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Takara Toss
nemu90kWwAction/Arcade0.27 MBClick here to download

Takara Toss is an alright mini-game by nemu90kWw, the developer responsible for both Gikoparo 5 and Fliflixx. Nothing special about this effort, you control a cat who has to bounce kittens with it's outstretched paws and keep them from touching the ground.

You're allowed three misses per game, and a new kitten is added every now and then.

Tales of Unspoken World
- Windows, Mac
Santa RagioneAction/Arcade8.03 MBClick here to download

Tales of Unspoken World is a first person run and jump action game that features objects depicted as white lines on a black background, giving it a unique look and feel reminiscent of a Vib Ribbon game. There are three different worlds to sprint in, not counting the short tutorial section that provides a training ground for players to familiarize themselves with the controls.

The R key can be used to restart a level quickly, and to exit the game just press the left Alt and F4 key.

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Tank Domination
DHCAction/Arcade2.86 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Tank Domination is the latest release from DHC, an acclaimed Japanese freeware shmup developer. As the title suggests, your vehicle can move around and aim freely instead of being limited to one vertical direction. Hold the Z key to lock your aim and shoot at the same time.

Energy will only be replenished when all enemies shown on radar as red dots are destroyed. Your tank will explode with only one hit but three lives are given at the start of each game.

The version available for download features six short stages but does include four different difficulty levels to choose from.

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IkikiAction/Arcade1.03 MBClick here to download

Tekkyuuman is a new release by prolific Japanese developer Ikiki, famous for a number of controversial games featuring ninjas, bloodbath and outrageous violence.

You must make your way towards the green spiky object in each level and smash it with the flail. Use the control key to swing your weapon and tap the left shift key to jump. A wall jump can also be executed by pressing the same shift key when scaling up walls.

Red switches can be activated either by touch or hitting them with your flail. An extra life is awarded after every boss fight.

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Jesus FloresAction/Arcade127 MBClick here to download

Tempo is a 3D platformer featuring a psychically gifted heroine bound to a wheelchair but with telekinesis and spectral projection abilities that more than make up for it.

Use the W, A, S and D keys to move your character around. Hold the Q key to activate your telekinesis powers, and press the Z key to switch modes. Cursor keys can be used to control the camera view.

The game consists of one short level only. Winner of Creanimaxfs Best International Videogame 2007 award.

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IkikiAction/Arcade0.85 MBClick here to download

Teppoman is a 2D action game in which players are assigned the objective of rescuing hostages captured by the enemy. Use the cursor keys to move, and hold the left control key to punch or shoot. Ammunition is limited, but you can swap weapons by pressing the down arrow key. Press the left shift key to jump or start the game.

The main character can also commit suicide at any time with a press of the J key. Press the down arrow key to save a hostage or leave the area once you've reached the end of the level. Additional stages can be accessed by completing the game without using any continues while saving all hostages at the same time.

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IkikiAction/Arcade0.65 MBClick here to download

Tepposenso is a hotseat-only multiplayer game created by Ikiki. The objective is to reduce the opponent's health gauge to zero because he or she does the same to you. Players can choose from a multitude of weapons to take with them into battle, while a handy key configuration utility is accessible from the file menu tab located at the top of the window.

(mature content)
Marc EchaveAction/Arcade181 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Terrordrome is basically an unlicensed versus fighting game created by Marc Echave using Enterbrain's Fighter Maker 2D engine, where players can choose one of the seven available characters to use in a deathmatch with other popular horror movie villians. There are only four attack buttons to use, and some game-stopping bugs still exist, but the fan-made project does a couple of things well enough to make one wonder why Midway hadn't attempted something similar in the past.

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Texas - The Official Gunslinger Congress
VectorGamesAction/Arcade4.89 MBClick here to download

Texas - The Official Gunslinger Congress is a shooting gallery simulator created by VectorGames, where the objective is to acquire the highest score possible in two minutes. Pressing the escape key while playing will cause an exit sign to appear.

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The American Dream: Are We Not Drawn Onward to New Era?
- Windows, Linux
Nick RudziczAction/Arcade0.96 MBClick here to download

The American Dream: Are We Not Drawn Onward to New Era? is a collection of mini-games held together by a common theme called Life, a subject that all of us are very familiar with. Players are presented with a circular menu at the start of the game, in which they can either select the first option to play the entire adventure in a randomized sequence or practice any of the smaller arcade sequences at their own choosing.

There are plenty of ways to score or lose points in Life mode, but only one mini-game allows you to spend it on a particular action. Time also passes rather quickly in the game, and once your five minutes is over a final inavoidable sequence will be shown regardless of how well you did up to that point.

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