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(mature content)
D5Action/Arcade15.2 MBClick here to download

Undoubtedly one of the best Qix clones on the PC, the only drawback to be found in Gal Pani X is the use of suggestive images as backgrounds. The gameplay involves drawing lines to uncover parts of a picture while trying to avoid collision with enemy projectiles.

A player has to reveal at least eighty percent of the silhouette to complete the main objective. Most bosses have attack patterns which resemble those found in classic scrolling shooters as well. Difficult to recommend due to it's subject matter but as a freeware remake this is definitely one for the collection.

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Gamma 4
cactusAction/Arcade4.87 MBClick here to download

Gamma 4 is a one-button game from the warped mind of cactus, developer of Clean Asia and Psychosomnium. This particular project was originally created for the Gamma IV showcase, but has since been released as part of the Cactus Arcade 2.0 collection and made available as a separate download as well.

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Garden Gnome Carnage
Daniel RemarAction/Arcade5.23 MBClick here to download

In Garden Gnome Carnage, you control the skyscraper with the left and right cursor keys. Use the gnome tied to the chimney to knock elves off the side of the building. Grab and fling bricks using the space key. Call in an airstrike by pressing the shift or enter key.

Gift-clad elves won't give up scaling the skyscraper unless you knock them out of the screen.

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Gearbolt Rage
o3 softwareAction/Arcade1.69 MBCurrently unavailable

Gearbolt Rage is an overhead shooter, comparable to another Multimedia Fusion game entitled Destruction Carnival. Hold the left shift key to strafe, and press the control key to fire your current weapon. Use a combination of both control and Y key to change the control settings.

Add a knife to your inventory by pressing the W key. A riot shield can also be acquired by using the Q key.

Girlfriend vs Boyfriend
Shaun PauleyAction/Arcade0.53 MBClick here to download

In Girlfriend vs Boyfriend you play as the guilty partner who had just been caught ogling at another woman, and as a result of this your other half will try to chase you down and punish you for committing the act of unfaithfulness in her presence. Objects on the roadside will be thrown at you to hamper your escape, but you can knock these things away at the cost of stopping for a short moment for your girlfriend to catch up with you.

The game pretty much ends at around the five-minute mark, which is in accordance with the guidelines set by the Gamma IV competition this one-button project was submitted for.

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PixelAction/Arcade0.47 MBClick here to download

Another early effort by Pixel, Glasses is a short game in which you have to catch a pair of glasses for points. Three attempts are allowed.

Get a score of thirty or above for the bonus Space Invaders game.

Additional files/mirrors

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Glay - Beatout!
ransuAction/Arcade6.32 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Out of nowhere comes the versus fighting game entitled Glay - Beatout!, expected to feature the current line-up from the popular rock group and past band mates. Perhaps even guest appearances of members from L'Arc en Ciel and X Japan, with rumors of hide and Gackt being considered as final bosses.

All moves are listed in an accompanying text file. There are special moves and combos planned for each character, but no proper A.I. has been implemented yet at this stage. Definitely a project to keep tabs on, especially for fans of J-Rock music and their outrageous looks. Only Jiro can be selected in this version, but expect more fighters, content and songs in the very near future.

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John CalhounAction/Arcade0.96 MBClick here to download

Glider is an action game which mainly involves the use of two keys, where players would have to guide a paper plane from the end of one room to another safely as they make their way through a house full of furnitures and appliances. Use the right arrow key to move forward, and hold the left arrow key to go backwards. Float over an air vent blowing upwards to gain height.

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Team GlitchAction/Arcade20.1 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Glitch is a first person shooter created by a group of DigiPen students, freely available for download from DigiPen's gallery page. Your given objective is to survive twenty-five waves of enemies whilst trapped inside a room with high ceilings and rising platforms.

Only one weapon can be in use at any time, and will remain in effect until ammunition runs out or when you collect another item. Rocket launchers, cannons, spread shots and claw guns are some of the basic equipment which you can gather, but the game does have a couple of unorthodox weapons such as the vacuum and column gun to acquire as well. Enemy locations can be spotted by looking for coloured spots on the ceiling.

There are a couple of faults to be found in Glitch. No checkpoint feature is included, so players would have to start playing from wave one every single time. Enemies also have a tendency to stay high above the air or teleport themselves far too frequently.

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PillowFortAction/Arcade32.6 MBClick here to download

Goo is a soft body fluid physics game which can only be played using an Xbox360 wired controller. The goal of Goo is to surround enemy goos using your goos. When you surround a piece of enemy goo, you'll assimilate its mass and earn points. Like oil and water, goos don't mix, but they can be pulled and pushed around to surround or cut through each other.

You control a goo via the cursor called a Pilot. This Pilot can move around in 2D by using the left or right analogue stick. Moving the pilot around the Goo slightly perturbs the liquid near it. By pressing the right or left trigger, your Pilot will suck nearby goo, creating a dense patch of goo.

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