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Mad Energy
GensaiAction/Arcade0.57 MBClick here to download

In Mad Energy, players take control of a protagonist with the ability to command a ball of energy by using the left mouse button to send it away or to recall it at your command. Life drains whenever your character does not have the ball in possession. Retrieve the ball by holding down the right mouse button to walk towards it.

The exit is revealed only when the room is cleared of all enemies, click on the word next which appears shortly after this happens to advance a level.


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Magic Planet Snack
Elephant KissAction/Arcade8.80 MBClick here to download

In Magic Planet Snack you are a wizard who turned himself into a worm by accident, and has to travel through the cosmos to devour wizards on other worlds for points. Gathering orbs will power up your hyper gauge, and once that is full all edible objects on screen are transformed into confectionery for your worm to chew on. This effect only lasts for a couple of seconds, but it should be enough time to score some bonuses that will edge you closer to a bonus life. Things like trolls, lava and satellites should be avoided.

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Mamotte Knight
AncientAction/Arcade16.1 MBClick here to download

Mamotte Knight (also known as Protect Me Knight) is basically a tower defense game with RPG elements, where you have to protect a princess from hordes of enemies who will try their utmost best to get to her. Every new level starts off with some basic fences and barricades that surround our princess, and you can also build new structures or even upgrade existing ones if you have stored enough magic points to create them.

You earn more magic points by killing enemies, while any unspent MPs can be traded in to level up your character after the completion of each stage. The Japanese demo features three of the ten levels from the full game, which is only available to purchase from the Xbox Live Indie Games channel for 240 MS Points.

Mamotte Knight really shines when you can get a few friends to play together, and the trial version even supports this option if you have a couple of controllers to plug in.


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Man Enough
(mature content)
Daniel Remar, Erik SjöstrandAction/Arcade19.2 MBClick here to download

Man Enough is a collaborative project by Daniel Remar and Erik Sjöstrand, where you have to play four minigames at the same time while a catchy tune is repeated in the background. There are only three buttons to use, and every time you press or hold a button some kind of action will happen in every minigame window.

The first game is a straight-up vertical shooter, while the second is a dating sim with a suprise ending if you answer all of the questions correctly. The third window is a simple coin-collecting task, while the fourth involves assisting a shirtless man recover the golden Petri statue head. Holding the space key causes platforms to appear and bridge all gaps, and pressing the left or right cursor key instructs the man to move in the desired direction.

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OMEGAAction/Arcade2.33 MBClick here to download

Marble is a recent addition to OMEGA's game listing page. The objective is to knock a marble towards another with the same color in order to make them disappear, until the entire board is cleared. There are several game modes available with a level editor to preset the number of objects before playing as well.

DK SoftAction/Arcade87.6 MBClick here to download

Maribato is a fighting game by DK Soft that lets you choose two characters to take into battle. Basically implementing the tag-team concept commonly seen in Capcom crossover titles, combatants fight in a slapstick manner using unconventional weapons and special moves in an attempt to knock out their opponents.

Only two characters available in this demo, but it's worth a look if you can afford to spare some bandwidth. There's a download link on the navigation menu, second from bottom.

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Masashikun Hi
Kenta Cho, ABA GamesAction/Arcade0.23 MBClick here to download

Masashikun Hi is a wacky olympics involving silly scribbled stick figures. There are events ranging from sprinting to tug-of-war to high diving.

On the game menu, choose start to play all of the events in a row or choose the name of the event to play just that event.

Kakenukero (Sprinting): Run as fast as possible over the bumpy terrain and make your way to the finish line by quickly spinning the mouse. Click the left mouse button to hop over steep hills and deep dips.

Tobibako (High Jump): Run fast by quickly spinning the mouse. When you reach the arrow on the ground, click the left mouse button. If you time it correctly, you'll land on a spring board. You'll launch high into the air and a measuring wall will begin to build next to you. Spin the mouse to go slightly higher. When you begin to slow down, click the left mouse button to stop building the wall, then click the left mouse button to slide over the wall. The higher you let the wall build, the more points you get, but you must slide over the wall to receive the points. Oooka (Tug-of-war): You are the man on the far left. Drag the man in the middle past your arrow as quickly as possible to win. Spin the mouse to build strength, then click the left mouse button to tug the man along. Repeat this until you pass the arrow on the left.

Hitonage (Shotput): Spin the mouse to spin the man and gain momentum. Then click the left mouse button and hold it until the angle line is at a 45 degree angle. You must do this to throw the other man as far as possible before you fall off the cliff. You can get best results by spinning quickly, by getting the angle close to 45 degrees and by throwing the man as straight as possible.

Fire (High-Dive): Spin the mouse to gain speed and jump of the cliff. When you land on the trampoline, wait until it stretches as much as it can, then click the left mouse button to fly into the air. Keep bouncing as long as you can by spinning the mouse when the man flys up.

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Massacre Massacre
(mature content)
SigvatrAction/Arcade3.54 MBCurrently unavailable

Massacre Massacre is an arena shooter with the sort of pixel art likely associated with the Sensible series of releases. Use the W, A, S and D keys to move a caricature of the developer himself around the map, or hold the left mouse button to shoot. Tap the right button to throw a grenade when you have at least one in your possession.

Health, ammunition count and remaining enemy spawn time for the current level is shown on the right side of the screen as three vertical bars of different colours. Enemies will stop appearing after ninety seconds, but progress to the next stage is only possible once you've secured the entire area.

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MaWaRu Maid-san wo Nemigi
D.N.A. SoftwareAction/Arcade28.1 MBClick here to download

MaWaRu Maid-san wo Nemigi is an excellent WarioWare clone which can be described as a collection of mini games that usually lasts a few seconds. The player only has a short moment to figure out what the objective of the level is and go about completing it.

The game is in Japanese so the instructions given at the beginning of each stage is useless, although it's not that hard to figure out what you have to do after a try or two. Arrow keys are mostly used for movement, and the Z key is assigned as the action button. You can only fail four times before losing the game, indicated by the number of maid characters in between levels.

Requires the latest DirectX version to be installed.

Mayhem Triple
(demo, mature content)
Dustin GunnAction/Arcade12.9 MBClick here to download

Mayhem Triple is an action game which tells the story of Mig Carter, a desert dweller who is stirred from his sleep by strange noises in the middle of the night only to find killer rabbits on the loose. Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move your character around. Press the space key to jump, and hold the left mouse button to shoot. The scroll wheel can be used to switch weapons.

This short demo features three playable levels only.

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