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10800 Zombies
Jan Willem NijmanAction/Arcade1.72 MBClick here to download

10800 Zombies is a 2D action game which tells the tale of a random hero who must venture from one room to another, all the while blasting hordes after hordes of zombies that stand in his way.

Though fun to play, the game does have a couple of odd design decisions. For starters, you lose health at a very rapid rate when coming in contact with any zombies. Players can end up without a loaded weapon if they're not mindful of where they drop their guns. Graphical glitches still exists in this version, and a couple of sounds effects are taken from other games as well.

Since the original window resolution is a miniscule 320 by 240 pixels, playing in full screen mode also results in blurry graphics.

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2 Minutes RPG
TembacAction/Arcade10.3 MBClick here to download

2 Minutes RPG is essentially a roguelike with minor action elements included in the form of basic combat, where players get to name their hero and take him or her on an adventure to save the kingdom from evil beasts, dragons, barbarians and the occasional black knight or two. Created with Mark Overmars' Game Maker, this little project has been diluted to the extent of leaving out character stats, inventory, experience points and even health. What's left is a gold count indicating the amount of loot you've managed to acquire during your short journey, and some additional information shown during the end screen once all usable turns have been expended.

Each move consumes one turn from your counter, while going forward one square in a crypt takes up only half a turn.

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24-Hour Police, The
Desire FactoryAction/Arcade39.0 MBClick here to download
(external link)

The 24-Hour Police is a 2D side-scrolling beat 'em up in the style of the Final Fight series, where players step into the shoes of a vigilante cop on a mission to take down the local mob boss and his henchmen. This translates to three stages' worth of goons who can be punched, kicked, thrown, or shot at, as you make your way towards the final showdown with the leader of the criminal organization.

Use the menu at the top of the window to configure key settings, or to switch between full screen and windowed mode. The game will only work on Windows operating systems with the Japanese language pack already installed.


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30 Second Hero
UUEAction/Arcade0.21 MBClick here to download
(external link)

30 Second Hero is an action RPG which consists of really short battles that require no interaction, as players race against the clock to save the kingdom from an evil wizard's wrath. As indicated by the title, you only have thirty seconds to level up your character sufficiently for the final battle, although additional time can be bought from the castle at the cost of a hundred gold pieces per increment of ten seconds. Health can also be replenished for a small sum of ten gold pieces, and there are several equipment that are on sale from the same buy screen as well.

Additional files/mirrors

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8bit killer  
LocomalitoAction/Arcade15.5 MBClick here to download

8bit killer is a 3D FPS with blocky graphics, in which players must attempt to complete four stages with three mini-areas each, culminating in a final battle with the Master Brain itself. Use the mouse to look around, and hold the left mouse button or control key to shoot. Press the right mouse button or alternate key to open doors. Access your inventory by using the space key, then move the mouse cursor and left click on a weapon to equip yourself with it. The enter key can be used to increase or decrease the window size.

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