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Laser Bunny - Adventures in the Alien Death Mines
Gabor, Dugan JacksonAction/Arcade4.06 MBClick here to download

Laser Bunny - Adventures in the Alien Death Mines is a short action game consisting of ten levels, in which players must make their way past hordes of enemies to reach the exit placed at the north end of each map. Hold the space key to shoot, and use the P key to pause at any time.

Collect carrots stuck in the ground to increase the number of lives, and grab the red canisters to acquire a temporary weapon upgrade. A life is subtracted from your total whenever an enemy touches the bunny.

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Kutar T-shirt
Giga-RensyaAction/Arcade0.90 MBClick here to download

Kutar's Powder and Kutar T-shirt are two mini-games from Giga-Rensya with the same controls but slightly different gameplay. Your character can be moved around by using the left and right mouse buttons.

In Kutar's Powder, the objective is to collect the powder that your colleague spills from the platform above you with the help of a bottomless bag. In Kutar T-shirt, your friend will fling pieces of clothing and it's up to you to sort them out by catching only the t-shirts.

Of the two, Kutar T-shirt is more forgiving as misses are allowed and the player does not have to hold down the mouse button to move around.

hizShoot 'em upBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Ikaria is a vertical shooter by HIZ with an interesting gameplay element. Red bullets will damage your ship, though white and blue ones are converted into lasers. Score is doubled when an enemy is destroyed using lasers instead of conventional bullets.

Four short stages only, with the obligatory boss battles at the end of each.

I Was in the War
BisseAction/Arcade1.27 MBClick here to download
(external link)

I Was in the War is a short action game where players are subjected to relentless enemy attacks from all fronts, but can jump or flip to avoid serious injuries. Use the cursor keys to move, press the A key to leap, and tap the S key to switch positions.

The soldier grows in size when moving forward, but shrinks when remaining stationary or colliding with another object. A proper ending is included.

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Illegal Communication
cactusAction/Arcade1.32 MBClick here to download

Illegal Communication is an excellent effort by cactus which takes the mouse cursor gameplay to the next level. The first few screens consist of fairly standard obstacles, but as you get further more ingenious elements begin to make their appearances.

No two challenges are the same, although it's quite important to note that you will be returning to the first screen in order to collect the battery later. Don't be fooled by the misleading screenshot, this is much better than it looks especially in the latter stages.

Additional files/mirrors

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Tom Vencel, NinjadoodleAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

The objective in Ninjufo is to pilot a UFO craft around a maze and collect fifty crates with top secret information contained inside them. Shurikens can be used to destroy enemy ships, although this has to be done without them spotting you first as their shots are near impossible to dodge.

Some money is deducted from your haul whenever your ship is destroyed, but the penalty is hardly a concern unless you are planning to submit a good score online.

Additional files/mirrors

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MaWaRu Maid-san wo Nemigi
D.N.A. SoftwareAction/Arcade28.1 MBClick here to download

MaWaRu Maid-san wo Nemigi is an excellent WarioWare clone which can be described as a collection of mini games that usually lasts a few seconds. The player only has a short moment to figure out what the objective of the level is and go about completing it.

The game is in Japanese so the instructions given at the beginning of each stage is useless, although it's not that hard to figure out what you have to do after a try or two. Arrow keys are mostly used for movement, and the Z key is assigned as the action button. You can only fail four times before losing the game, indicated by the number of maid characters in between levels.

Requires the latest DirectX version to be installed.

Yum Yum Remake
Stained GlassAction/Arcade0.96 MBClick here to download

Yum Yum Remake is basically a reinvention of the original from Derby. The background color is a soothing blue, though the action is anything but. Point to a location on screen using the mouse, and the white little creature will speed towards it.

Left click to launch a projectile and right click to destroy the current one after release. Press the middle mouse button to restart the level.

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