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Necronomicon 2.0, The
Games of CthulhuStrategyBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

The Necronomicon 2.0 is a card game which involves two duelists locked in a deadly battle with only a deck of cards to influence combat proceedings. Both sides start out with forty life points, but gain an additional five maximum life points for each increase in level. The computer AI will gain one rank after each round of combat, but a player's level increase is determined by their performance in the previous battle.

To play a card, simply select one from your hand and click on book of Necronomicon at the center of the table. Sanity cost is shown at the bottom right of each card, although players are only penalized with a random insanity effect when their sanity counter is reduced to zero. The duel ends when one combatant loses all of his or her life points.

Only one creature can be summoned per side. Creatures do not attack directly, but will counterattack when their masters are injured by the opposing party. A creature's attack score is shown on the card itself and as a number in red when the creature is in play. Damage dealt by your creature is calculated by deducting the attack score of the opponent's summoned creature, then minus your opponent's armor rating or Elder Sign which is shown as a number next to a green symbol.

The red marking or Arcane Power is a bonus damage modifier for cards with the same symbol, while the yellow sign indicates the amount of damage you will take at the end of each turn due to spell or curse effects.

This popular card-based strategy game was recently updated with new card art, quicker turns, a card library and numerous bug fixes. Progress is now saved after each level, the number of ranks to play in standard mode was changed from twenty to thirty, and a challenge mode is included to artificially increase replay value.

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AcquireAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Shinobido is a web advergame for Acquire's PS2 stealth-based action title with a similar name, in which players assume the role of a ninja who has to storm five different samurai strongholds, carry out their assigned objectives and reach the topmost floor to complete the mission.

Only the space and cursor keys are needed to play this game. Surprise an enemy from the back to execute a stealth kill, or press the space key to throw a shuriken at an opponent and stun them momentarily. Direct confrontations should be avoided whenever possible, as some health would be lost if you trade blows with an adversary. Mission objectives range from collecting all scrolls in the current stage to killing a certain number of enemies to progress.

There are only five strongholds to infiltrate in total.

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Easy Joe
GamystarPuzzleBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Easy Joe is charming little Flash game where you solve puzzles by clicking on objects in the correct order, progressing from one screen to the next until you reach the conclusion of Joe's adventure. The neon-style colour scheme makes it extremely easy to differentiate clickable objects on the screen, and most of the puzzles can be figured out with just a bit of trial and error.

True to its name, the entire game can be completed in about fifteen minutes or less.

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Pie Panic Handheld Version
Dustin FriendAction/Arcade0.67 MBClick here to download

Pie Panic Handheld Version was created in an attempt to recreate the old style of handheld LCD games, with easy controls and simple beeps.

On the title screen, select either Normal or Hard mode. Once you have made your selection, the game will begin. Move the character back and forth to position the basket underneath the falling apples. The basket can hold up to five apples. If you try to catch any other apples while there are five already in the basket, it will be counted as a miss. It can be emptied at any time by moving near the bag to the far right of the screen and pressing spacebar.

If you fail to catch an apple, it will be counted as a miss. Once you have three misses total, the game is over. Misses will occassionally be cleared once you have reached a certain point amount.

Use the arrow keys or A and D button to move your character left and right. Press the space key to empty your basket when in position, or select an option from the main menu. The P key can be used to pause the game. Press the escape key to quit the current game and return to the main menu.

As you progress, the game will get harder and faster. Keep your cool and go for the high score.

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Binary ZooPuzzle4.64 MBClick here to download

DUOtris is an excellent puzzler from Binary Zoo, makers of Mono and DUO. The name may be slightly misleading as the player is not required to make lines but instead link three or more blocks of the same color together to remove them from the screen.

Throw in the challenge of having two separate grids, requiring the player to shift and arrange two pieces at the same time and you have the makings of a fantastic game. You're allowed to swap pieces by pressing CTRL or space, although this option can only be used if none of the pieces has touched another block. The game ends if any of the accumulated stacks goes over the line at the top and bottom of the screen. Some blocks carry power-ups which, when destroyed, may help or hinder your progress.

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Extend StudioAction/Arcade105 MBClick here to download
(external link)

The story of Extend Studios' Trashman is set in the distant future, where a space station has been built to clean up the heavy pollution contaminating Earth, using funds contributed by governments around the world. Everything worked according to plan and the planet was finally on the right track to recovery when an unexpected incident causes all robots on the station to go haywire. Playing as the super-robot Ares, you are sent on a mission to rescue task force members who were trapped while conducting an investigation to find out the extent of damage sustained by the ship.

This 2D platformer can be played using the keyboard, mouse or the Xbox controller, although you can only shoot in eight directions as full analog controls are not supported. There is only one level to play in this demo version, which you can grab from the official site for the game.

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Damp GnatAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

The story of Icycle is set in a time when the entire world has been frozen solid, save for a man who was cryogenically preserved together with a bicycle and an unknown companion that flees the scene just before the game starts. The protagonist can only cycle forward and never move back, but he is still able to control his travel speed and time his jumps to avoid some of the dangers he will face during his adventure.

There are eight stages to play in total, each featuring three or four screens of landscape to traverse.

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Vacuum, The  
(mature content)
David ProctorAdventure4.14 MBClick here to download

The Vacuum is a sci-fi adventure game which tells the story of a couple traveling home inside a cargo ship when a pair of explosions set off a chain of events that will forever change both of their lives. The final outcome is influenced by key decisions made by you during the course of your investigation, though most of the endings contain only minor variations in comparison.

Use the tab key to display or hide your objectives. There is an option to skip walk animations with the space key in the settings menu.

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Sam and Max Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die
Telltale GamesAdventure82.2 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Sam and Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die is the fourth in a series of six episodes released by Telltale Games as an attempt to resurrect the long-standing franchise originally created by Steve Purcell in comic book format. The game features full voice acting, with simple puzzles and lengthy conversations to please fans looking for more zany adventures from the comedy pair.

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Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver.B for Windows
EcoleAction/Arcade40.3 MBClick here to download

Melty Blood is an immensely popular doujin 2D fighting game for the PC, widely considered to be one of the best of it's genre ever made, on par with other commercial fighting games like the Guilty Gear and Street Fighter series.

The short demo features two characters to choose from.

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