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Urban Uprising: Dark New World
DHCShoot 'em up8.44 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Urban Uprising: Dark New World is considered to be a sequel to DHC's previous release with the same title. Sporting an upgrade system similar to Konami's Gradius series, the vertical shooter can be difficult to play without a strategy or two.

Fortunately, shooter veterans should find no problems adapting to the shift of perspective. Activating the shield is usually the first priority. It's also useful to have another protective barrier ready at hand even when one is already in place, since bosses could take some time to defeat.

Press the Z key to shoot, tap the X key to enable the power-up of your choice and hold the C key to lock the options' shot direction. One of the best offerings from this particular company.

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Mondo Agency  
cactusAction/Arcade7.52 MBClick here to download

Mondo Agency is the sequel to Mondo Medicals, featuring character portraits by Cow and music by Aaron Kurtz. Step into the shoes of AGENT-65386 as he tries to find and save the president, though very little information is actually given to the protagonist by his superiors besides his mission objectives.

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Desktop Dungeons  
Rodain JoubertRPG3.22 MBClick here to download

Desktop Dungeon is a puzzle-based roguelike with an emphasis on resource management, where the health of your adventurer is restored by walking into unexplored rooms or corridors. You can choose to engage an enemy immediately upon finding them, or save the tougher encounters for later after you've gained some battle experience with weaker inhabitants of the dungeon first. That is basically the gist of the game, yet once you've spent about an hour or two with it you'd realize that Desktop Dungeon has plenty of complexity to offer anyone who is willing to learn the advanced strategies, bonuses and random elements that Nandrew has implemented in this gem of a time sink.

There is only one floor to play and a boss character is hiding somewhere in the area, although you can retire from your quest at any time and have the final score tabulated based on your actions and achievements. Players can switch between windowed and full screen mode using the F4 function key.

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Masashikun Hi
Kenta Cho, ABA GamesAction/Arcade0.23 MBClick here to download

Masashikun Hi is a wacky olympics involving silly scribbled stick figures. There are events ranging from sprinting to tug-of-war to high diving.

On the game menu, choose start to play all of the events in a row or choose the name of the event to play just that event.

Kakenukero (Sprinting): Run as fast as possible over the bumpy terrain and make your way to the finish line by quickly spinning the mouse. Click the left mouse button to hop over steep hills and deep dips.

Tobibako (High Jump): Run fast by quickly spinning the mouse. When you reach the arrow on the ground, click the left mouse button. If you time it correctly, you'll land on a spring board. You'll launch high into the air and a measuring wall will begin to build next to you. Spin the mouse to go slightly higher. When you begin to slow down, click the left mouse button to stop building the wall, then click the left mouse button to slide over the wall. The higher you let the wall build, the more points you get, but you must slide over the wall to receive the points. Oooka (Tug-of-war): You are the man on the far left. Drag the man in the middle past your arrow as quickly as possible to win. Spin the mouse to build strength, then click the left mouse button to tug the man along. Repeat this until you pass the arrow on the left.

Hitonage (Shotput): Spin the mouse to spin the man and gain momentum. Then click the left mouse button and hold it until the angle line is at a 45 degree angle. You must do this to throw the other man as far as possible before you fall off the cliff. You can get best results by spinning quickly, by getting the angle close to 45 degrees and by throwing the man as straight as possible.

Fire (High-Dive): Spin the mouse to gain speed and jump of the cliff. When you land on the trampoline, wait until it stretches as much as it can, then click the left mouse button to fly into the air. Keep bouncing as long as you can by spinning the mouse when the man flys up.

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Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist
Al Lowe, Josh MandelAdventure482 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist is a comic Old West adventure computer game created by Al Lowe and Josh Mandel. The game features 256-color hand-drawn art, scaling sprites and a mouse-driven interface. Freddy Pharkas ran under both DOS and Windows 3.1. It was released in both floppy disk and CD-ROM versions, the latter having full voiceover speech for all characters.

In the game, the player takes the role of Freddy Pharkas, a pharmacist in the town of Coarsegold, California. Throughout the town, businesses are either being bought or proprietors are being scared out of town. The sheriff doesn't seem eager to help, so it's up to Freddy to find out the details.

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Steely Dan
Paul HubansAction/Arcade9.75 MBClick here to download

Steely Dan is a decent action game in which players have to roll a ball towards the exit found in each stage by smashing through blocks and collecting keys. Marred heavily by bugs but playable if the ignore option is selected repeatedly during level transitions.

Vertigo Games, Mr. ChubigansPuzzle13.2 MBClick here to download

Ac!dbomb is the latest release from Mr. Chubigans, developer of Vivid Conceptions and Sandbox of God. The game is basically about defusing bombs, in a race against time to uncover the pistons hidden behind the tiles.

Beams of light can be used to reveal the number of pistons underneath each line of tiles. Just like Minesweeper, you can left click to mark a tile as safe or right click to designate one as a piston. The number of pistons in each level is displayed on the top right of the screen.

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Tower of Goo Unlimited
Kyle GablerPuzzle2.32 MBClick here to download

The objective in Tower of Goo is to build the highest structure possible by using goo-balls. Each goo-ball placed has to be close to one which is already attached to your structure.

cactusShoot 'em up8.53 MBClick here to download

Akuchizoku is a horizontal shooter created by cactus, featuring three playable levels, two difficulty settings, three different pilots and two gameplay modes. The difficulty setting adjusts the number of bosses and enemies you would have to face in battle.

Hold the Z key to shoot, and press the X key to launch a missile. Tap the C key to activate your special weapon, though this move is limited to one use per ship.

Only one pilot is available in story mode, but any level and pilot can be selected in free play mode.

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cactusAction/Arcade1.28 MBClick here to download

Arms is a platformer by cactus with odd controls and unique gameplay mechanics. The game has a couple of puzzles and action sequences but it's more of an experimentation piece than a proper release. Use the W, A, S and D keys to move. Other actions are controlled with the mouse. Press the space key to restart.

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