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Bloody MonkeyAction/Arcade10.6 MBClick here to download
(external link)

NaaC is a pretty good Smash TV clone with all the action focused in one room for the entire game. Aliens will barge through walls from the top of the screen, then left and right. Fortunately better weapons occasionally appear out of thin air, although ammo conservation is vital since they run out pretty fast.

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Natsuki Boost 2
Alpha Secret BaseAction/Arcade11.2 MBClick here to download

Natsuki Boost 2 is a new mouse based arena shooter from the creators of Fairy Attackers and Good Luck Natsuki. Featuring gameplay somewhat reminiscent of Chalk, you must clear enemies from the screen by knocking them into each other with the left mouse button, and use the right mouse button to keep Natsuki out of harms way.

Hover the cursor over bananas to refill time lost from colliding with enemies. Running Natsuki into an enemy after it has been bounced off of a wall and is stunned will launch a powerful missile attack. - oranda

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Naturally Friendly Air Bubbles
Dan ErikksonAction/Arcade2.96 MBClick here to download

Naturally Friendly Air Bubbles is a Game Maker effort developed by newcomer Dan Eriksson in just one week. Your objective is to guide the blue bubble around spikes and burst all pink bubbles on screen to complete each stage.

Health is measured by the amount of air stored inside your bubble, with a circle that shrinks in size over time unless replenished. Click on anywhere inside this circle to make the bubble move in a straight line. Download the stretched version if your monitor does not support any resolution higher than 1024 by 768 pixels.

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Navy Mission
D. IkushimaAction/Arcade2.24 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Navy Mission is another action game by D. Ikushima, simulating mission-based sea battles and intense firefights. The objective is to survive thirty different operations while destroying every ship and plane in each level.

Your ship can be moved around by using the W, A, S and D keys. Left click to fire and right click to swap weapons. It doesn't pay to be trigger-happy because guns and missiles do take a while to reload. Enemy torpedos can be shot at if you happen to have problems outmaneuvering them.

To begin, choose the top left option from the main menu to access a list of all available missions. Click on the left button at the bottom of the screen to confirm your selection. Each stage can be replayed several times to unlock harder difficulties.

Neo Aquarium
NussoAction/Arcade46.5 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Neo Aquarium (King of Crustacean) is a Virtual On-style versus combat game that features sea creatures fighting each other inside a closed underwater arena of death. The list of weapons at your disposal includes homing projectiles, melee attacks, grabs, short-range explosions, and even remote-controlled detachable limbs that can be commanded to fire at your enemies.

It's worth noting that some of the crustaceans have a slight advantage over the others, although the inclusion of a difficulty setting does balance the game a little bit. To start a battle after selecting your fighter, just swim through the large gate that leads to the combat arena right in front of you.


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Jayenkai, James GambleAction/Arcade2.61 MBClick here to download

NeonPlat is an arcade platformer where points are scored by using balls to bowl enemies off the screen. Platdude can double or triple jump in the air (with the right power-ups), climb ladders, paint over floors for points and slip below platforms, but he can never carry more than one ball at a time.

An online high score table is accessible from the main menu inside the game.

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NeonPlat 2
- Windows, Mac, Linux
Jayenkai, James GambleAction/Arcade3.08 MBClick here to download

NeonPlat 2 is a 2D arcade platformer in which you score points by painting over white floor tiles, featuring a co-op mode that supports up to four players simultaneously on the same system. The Platdudes can execute double or multiple jumps in the air (with the right power-ups) and slip below platforms, but they can never carry more than one ball at a time.

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Nevada Thompson and the Temple of Scorpions
JabberwockAction/Arcade9.75 MBClick here to download

Nevada Thompson and the Temple of Scorpions is an action game with limited controls, where players can only attack sideways. Use the Z or X key to whip, and tap the A or S key to shoot. Ammunition is limited, but can be replenished. There are two large rooms to explore in total.

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Night Cruising
Calvin FrenchAction/Arcade1.15 MBClick here to download

Night Cruising is an arcade game which tells the story of a troubled man who goes for a short drive on the highway to help him forget his worries for a couple of hours. Use the cursor keys to accelerate, decelerate and switch lanes. Press the space key to advance cutscene sequences and select menu choices.

This remake of Road Fighter was created in under three days, hence the lack of additional development time to tie up loose ends such as minor bugs, gameplay balance issues, and missing sound effects.

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Night Effect
Gatling CatAction/Arcade25.1 MBClick here to download

Night Effect is a decent versus fighting game by Gatling Cat, though the demo only features two playable characters there's quite a number of moves to experiment with. As usual, some configuration changes are required to play using the arrow keys.

Click on the executable link just underneath the first screenshot to download the trial version.

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