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Michael BirkenPlatformerBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Stickvania is a browser-based remake of Konami's Castlevania with stickmen graphics used for every art asset in the game. Purists will cry foul when they discover that our vampire-slayer can stop moving in mid-air while performing a jump, but most of the level layouts, enemy designs and boss battles will feel very familiar as they've been replicated here with some degree of faithfulness.

You'll need a Java-enabled internet browser to play this game. There are reports that the full screen mode can cause the application to crash when switching back, so you might want to avoid using that feature just to be on the safe side.

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Team PolarityPlatformer89.0 MBClick here to download

Polarity is a short platformer which uses the concept of magnetism to form traps and puzzles for the players to solve. The cursor or W, A, S and D keys can be used to move your character around, while pressing the space key will cause him to jump. Use the Z key to change the polarity of your suit, and hold the X key to increase it's magnetic field. These abilities are only available once you have acquired the necessary pieces for your suit.

There is a healthy number of save points, and the game only consists of five levels.

Trip on the Funny Boat
pekuja, Hectigo, JDruidAction/Arcade11.0 MBClick here to download

Trip on the Funny Boat is side scrolling arcade shooter game on a steamboat equipped with a cannon and the ability to jump. The player will need to take advantage of waves to defeat the enemies and dodge hazards.

In the story mode, you will go through five different phases of play, and then face the final boss in the sixth phase. The story mode starts easy, but you should find it quite challenging in the last few phases.

Endless mode will put you up against waves after waves of enemies, with twelve different phases. There are little health power ups that give you one heart back if you have lost them while battling enemies.

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- Windows, Mac, Linux
(mature content)
Stage-NanaAdventure89.9 MBClick here to download

Narcissu is an excellent visual novel written by Tomo Kataoka, then translated by both insani and Haeleth. The narrative begins with a bleak outlook but things do improve as the story progresses. Any attempt at describing this piece would be spoiling the experience, unfortunately. Suffice to say that anyone who enjoys a good read or a touching movie should get this right away.

Click on the mirror link to access the direct download page if you have a dislike for torrent files.

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BanovRPG29.8 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Dubloon is a mouse-controlled RPG adventure game featuring pirates on a quest for the greatest treasure known to man. The main quest takes about six to eight hours to complete, with tons of extra content and plenty of original twists.

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Time Fcuk
Edmund McMillen, William GoodPlatformerBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Time Fcuk is a platformer that warns about the dangers of time travel, featuring puzzles centered around your character's ability to switch between layers in a level. Your future selves tend to contact you constantly and provide hints, chide you, or even babble incohesively while you attempt to figure out how to get to the portal that teleports you to the next area.

Some stages contain blocks for you to move around and use as platforms to reach higher ground, while other rooms may have moving arrows that reverses gravity when touched. The game comes with a comprehensive level editor that allows users to design and share their own obstacle courses with other players.

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N.IRPG0.25 MBClick here to download

Tarnadon is a simple roguelike game in which you wander between several large maps killing monsters and collecting other people to add to your party. Added party members will copy your attacks, but they are very weak and die easily.

Use the Z key to use your boomerang and the X key to fire a powerful magic attack. Magic attacks are limited, but can be replenished by picking up extras along the way. - oranda

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Orbital Booty Interceptor
BaltirowAction/Arcade1.98 MBClick here to download

Orbital Booty Interceptor is an arcade game in which players have to capture female earthlings using grapplers to increase the ship's fuel resources. Grapplers are automatically disabled when your astrogen supply is empty, inevitably resulting in a disastrous crash and an abrupt end to your mission.

Your ship receives a vertical boost whenever a grappler collides with the ground. Press the F4 function key to switch between windowed and full screen mode at any time. Note that grapplers retract a lot slower when your ship is moving rapidly to the left or right.

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JMGShoot 'em up10.1 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Dotechin is a horizontal number from Japan which attempts to fill the entire screen with destructible objects instead of the usual hail of bullets present in most modern day shmups. Your robot is equipped with some decent firepower so it isn't particularly difficult to make it from one stage to the other.

Use the space key to skip cutscenes, tap the X key to shoot and press the shift key for a temporary boost. The Z key can be used to initiate a special attack, possible only when the smaller blue gauge at the top of the screen is full.

The F1 function key can be used to pause the game. Select the second option from the main menu to start playing. If you lose, a continue option will appear as the first choice although progress is not saved when you exit the program.

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Strange Adventures in Infinite Space  
- Windows, Mac
Digital EelStrategy7.87 MBClick here to download

Digital Eel's Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is a space exploration game in which you play an unemployed space pilot, hired by a smuggler to embark on a dangerous ten-year mission in the Sector Prime system. Your employer is willing to part with handsome rewards for any discoveries that you find during this dangerous journey, but return to him late and you will be charged extra in ship rental costs.

The map is randomized every time you play, and interplanetary travel is initiated by left-clicking on a nearby star and pressing the engage button. Your ship can only travel in a straight line, and flying through the Purple Void nebula will only slow you down even further.

Combat is conducted in real-time, with information about the current ship selected shown on the left side of the screen during a space battle. The green bar indicates your shield status, which recharges automatically during combat. The orange bar shows your ship's condition, and when this gauge runs out the ship is pretty much reduced to space debris.

Both the Windows and Mac versions of SAIS are now available as free downloads, and there are a bunch of mods that can be applied to change your ship's appearance, the types of aliens populating the system, and even the effects of new artifacts that you can find during your adventure in space. Some mods like Red Planet and Even Stranger Adventures in Infinite Space act as full-fledged conversions as well, offering a new storyline, GUI and alternate objectives for the players to achieve.


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