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I Love You
(mature content)
Miroslav MalesevicAdventure6.27 MBClick here to download

I Love You is a 2D platformer created for increpare's friendly Love Letter Competition, a contest where participating developers will attempt to code a full game in under two weeks as a present to their loved ones. There is a puzzle near the end that might require some thought to solve, but the adventure itself is rather short and won't pose too much of a challenge for anyone to complete.

The game is intended for mature audiences only.

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I Was a Vegas Showgirl
Alasdair BeckettAdventure31.1 MBClick here to download
(external link)

I Was a Vegas Showgirl tells the story of one Sissy O'Leary, a stage performer who was asked by her boyfriend to steal a hat that belongs to the toughest casino owner in Vegas. It's anything but an easy task, since you'll have to chat, charm and dance your way past guys like the bouncer and the casino manager to get to Mr. Stack-O-Lee himself.

This 3D adventure game (made with the Dage Engine) is rather short in length and can be completed in under an hour, although it also features a couple of clever puzzles that should keep you guessing for a bit. A short descriptive text appears everytime you're standing next to a person or an object that you can interact with, and there's never really a situation where you'll have to carry or manage more than three inventory items at a time.

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Imaginary Realm 2 - Absolute Scenario
Zeiva IncAdventure8.18 MBClick here to download

In Imaginary Realm 2 - Absolute Scenario, your task is basically to help Orem to get the best costume and win the contest. You will get different ending depending on which costume you choose.

Chalk this up as one of those weird finds.

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In the Woods
(mature content)
dessgeegaAdventure0.02 MBClick here to download

In the Woods is a short IF adventure game set in the world of a classic fairy tale. This story is much closer to the original unabridged version which few people would have heard of, and can be completed in roughly ten or fifteen minutes of play time.

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Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth
Screen 7Adventure5.83 MBClick here to download

Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth is a new game by Screen 7 featuring the immortal screen legend on another globe-trotting adventure. Out of all efforts by many other fans, this one resembles it's source material the most.

Like the original, multiple paths can be used to reach the objective. Arcade sequences are optional, depending on your actions in the game. No voice acting yet, plus the length is rather short but this release is well worth downloading even if it's not the full version.

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Infinity String, The
(mature content)
Sektor 13Adventure36.2 MBClick here to download
(external link)

In The Infinity String, you assume the role of a scientist named Yerik Elnar. The year is 2009, and mysterious ruins have been discovered in Antartica by Russian explorers. One year later a complete research base was built to study the findings. You arrive on the scene to provide assistance to the first research team stationed there but only to discover that the entire crew has disappeared.

Left click to walk or interact with objects and right click to examine them. Double click on an exit to leave a room quickly.

There are two possible endings to the game.


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