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Action Cyborg
(mature content)
John KarlgrenAction/Arcade2.77 MBClick here to download

Action Cyborg is a short action game by John Karlgren with four playable levels, though it's quite unlikely that more will be added in the near future since the original artist has left the project.

Speech can be turned off by using the options menu. Press the Z key to jump, or hold the X key to shoot. Switch weapons with the 1, 2, 3 and 4 keys. No continues, but there's a cheat for level skip in the text manual if you're having difficulty with the game.

Action Fist  
Beau Blyth, TeknogamesAction/Arcade5.53 MBClick here to download

Action Fist is a 2D action platformer that features both single and two-player co-op gameplay modes, multiple weapon power-ups, frequent checkpoint locations, and the usual array of boss fights that require some thought and strategy to defeat. Switching weapons and the wall jumping ability does take a bit of getting used to, but once you've played past the first level these actions should come just as naturally as shooting and jumping in the game.

Though an easy mode exists in Action Fist, you definitely won't feel challenged at all by anything other than the Normal and Hero difficulty settings.

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Adrenaline TeamAction/Arcade5.69 MBClick here to download

Adrenaline is a freeware multiplayer top-down shooter created with the Game Maker engine, featuring a wide variety of weapons to use, four different gameplay modes and support for user-created maps in addition to the official maps that comes with the download. The game also includes plenty of graphical settings that can be tweaked to accomodate slower computers, a single-player mode with bots, and even stat tracking for registered Reflect users.

Besides your standard ranged weapon, you can also swing a knife for melee attacks or throw grenades to hurt other players. The frequent disconnections and lags could disrupt your enjoyment of it, but if you are looking for a multiplayer deathmatch game that is free to play then Adrenaline might fit the bill nicely.

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Edmund McMillen, Tyler GlaielAction/Arcade19.7 MBClick here to download

Aether is a new collaborative effort by Edmund McMillen and Tyler Glaiel, where players get to see the a small part of the universe through the eyes of a young dreamer as he ventures into space on the back of his newfound friend.

The game involves using your pet's tongue to grab onto clouds or asteroids, swinging from one planet to another in search of new locations to explore. Restore the color back to each planet by solving the puzzles unique to every location before returning to Earth to complete your journey.

A standalone version is available for download as well, which should work faster on older computers.


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Jph WacheskiAction/Arcade2.83 MBClick here to download

Aetherzap is a rather loose remake of an old Midway arcade classic entitled SpaceZap, featuring an updated control scheme and a mind-numbing soundtrack to assault your auditory senses.

Use the arrow or W, A, S, D keys to launch an attack in any of the four available directions. Enemy patterns begin to vary as the game progresses, while your base is rebuilt automatically after some time. Collect green pulsating dots for bonus points.

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DarthlupiAction/Arcade2.23 MBClick here to download

Airdoo is the latest effort from Darthlupi, presumably taking a break from developing Sword Fighter Zero but still seemingly capable of unleashing little gems such as this.

Much like a game of pool, you control a ship with a useful friendy beam that can be used to grab and launch one object towards another by pressing the left control key. When two matching object connects, a chain reaction will occur causing either one or the other to disappear. Press F4 to enter full screen mode.

Jan Willem NijmanAction/Arcade9.75 MBClick here to download

Airhound is an action game involving dogfights and collectible power-ups stashed away in crates with parachutes attached to them. Hold the up arrow key to accelerate, and use the left or right cursor keys to change the plane's direction. Tap the A key to shoot, and press the S key to launch missiles.

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Akatsuki BK
Subtle StyleAction/Arcade126 MBClick here to download

Akatsuki BK is a title from Japan that pays homage to SNK's fighting game series. The demo only showcases four characters, but as evident from the character sheet there are quite a number of moves available.

It also has a complex fighting system to rival many of the classic arcade fighting games, and the 2D graphics and animation is just as impressive. Well worth a look.

Key configuration is a little messed up though. The numeric keypad controls character movements. Light, medium and heavy attacks are mapped to the J, K and L keys.

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Alien Assault
KNPMaster, The Games PageAction/Arcade2.16 MBClick here to download

Alien Assault is an homage to classic vertical shooters created by the developer of Super Bubble Blob and the Hurdler series, where every stage only lasts for about a minute long before a boss fight begins. Keys can be reconfigured by pressing the F5 function key, and the window size is altered by pressing any number between 1 to 8. Note that your button configuration settings are not saved when exiting the game.

There is only one shoot button, but random power-ups will appear whenever you defeat a boss. An online high score submission feature is included, and the installation of the Vitalize 4 plugin isn't necessary if the game is downloaded in zip file format.


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Alien Breed Obliteration
FlashJesterPunkAction/Arcade1.61 MBClick here to download

Alien Breed Obliteration is an update of the original top-down shooter in which the player has to find the exit-lift out of each maze while blasting aliens bent on halting your progress.

Hold the control key to shoot, tap the shift key to change weapons or press the space key to access Intex Terminals whenever one is found. More instructions can be found in a manual which is included in the zip file. It's also possible to save at any point by pressing the escape key.

The game is a little old but nevertheless works well enough on modern PCs, plus a cheat code is posted on the front page together with a nifty level creation tutorial. Definitely one for the collection.

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