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Devil's Tuning Fork
DePaul Game ElitesPlatformer28.7 MBClick here to download

Devil's Tuning Fork is an exploration game viewed from a first-person perspective, where you play as a child trapped in an alternate reality after catching a strange illness and falling into a coma. The unknown world is a dark one and has no illumination, but a tuning fork that you find at the start of your adventure can be used to feel your way around the maze of rooms and platforms.

Locked doors can either be opened by collecting all toys inside a room, or by ringing a bell or a gong using a sound wave projected from your fork. Progress is saved automatically at checkpoint locations scattered throughout the maze, although if you quit the game and return to it later you will find that your previous save is no longer accessible. Some of the challenges are repetitive as well, especially when you are waiting for a moving platform to reach you for the umpteenth time, or trying to stand on the right spot to bounce a wave off a mirror and hit a gong.

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This Game is Wizard
James DewarPlatformer1.01 MBClick here to download

This Game is Wizard is a one-screen platformer created by James Dewar of Square Earth Games, where players assume control of a wizard who has to find a way to reach the exit in each of the thirty-eight levels included.

Use the cursor keys to move, hold the space key to jump, and press the left control key to cast a spell. Hold the space and down arrow key to jump down through thin platforms. Exit the game by pressing the left alternate and F4 function key at the same time, or click on the close button at the top right of the window for the same effect. The R key can be used to restart a level.

Collect all trophies without getting hurt to acquire a perfect rating. The game saves your progress automatically.

Additional files/mirrors

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Jan Willem Nijman, Jonathan Barbosa DijkstraAdventure5.34 MBClick here to download

Strangers is a short experimental game about the adventures of an astronaut and his faithful dog, who had just landed on an alien planet with no data whatsoever about its inhabitants. There's quite a bit of text to read here, although your mission pretty much reaches its climax in the space of five minutes or less.

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Big Building Boom Blues
FrankieSmileShow, UntitledAction/Arcade3.13 MBClick here to download

Big Building Boom Blues is a new arcade game created by FrankieSmileShow and Untitled for a friendly Poppenkast competition. The action involves scaling down a tall building with uneven walls using only your rope, just shortly after activating the detonator for a bomb that you've just placed at the top of the towering structure.

Use the up and down arrow keys to change your speed. Press the Z key to skip, or wait until you've bent your knees fully to make a high jump. The F4 function key can be used to switch between full screen and windowed mode.

Additional files/mirrors

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Shine-Shine Galaxy
PixelShoot 'em up0.22 MBClick here to download

Shine-Shine Galaxy is an alright shooter in the style of Space Invaders, the result of a collaboration between Pixel of Cave Story fame and BA2. You have a limited number of missiles to launch and hitting as many enemies as possible with a single ammunition is an important skill to master for a high score. Gain enough points to access a hidden portion of the game.

Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire  
AGD InteractiveAdventure85.4 MBClick here to download
(external link)

In Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire, our hero travels to the land of Shapeir to undertake the dangerous mission of saving not one but two desert cities. This is AGD Interactive's third Sierra adventure game remake after the release of King's Quest 1 and 2 VGA.

The 1990 version was rather unforgiving at times, as the entire adventure happens in one month but many puzzles can only be solved on certain days. The AGDI team has done much to alleviate the problems that hampered players from completing their quest with the inclusion several new features.

All conversation topics are now shown on screen instead of requiring guesswork using a limited text parser interface found in the original. Combat now feels less sluggish thanks to the processing power of modern day computer systems and extra frames of animation. Graphics, backgrounds and sprites have more colour than their classic counterparts, although deserts and alleyways still look as dull as ever.

Try running the game in windowed mode or choose a resolution of 640 by 400 for full screen if the default settings do not work at first. Due to AGS limitations, games saved under one display setup cannot be used for other configurations.

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Hyper OlympoX
boutawashiAction/ArcadeBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Hyper OlympoX is a bit of a button-masher, since players are required to do a lot of it to beat away opponents who are trying to hug our protagonist into submission. Tap the left mouse button quickly to swing the hammer, and win the game by knocking back a one hundred athletes who all seem to have a thing for you.

Jesse VenbruxAction/Arcade10.6 MBClick here to download

Inspired heavily by Death Worm, Leviathan has you swim through the ocean as a sea monster while being attacked by the army. Hit multiple airplanes, ships, and subs shortly after each other to score combos, and grab fish crates to replenish your health. Use the arrow keys to swim and press the space key to jump out of the water.

The game features local highscores only.

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Mobai Room
MOFUYAAdventureBrowserClick here to play
(external link)

Mobai Room is the latest Flash escape game by MOFU2, developer of two other efforts with similar gameplay. Originally a mobile version, it's screen size had been reduced for the intended platform but still playable using any internet browser. There are also less items and objects, with very little to get excited about.

Xain'D Sleena
X-0utPlatformer11.1 MBClick here to download

Xain D Sleena is an excellent platformer remake by X-Out, developer of the equally impressive Prototype. You assume the role of a soldier with a mission to save each of the five planets invaded by the enemy forces.

Each location consists of two equal parts. You have to fight your way to the enemy base station, detonate it and leave on your ship. The escape is basically a horizontal shooter stage with a boss in the last planet.

Plenty of options to tweak such as autofire, difficulty and image quality. Having to restart from a save point after losing all health may discourage a few players from playing much but fans of the original will cherish this remake.

Try setting Quality = 0 or Filter = 0 in the engine.cfg file if the game doesn't work at first.

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