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Ethan KennerlyShoot 'em up24.6 MBClick here to download

Euphonics is a 3D arcade shooter for the PC. The environment and aliens are procedurally rendered and controlled by events that are synchronized to the music. Requires Visual Studio 2005 to run.

Platina GamesPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

rlax is a simple action game based on the concept of removing flat 2D tiles stacked on top of each other in the right order before time runs out. A tile can only be selected when it is not covered by another, and white borders will appear around a tile to indicate that it can be removed.

You can press the m key to mute music. The game consists of twenty levels only.

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Blob, The
Banana GamesAction/Arcade97.6 MBClick here to download

The Blob is a school project which might be partially inspired by Katamari Damacy. No prince or King of the Cosmos here, but you're given control of a ball which has the ability to absorb other colored inhabitants of the city instead of making them stick to it. Use the mouse to move the blob around and left click to jump.

Once you have gathered some paint, then it's off to color the entire city at your whim. There are some objectives to complete, for example painting seventeen landmark buildings and collecting all fifty coins but it's mainly about having fun within seconds of picking the game up.

You might need a small powerhouse of a machine to play this one, with a 2GHz processor and 512MB RAM worth of memory stated as minimum requirements to qualify for a decent framerate.

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3D Logic
Alex MatveevPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

In 3D Logic, players have to link every pair of like colored markers to complete a Cube. Cells cannot be linked diagonally, and a line cannot be drawn on black cells. Thirty levels only.

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Sydney Finds Employment
(mature content)
Ivan DixonAdventure10.9 MBClick here to download

In Sydney Finds Employment, Sydney Claywood wakes in his alley one day to discover a new policy set in place by a joint venture between the political parties, churches and big businesses to rid the streets of homelessness and unemployment.

Sydney decides that the only way to save himself and his friends is to go directly to the heart of the plan, the CBD, and argue his case. However, in the back of Sydfs mind is the constant idea that maybe he could just find a real job during his adventure.

The player controls Sydney with the mouse. Right click to cycle through walking, examining, picking up, talking, and using, and left click to activate the command. Items are stored in Sydney's knapsack, and can be combined or closely examined while in the inventory. Many people will shun Sydney because of his looks, so he will need to find proper ID, a tie, shoes and a decent suit to get into the heart of the corporation.

For mature audiences only.


Ruminants WhimperShoot 'em up74.0 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Hellsinker is a doujin vertical shooter from the Japanese development team Ruminant's Whimper, featuring gorgeous graphics but also an excessively complicated interface. Hold the Z key to shoot, press the X key to activate your alternate weapon and tap the C key to launch a bomb. Use the V key to bring up a pause menu.

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Gravity Bone
Brendon ChungAdventure24.0 MBClick here to download

Gravity Bone is a short standalone game powered by the Quake 2 engine, in which players assume the role of a secret agent who has to undertake a couple of mission-based objectives to advance the story. There are only two short levels to play, and the entire adventure takes about twenty minutes or so to complete.

The game comes in a zip file, no installation is required, and the original Quake 2 is not needed to run it.

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Tetris by philhassey
Phil HasseyPuzzle0.83 MBClick here to download

Originally developed for a Ludum Dare competition, philhassey's remake of the classic puzzler attempts to confuse players by flipping the well upside down. Use the arrow keys to move the blocks, and press the escape key to exit the game at any time. Average at best.

Joseph LarsonPuzzle0.08 MBClick here to download

An experimental version of Tetris created by Joseph Larson, Alleytris is perhaps the best out of the four variations posted in the same Retro Remakes forum thread. Players are expected to build horizontal lines in a well that is only four squares wide, and though the game lacks polished graphics or adequate sound effects this build is actually fun enough to warrant more than a few tries.


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OLE Coordinate System
Jun FujikiApplication0.61 MBClick here to download

The Object Locative Environment Coordinate System is an engine that determines and calculates a robot's interaction with the environment based on the camera's current perspective. Gaps can disappear behind a pillar, bridges can be joined just by rotating the camera, and all sorts of weird mind tricks can be accomplished with a little experimentation or plenty of imagination.

Save a layout with F3, and load a previous one with F2. It saves to the ole.dat file, and it seems you can only have one at a time. There's a pretty complex world as the default, so back it up before you make new levels.

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