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You Have to Fertilize the Egg
(mature content)
Kian BashiriAction/Arcade1.49 MBClick here to download

A sequel to Kianis' You Have to Burn the Rope, You Have to Fertilize the Egg is a self-declared art game which utilizes only the cursor keys for controls. This effort is slightly reminiscent of cactus' Life is a Race, where players will have to guide the hat-wearing cell from one end of the passage to the other, all in the name of survival.

Yum Yum
DerbyAction/Arcade6.81 MBClick here to download

In Yum Yum, you control a creature named yum that just happens to be at the beginning of the universe. The objective of the game is to keep this particular species alive throughout ten levels of play. Face all manner of enemies in your quest to be one of the dominant species in a new world.

Controls will take some effort to learn. Two choices are made available to the player, although in my opinion the second control setting will probably suit most players best. A crosshair will determine the yum's movement direction and speed based on the distance. To attack other species, launch a projectile by clicking the left mouse button. Right clicking is basically a reload function. To restart a level, just press the middle mouse button.

Enemies appear in all shapes and sizes. The introduction of bosses add variety to the game, and bonuses in the form of extra lives can be collected to prolong the yum's existence.

Yum Yum Remake
Stained GlassAction/Arcade0.96 MBClick here to download

Yum Yum Remake is basically a reinvention of the original from Derby. The background color is a soothing blue, though the action is anything but. Point to a location on screen using the mouse, and the white little creature will speed towards it.

Left click to launch a projectile and right click to destroy the current one after release. Press the middle mouse button to restart the level.

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AcodersAction/Arcade5.63 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Pronounced Z-corb, Zcorb is an action game that arrived on the scene twenty years too late. A mix of Pac-Man and Qix, your objective is to collect all the chips on screen while dodging other moving objects.

Use the arrow keys to move Xippie around, and hold the shift key to accelerate. Press the O key to bring up the configuration menu when the title is shown. The download page has an online high score table that you can submit your best achievement to as well. A cncs232.dll file has to be placed in the same folder for it to run properly, fortunately it's available from the same location.

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Zombie Game Engine Test
JTRAction/Arcade2.93 MBClick here to download
(external link)

In Zombie Game Engine Test, players assume the role of a survivor who has to save his townsfolk a zombie invasion. This is achieved by grabbing any weapons in sight and using them to take out the zombies, shown as green circles on the landscape. Press the left mouse button to shoot, and use the right mouse button to reload.

Civilians represented by orange circles will turn into zombies shortly after infection.

Additional files/mirrors

Free Lunch DesignAction/Arcade2.55 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Zombiepox is another excellent freeware originally coded by Johan Peitz for the 2004 Ludumdare 48 hour contest. Gameplay is simple, feed the zombie horde brains to turn them back into humans again. Your throwing range is short, but you can leave them on the ground for the undead to walk over which will do the trick as well.

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Zoomstar Megaracing Maximum
Nick GregoryAction/Arcade7.68 MBClick here to download

Zoomstar Megaracing Maximum is a bite-sized racing game which requires only the use of two keys to play. There are only six tracks to race on but the challenge is extended by variations on the number of laps required to complete a race, different cars and slightly modified tracks for each of the nine trophies.

Use the left or right cursor keys to steer the hover car. Speed decreases whenever your car passes over grass or sand, and will explode when it comes to a halt.

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Richard JordanAction/Arcade3.07 MBClick here to download
(external link)

The plot of Zub involves navigating through ten different planets to find the lost Eye of Zub. Each planet is connected to some others by a system of teleports. You start on planet 1 and must get to planet 10 and back.

There are platforms on each screen, when you stand on one you can move it by crouching and pushing left or right. Use the platforms to get up to the three teleports at the top, your destination depending on which you choose. There is always at least one alien on screen at any one time, which descends from the top and attempts to knock you off the platforms.

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