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Akatsuki BK
Subtle StyleAction/Arcade126 MBClick here to download

Akatsuki BK is a title from Japan that pays homage to SNK's fighting game series. The demo only showcases four characters, but as evident from the character sheet there are quite a number of moves available.

It also has a complex fighting system to rival many of the classic arcade fighting games, and the 2D graphics and animation is just as impressive. Well worth a look.

Key configuration is a little messed up though. The numeric keypad controls character movements. Light, medium and heavy attacks are mapped to the J, K and L keys.

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Last Canopy, The
Easy Only GamesShoot 'em upBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

The Last Canopy is a new vertical shooter by the Malaysian development team Easy Only Games, playable using either the mouse or keyboard. Much like Kairos' Varia, players can absorb enemy attacks by holding down the X key for a few seconds, although the ability gained expires rather quickly and has to be replenished regularly for firepower upgrades.

The game consists of four levels in total, accompanied by a boss encounter at the end of each.

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Arm Joe
TakaseAction/Arcade127 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Takase's Dot Fighters is an impressive work, though there is less to admire in his debut effort. Arm Joe features inconsistent sprite design and unbalanced gameplay issues, among other glaring problems. Certain characters depend on slide moves to win, while others have a special attack that could drain the entire life gauge in mere seconds.

The final boss is impossible to beat, which is understandable since by using Judgment a player can actually complete the game by pressing a single button repeatedly. No timing or directional keys required even.

Little Girl in Underland
Erin RobinsonAdventure7.28 MBClick here to download

Little Girl in Underland is a remake of American McGee's Alice by the developer of Nanobots, where the absurd is a reality and capitalism exists in many shapes and sizes. The F5 and F7 function key can be used to save or load your progress, though the entire adventure lasts for about ten to fifteen minutes at most. Press the left alternate and Q key to quit at any time.

The Walls are Not Cheese
SparkyAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

The Walls are Not Cheese is a prototype created by Sparky as an entry for the 15th edition of the Ludum Dare competition, where you are in control of a debris-shooting square that has to destroy the bluish shape located at the end of each level.

The small gauge located the the lower right corner of the screen indicates the amount of debris you have left in your arsenal, and you can replenish your stock by holding down the left shift button to suck in nearby debris. Watch out for enemy projectiles though, as their bullets can also be drawn towards you when the vacuum power is used.

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Project Joe
Synthetix-InteractiveAdventure145 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Unnamed Project Joe is an adventure game by Synthetix that showcases gorgeous art but is slightly lacking in the gameplay department.

Developed using the Wintermute engine, the interface is similar to the one adopted by Curse of Monkey Island and Full Throttle. Holding down the left mouse button while your pointer is over an item will bring up the interaction menu.

There are several locations to visit and some puzzles to solve in this demo, which is only available from the Adventure Gamers' site. Looks promising but current project status is unknown.

Station's Golf
SKTAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Station's Golf is a golf simulation game which offers just one hole to play. Only three shots are allowed per game, and after you've used up all of your swings the session ends with a results screen showing the final score and grade achieved by the player. Two options are then presented to you, where you can choose to watch a pointless and long-winded replay of your last game or attempt to pocket the ball into the hole once again.

A swing can be broken down into two steps, with the first being determining how hard the ball is to be struck by left-clicking when the indicator is between the min and max marks. You would then have to left-click again the moment the white bar is right on the middle point of the green area to hit straight. The ball is pocketed automatically if it touches any part of the flag, so you don't have to aim for the hole specifically to gain a special completion bonus.

You also gain extra points for hitting several commuters in a row with a single ball, but a score penalty is incurred if the ball leaves the borders of the station.

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N.IAction/Arcade0.10 MBClick here to download

Dlgate is a decent Bomberman clone by N.I, but with several changes to quicken the pace of the game. Hidden bombs will ignite when exposed, which could possibly result in a chain best avoided by keeping a safe distance. A door to the next level is revealed when all enemies are eliminated.

Increase your life count by collecting hearts, though these valuable items can be rather hard to find. Acquiring a certain score also grants the same effect, hence acquiring bonus items for points might prove to be worthwhile.

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