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Ball 2
N.IAction/Arcade0.19 MBClick here to download

Ball 2 is an average action game by N.I in which the player has to collect all diamonds in each stage by carefully guiding a bouncing ball around traps and obstacles. Use the arrow keys to move the ball around and hold the Z key to decrease the bounce height.

N.IAction/Arcade0.10 MBClick here to download

Balloon is a decent action game by N.I which involves a little bit of planning and strategy. The objective in each level is to guide the balloon to the top of the screen while searching for extra lives, invincibility or bonus items hidden in some of the blocks.

Use the Z or X key to shoot in either direction. Press the C key to place a bomb. If the down arrow key is held, your balloon will hover in place until the button is released. Tap the P key to pause, or use the F1 function key to reset the game.

Balloon Tournament 2006
GingerAction/Arcade7.15 MBClick here to download

Possibly the best Balloon Fight remake ever, though the game itself is practically nothing like it's source material. Balloon Tournament 2006 features multiplayer deathmatch with a very capable A.I. controlling your opponents and teammates.

There's plenty of characters to choose from, and even more to unlock by completing challenges with the best times. Land on an opponent's balloon twice to ground them, then proceed to knock them out before they inflate a new balloon. Certain stages require the player to capture an object and hold it for a certain period of time.

It's also interesting to note that the developer of this game was also responsible for programming Blocksum.

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Banana Nababa
Lazrool, LazraelAction/Arcade2.41 MBClick here to download

Banana Nababa is an action game based of boss fights, unlike the heavy reliance on platforming skills as demonstrated by Lazrael's earlier releases.

Use the D or V key to attack. Hold the C of F key to jump. Push the F4 function key to switch between windowed and full screen mode.

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Barbarian Roller Rally
(mature content)
Joe LeskoAction/Arcade0.68 MBClick here to download

The goal of Barbarian Roller Rally is to skate to the end of each level, capture the flag and carry it back to the starting point. Only two buttons are ever needed, one to jump and the other to attack.

A penalty is incurred for every miss, but combos are rewarded with bonus points. Press the P key to pause or use the M key to turn off the music.

Base 2
SimAction/Arcade1.62 MBClick here to download

Base 2 is a new game by Sim which play a little like Every Extend and the current hot favorite, GridWars. The player controls a bit with the mouse, using the left button to activate the shield. Coming in contact with enemy ships when your shield is up will cause them to explode.

Some enemies are too large to eliminate in this manner, so your only option is to maneuver around them. The green bar at the top of the screen indicates the amount of energy you have left, and will depreciate whenever your bit touches an enemy ship with your shields down. You will lose energy regardless of shield status when colliding with large enemies.

The right mouse button can be used to activate the freeze bomb, which freezes all enemies on-screen momentarily. Extra lives can be earned by destroying enemies of the same color in a row in a process called linking. Multipliers are awarded for long links.

Battle City Remake
AF SoftAction/Arcade6.31 MBClick here to download

The Battle City Remake by AF Soft is an updated version of Namco's arcade classic, in which you drive a tank around shooting enemies in similar vehicles while trying to protect your base marked with the emblem of an eagle.

Featuring music by Maniacs of Noise.

Battle City X
Kostey D.Action/Arcade3.15 MBClick here to download
(external link)

In Battle City X, you play as a tank and your mission is to protect your HQ against enemy tanks. If you hit tank which is glowing red, a random bonus will appear.

Expect to find extra terrain, new enemies, new bonuses, ability to load maps from files and saving your hiscore, all absent from the original game.

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Bear Go Home
Phoenix SeedAction/Arcade69.9 MBClick here to download

Bear Go Home is an action game in which players are assigned the objective of helping the protagonist to find his way home. Influence his movements by stretching and squeezing him to get past obstacles, for example pulling his tail to catapult him over pits.

Items such as umbrellas and candles can be used to deflect harmful objects or illuminate your surroundings. This student project is rather short in length, and can be easily beaten in under an hour's time.

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Beats of Rage
Senile TeamAction/Arcade53.6 MBClick here to download

Beats of Rage is an open source arcade engine inspired by Sega's Street of Rage, but featuring ripped sprites from the King of Fighters series. Interest for Senile Team's debut effort is picking up again due to the excitement generated by their upcoming release, Age of the Beasts which will feature original work.

The Windows executable should be downloaded from the mirror as well and used to play Beats of Rage, since running the DOS version on a modern PC will cause sound problems.

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