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Karateka Mania  
Krobon StationAction/Arcade13.9 MBClick here to download

Karatekamania is a music rhythm game created by the developers of Mogura 2, where players are rated based on the timing and accuracy of their key presses while a song is being played in the background. Inspired by Nintendo's Rhythm Tengoku, this fan made version features slightly updated graphics, customizable settings, and even comes with an editor to facilitate the sharing of user creations.

Use the enter key, left or right mouse button to control the actions of the martial arts practitioner. Tap the space key to punch at a thrown object. Hold the same button to assume a stance, then press the up arrow key to execute a roundhouse kick. Mouse and gamepad controls are also supported.

The current build (1st style 1.7a) contains only four default levels and two songs, although new stages created by other contributors can be downloaded from Krobon Station's message board. Simply click on a link to any zip file, unzip it into the music folder and the song should be available to play from the song selection menu.


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Kill Your Television
dessgeegaAction/Arcade3.77 MBClick here to download

Kill Your Television is the latest release from dessgeega, a game which only took her two days to code. Though minimalistic, the gameplay does bear some resemblance to Every Extend.

Invading television ad commercials and junk programming are attempting to influence your brain, rightly represented by a miniscule green dot in the middle of the screen. Use your telekinetic powers to disable these harmful objects and save the world, or at least yourself.

Shooting a television twice will cause it to explode, sending shrapnels in opposing directions. Other televisions hit by these shrapnels would either be deactivated or blow up as well, setting off a chain reaction and increasing your multiplier bonus.

Killing Motor Show
N.IAction/Arcade0.47 MBClick here to download

Killing Motor Show is a new action game by N.I which involves destroying all cars in each level and taking out the occupants within. Use the arrow keys to move, and press the Z key to shoot. Use the space key to make menu choices or confirm selections.

Knight of the Living Dead
Pistachio ProductionsAction/Arcade3.58 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Knight of the Living Dead tells the tale of brave Sir Galahad, who has been called upon to defend Camelot from the vilest of evil - zombie knights. Armed with only his trusty sword and a handful of regenerating spells, Galahad must survive ten waves of zombies and defeat the final boss in order to restore peace to the land.

Every time you advance a level, you are given a point to spend on one of your skills. The upgrades range from improving your strength in combat, increasing your ability to withstand injury, learn more powerful spells, and even accelerate the frequency of zombies that appear on the map.

The online high score table tracks just about everything you need to know in regards to your performance and the battle strategies of top players around the world.


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Martin Sherburn, Nicolas BeuserieAction/Arcade54.6 MBClick here to download

Kong is a freeware top-down shooter game featuring monkeys in a full 3D environment. The rules are simple, pick up as many health, armor packs and weapons as you can, then take out your enemies one by one.

The game currently features three game modes including deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag. Computer controlled bots are provided as target practise but the real fun comes from playing in multiplayer over a local area network or the internet.


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- Windows, Mac
Michael Burgdorfer, Mario von RickenbachAction/Arcade16.4 MBClick here to download

Krautscape is a multiplayer racing game that features procedurally generated tracks, where every new piece of the track is built by whoever currently occupies the pole position. A floating arrow always point to either the leader of the race or the next striped pillar to reach, and the player who reaches the required number of checkpoints first (determined when the server is created) will be declared the winner.

The curve of a track is determined by your position on the road when you cross the white line, and you can use the up and down arrow keys to change the pitch before the next piece of the track is laid. A wireframe pattern will always show what kind of track will be built next before a vehicle crosses the line.

The alpha version available to download from official site is still rough around the edges, but Krautscape definitely fits the bill if you're looking for a new multiplayer racing game to try out with a couple of your online buddies.

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(mature content, nudity)
Studio TilAction/Arcade16.5 MBClick here to download

In Kuball, the objective is to grab furry little creatures and deposit them in your portal to score points. Your opponent will attempt to do the same thing, so it's up to you to prevent them from achieving that goal.

The Z key is assigned for most actions and the X key can be used to call upon your special powers. A menu is accessible by pressing the V key. You can grab a barrel and throw it at your opponent or any of the creatures to stun them momentarily. Watch out for the black ones though. These critters will cause you to lose points, but you can throw them into your opponent's portal to have their points deducted.

To download the trial version just click on the first link, then the text above the creature's image.

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Kung Fu 2
KNPMaster, The Games PageAction/Arcade9.51 MBClick here to download

Kung Fu 2 is a remake of Kung-Fu Master, where you assume the role of a martial arts master on a quest to save his girlfriend from the evil clutches of Mr. X. Controls can be configured from the settings menu, and pressing the escape key switches between full screen and windowed mode.

You can shake off enemies by tapping the left and right cursor keys rapidly. The game comes with nine playable stages, unlockable secret characters, and an online high score submission feature.

Additional files/mirrors

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Kutar Concert
Giga-RensyaAction/Arcade1.45 MBClick here to download

In Kutar Concert, your task is to push the crowd back behind the line or be crushed under the feet of adoring J-pop fans. Click on the first cat in queue to get them back in order.

Like all of Giga-Rensya games, it will only entertain for a few minutes but luckily there are plenty more on the site.

Kutar End Roll
Giga-RensyaAction/Arcade1.21 MBClick here to download

In Kutar End Roll, the objective is to ride your bike and gain television audience ratings while avoiding mines along the way. Fortunately for us who don't understand Japanese, the subtitles are nothing more than a minor distraction.

It's quite obvious that this game is a nod to the Kamen Rider series, where similarities include the bike and scarf.

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