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Earth Annihilation, The
FumuyumeAction/Arcade0.59 MBClick here to download
(external link)

The Earth Annihilation is a simple Space Invaders remake with new graphics and several minor changes to speed up gameplay. Move the vehicle around using the cursor keys, and hold the Z key to shoot. Press the X key to slow things down a tad, but only if your ACC gauge has some charge in it.

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Earth Worm
Benjamin AndersonAction/Arcade1.36 MBClick here to download

Earth Worm is a simple game by Benjamin Anderson originally made for a GMG contest. Hold the up arrow key to move forward, and use the left or right arrow keys to change direction. Dots and enemies can be consumed for points. The tail must be protected at all times.

Ele Paper Action
EasyGameStationAction/Arcade23.5 MBClick here to download

Ele Paper Action is a game based on a popular Japanese anime called Read or Die. Characters in the original manga do battle using paper as their weapons, and it's no different in the game itself.

You control three sisters at the same time using the arrow keys. The Z, X and C key will cause one of the character to execute an attack, depending on which key is being pressed at that time. By hitting a key repeatedly, a combo can be executed although the combat system is poorly implemented and not much fun compared to other side-scrolling fighters.

Graphically impressive for a 2D effort, the developers have included a zoom camera for close ups as well.

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Electric Yo-Yo Remake, The
Jph WacheskiAction/Arcade7.27 MBClick here to download

Sub Atomic is a reimagination of Taito's The Electric Yo-Yo, but to access jph's remake the arcade classic has to be beaten first. Complete the game or use the insert and page up key combination to skip all three stages. A Sub Atomic executable file will be unlocked, decompressed and placed in the same game folder.

In the original, your objective is basically to clear the entire screen by moving your Yo-Yo over each block to remove them. Both creatures must be avoided, unless you've gained temporary invincibility by looping an energized brick. Earn more points by maximizing the distance travelled between two blocks.

The new version features six levels, with the additional ability of launching seekers bestowed upon your electric yo-yo. Use the control key to spawn a seeker at the cost of one charged dot, and they will target your nearest adversary. Press the shift key to make the seekers follow your yo-yo for a short while. Hold a directional arrow key to chase the nearest dot. An orange line at the top of the screen indicates the number of dots that you're required to collect in order to advance. The next phase is triggered when this line touches the word 'goal'.

Engage to Jabberwock
Platine DispositifAction/Arcade4.08 MBClick here to download

The game is basically a combination of all the good stuff that made Smash TV and Zelda series fun. Jabberwock puts you in control of a character trapped in a labyrinth full of strange creatures, armed with some spells that will drain your mana when used.

Download link can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Enviro-Bear 2000: Operation: Hibernation
Justin SmithAction/Arcade2.42 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Suffering from a case of too many punctuations, Enviro-Bear 2000: Operation: Hibernation is a physics-based driving simulator where the objective is to assist a bear eat just enough food before going into a long hibernation sleep. Being drowsy and all, the bear's mobility is limited to just one paw, hence the wheel, gear shift and pedals can only be operated one at a time. You could place an object on the pedal to help with the driving, although the unpredictability factor may do more harm than help with the situation.

The bear solely eats berries and fishes, so only by driving through a berry bush or a pond full of fishes wil you be able to fill the inside of the car with the right food to consume. Once you've eaten enough, then it's off to one of the caves to sleep for an entire year. Objects which obscure your view or impede your ability to drive can be removed from the car by grabbing them and throwing them out of the window or roof.

There's a slight problem with this release though. The difficulty curve is rather unforgiving at times, especially when you've reached year five and allowed only sixty seconds to fill the bear's stomach with food. You can switch to full screen mode by pressing the Alt and Enter key.

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Escort Wing
William Hogben, Stephen JohnsonAction/Arcade10.2 MBClick here to download

Escort Wing's gameplay can probably be described as a mix of Space Wars and Star Control. Essentially a top down shooter, all missions involve escorting convoy ships from one point to another.

The radar is your best friend as you will use it often to intercept incoming enemies before they reach your fleet. A few wingmen will double as your teammates who can assist and provide backup in times of need. Choose to gang up on hostile units or break from formation and divide into separate groups.

One of the OMG Cup 2005 finalists, and favorite to win as well. Planned updates in the near future include more missions, a variety of backgrounds and more ships. Available for both Windows and Mac platform.

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Eternal Trial
EternogamesAction/Arcade16.7 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Eternal Trial is a puzzle platformer which tells the tale of two brothers named Plu and Min, both total opposites of each other. The objective of the game is to lead both brothers to their respective markers in each stage to progress. Use the cursor keys to move, and press the up arrow key to jump.

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Sylvain SavardAction/Arcade1.87 MBClick here to download

As mentioned by the author, Evolutions is an effort inspired by a rather obscure SNES release with similar gameplay elements. Starting off as a microscopic lifeform, you must eat your way up the food chain while avoiding creatures larger than you from causing any harm.

The status bar shows your current energy, which can be replenished by eating smaller organisms. A cocoon will appear once you have consumed enough food. Guide your avatar into it for a growth spurt and perhaps a new ability or two.

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Exolon DX
- Windows, Mac
Graham GoringAction/Arcade13.4 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Exolon DX is basically a remake of an old Hewson game with updated graphics. The original was a favorite among fans and this version is just as good. Besides the graphical overhaul, the animation is much smoother this time around as well.

Your quest is simple as you seek to eliminate as many aliens as possible with your standard blaster or rocket-propelled grenades. Both weapons have limited ammunition though these can be replenished by collecting ammo pickups.

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