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Jun FujikiApplicationBrowserClick here to open
(external link)

Individuality is a new web toy from Jun Fujiki, originator of the idea behind the upcoming PS3 and PSN puzzler named Echochrome. This particular creation is an attempt by the author to recreate a paradoxical environment best illustrated by M. C. Escher's lithograph print entitled Relativity.

The standard blocks, stairs and portals seen in Fujiki's works appear here as well. Robots can be placed on any side of the blocks and even on top of the wall or floor. Requires a browser capable of running Java applications.

Noitu Love 2  
Joakim SandbergPlatformer10.1 MBClick here to download

Noitu Love 2 is a platformer made by Joakim Sandberg, developer of Chalk and Tripline. In it, you take control of Xoda Rap as she embarks on a mission to uncover the cause of disturbances in her beloved city.

The trial version contains level one in it's entirety, and a third of the second level is playable as well.


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David NewtonPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Boxplode is a nifty little puzzle game created by David Newton, in which the player's objective is to destroy all boxes with numbers on them by causing a series of explosions to blow everything up. The chain of explosions work like a domino effect, and you have a limited number of clicks to clear all blocks in a single level to progress.

New elements like solid steel blocks and nukes are introduced to the player at a steady rate, while certain blocks require more than just one explosion to destroy. There are nine levels to play in this test build version.


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MZ GamesPuzzle2.39 MBClick here to download

Linx is a simple yet challenging puzzle game created using Game Maker. Your objective is to link all of the similarly coloured nodes together. However, as you progress, the number of link pieces you are allowed to use is lessened, and nodes start to get in each other's way forcing you to think carefully how to connect them.

Click a node with the mouse to select a link colour, then drag across the play area to drop link pieces.

Once you've completed the included levels, you can make your own with Linx's in-built editor. A number of user-created levels are also available from the Linx homepage. - Prospero

Additional files/mirrors

VectorGamesShoot 'em up1.68 MBClick here to download

Virtual by Vector Games is a shooter with a mix of gameplay elements from Japanese shmups, Every Extend and Tron. Hard to imagine, but pretty fun nonetheless. When pressing the left control key, your ship will warp and create a small circle. Any round objects with the same color caught in it will basically go offline and disappear.

Enemies leave trails when traveling, and your ship will be terminated if it crosses these lines with another color. Press the left shift key to change your ship's color. Lives are replaced with logins, which can be acquired by using the same warp action on square objects.

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Hexiom Connect
Biclops GamesPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Hexiom Connect is a puzzle game where players will have to rearrange tiles on a hexagonal board so that all coloured lines are connected in order to clear a level. Left click and drag a tile to a new position to move it. Tile positions can also be swapped using the same method. Use the left shift key while clicking on a tile to mark and unmark it.

The game includes forty stages of varying difficulty, a color blind mode, and a level editor where players can save or share their creations by copying a line of code.

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SEEK ver.0
EyezmazePuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

SEEK ver.0 is a simple matching game in which players must click on an alphabet or number that resembles the one on the conveyor. A heart is lost whenever the player takes too long to find a match or chooses the wrong tile.

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Rocketbirds: Revolution!
Ratloop AsiaPlatformerBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Rocketbirds: Revolution! is an action platformer that resembles a modern day Flashback sequel, featuring great graphics, fluid animation, and high production values rarely seen in a Flash game. You play as Hardboiled, a veteran soldier on a mission to free the city of Albatropolis from the grip of an evil empire. The demo is basically a tutorial that teaches you how the controls work, spread over three different locations with individual rooms to pass through.

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