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Cactus Arcade  
(mature content, nudity)
cactusAction/Arcade45.7 MBClick here to download

Cactus Arcade is a fifty-megabyte collection of games handpicked by cactus as a showcase piece for his body of work. The zip file contains seventeen games in total: Burn the Trash, Clean Asia!, Fractal Fighter, Space, God Came to the Cave, Illegal Communication, Minubeat, Mondo Agency, Mondo Medicals, MSOIDS, Protoganda, Psychosomnium, Retro II, Seizuredome, Shotgun Ninja, The Design and xWUNG. This pack was released on the 15th of February 2008.

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Cactus Arcade 2.0  
(mature content, nudity)
cactusAction/Arcade44.8 MBClick here to download

Cactus Arcade 2.0 is a compilation of cactus' games, released to accompany the first Cactus Arcade pack. This collection includes Ad Nauseam 2, Blockon, Evac, Krebswelte, Kryzta, Ping Pong, Precision, Protoganda II, Retro 4, Silent Chain, Vicious Cycle, Stallions in America, Stench Mechanics, This is Infinity, Ultra Mission, Xoldiers, Gamma 4 and Norrland.

Calamity Annie
dessgeegaAction/Arcade4.35 MBClick here to download

Calamity Annie is a new action game by dessgeega, developer of Mighty Jill Off and Invader. In it, players step into the boots of a gunslinger as she attempts to save the old west from a group of wanted criminals by engaging them in a showdown, one hombre at a time.

Your weapon has to be holstered before the start of each gunfight. Once that's done, there will be a few seconds of suspense before your adversary reveals himself and takes aim. Annie only has three chances to bring all twenty-five villains to their knees, indicated by the playing cards shown at the top of the screen.

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SasakogeAction/Arcade0.49 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Camelon is a 2D arcade game in which you have to help the disembodied head of a creature collect every heart in each level, all the while trying to avoid a collision with spikes or other enemies.

Moving the protagonist around requires tilting the entire screen left or right, so that the effects of gravity are shifted in your favour. Some enemies may be affected by changes in the orientation of a stage, but most are anchored to their initial spots or are able to travel freely inside the room.

You're not completely defenseless against these creatures either. In your arsenal is an indestructible umbrella that can be utilized as a weapon for knocking out many of the enemies that you will encounter (but not all). The parasol is also useful for repositioning yourself or reducing the speed of your descent while floating in mid-air.

There are only twenty-four levels to play in total, and your progress is automatically saved every time a stage is successfully beaten.

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Can Can Crusher
GRCAction/Arcade1.01 MBClick here to download

Can Can Crusher is a rather average mini game by GRC, the creators of Mission Missyo. Press the space key to crush the cans, but avoid stepping on bombs or face the consequences.

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Captain Binary
Twin BottlesAction/Arcade42.2 MBClick here to download

Captain Binary is a decent action game that attempts to emulate the Metal Slug series and Alien Hominid. Consisting of three short levels, one hit is all that your muscled hero can take although there's plenty of lives and credits to use.

Weapon upgrades can be collected to increase your firepower. Does not include gamepad support or difficulty setting.

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Howard KistlerAction/Arcade2.22 MBClick here to download

Not exactly a remake, though it's another of the Bejeweled family of games that originate in the dawn of time. It's called Cartouche, and has an Egyptian motif. Plays like most of the matching games, except in this one you can match on either the colors or the glyphs.

Cave Demon
konAction/Arcade6.39 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Cave Demon is a freeware action game created by Japanese developer kon, featuring a story that is centered around a demon who lives inside a massive cavern and carries a steel ball around for protection. Creatures from another dimension have decided to pay him an unwelcomed visit, hence the player must take up arms and help drive these nuisances back to where they came from. Oddly enough, the abode of the beast is actually a rectangular platform with no walls on all four sides, allowing enemies to invade his personal space from all directions.

By pressing the Z key you are able to throw the steel ball towards the direction you are facing, Holding the same button causes the ball to travel back and forth, although the momentum will decrease as time passes and no enemies are hit. The special move gauge can be charged if you swing the steel ball around until it turns orange. Press the left shift key to activate the special move when this bar is at least half full.

The game will only work on Windows operating systems with the Japanese language pack already installed.


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Cave of No Return
Anders AnderssonAction/Arcade3.15 MBClick here to download

Cave of No Return is a score-based arcade game that draws quite a bit of inspiration from Canabalt, but still manages to be fun to play in its own way. You're a girl on the run inside a long cave passage with the ceiling collapsing right behind you, threatening to bury you alive if you're not quick enough to escape from it. Players can jump over pits or slide under stalactites by using the cursor keys, and the size of the game window can be changed by pressing the plus or minus keys on your keyboard.

Your score is submitted automatically at the end of each run, and the default player's name can be changed at the main menu screen.

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Cavern Klamrisk
Brain ControlAction/Arcade0.42 MBClick here to download

Cavern Klämrisk is a physics-based 3D action game which features a man inside a semi-transparent basket, on a quest to descend into the Earth's core with only a trash bin as their solitary companion for the entire journey. Your objective is basically to keep the man inside the elevator for as long as you possibly can, a task made complicated by random sharp protrusions of the cavern walls that can knock the brave explorer out of his ride.

If the game lags or stutters a bit, you can turn off the music to make it run faster.

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