versions will include keyboard controls and more levels.

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