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- Windows, Mac
Jason RohrerAdventure0.47 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Passage is an experimental project by Jason Rohrer which attempts to represent life in the span of five minutes. The choices that a player makes is crucial, and there's no right way to play Passage or interpret it.

Use the arrow keys to move the character up, down, left and right. Press the F key to toggle fullscreen mode, and use the B key to adjust screen blow-up factor. Press the Q key to quit.

In Passage, players can search for and open treasure chests. Not every pursuit leads to a reward - most of them are empty. Over time, though, you can can learn which pursuits are likely to be rewarding. Each treasure chest is marked with a sequence of gems on its front, and this sequence indicates whether the chest contains a reward. During the course of the game, you can learn to read these sequences and only spend your precious time opening worthwhile treasure chests.

Passage represents life's challenges with a maze. The screen geometry only allows you to view a narrow slice of this maze at any given moment. You can see quite a distance out in front of you, but you can't see anything to the north or south. You may see a reward up ahead but not be able to see a clear path to it. After a bit of exploration, you may discover that a seemingly-nearby reward is in fact unreachable. As you go deeper into the maze to the south, the path becomes more convoluted, though an obstacle-free route is always available to the north. However, treasure chests are more and more common as you go deeper into the maze. You can spend your time in pursuit of these hard-to-reach rewards, or you can explore and enjoy the scenery that unfolds before you to the east. As you grow older, your view of the territory in front of you shrinks, and navigating new areas in life's maze becomes more difficult.

The world in Passage is infinite. As you head east, you'll find an endless expanse of constantly-changing landscape, and you are rewarded for your exploration. However, even if you spent your entire lifetime exploring, you'd never have a chance to see everything that there is to see. If you spend your time plumbing the depths of the maze, however, you will only see a tiny fraction of the scenery.

You have the option of joining up with a spouse on your journey. If you missed her, she's in the far north near your original starting point. Once you team up with her, however, you must travel together, and you are not as agile as you were when you were single. Some rewards deep in the maze will no longer be reachable if you're with your spouse. You simply cannot fit through narrow paths when you are walking side-by-side. In fact, you will sometimes find yourself standing right next to a treasure chest, yet unable to open it, and the only thing standing in your way will be your spouse. On the other hand, exploring the world is more enjoyable with a companion, and you'll reap a larger reward from exploration if she's along. When she dies, though, your grief will slow you down considerably.

The rewards in Passage come in the form of points added to your score, and you have two options for scoring points - treasure chests, which give 100 points for each hit, and exploration, which gives double-points if you walk with your spouse. There's a pretty tight balance between these two options, there's no optimal choice between the two.

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Terry Cavanagh, distractionwareAdventure1.69 MBClick here to download

The progression of a tale in Terry Cavanagh's Pathways is dictated by your choices, and hence the key moments and endings will be directly affected as well. As hinted by the title, players are offered the options of taking one route or another at many of the junctions to be found inside the game, with all paths previously explored conveniently marked by a fuzzy snow effect seen commonly on old television sets. A good selection of music and sound effects help accentuate the experience, although the conclusion of this adventure may surprise a few people because of how little resolution it provides to many of the questions that might arise from playing.

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Adam CadreAdventure0.62 MBClick here to download

Photopia is a piece of literature by Adam Cadre rendered in the form of interactive fiction, and written in Inform. It is regarded as a pioneer in narrative-driven, rather than puzzle- or challenge-driven, interactive fiction, and is perhaps the most successful example of this genre to date. It won first place in the 1998 Interactive Fiction Competition.

Photopia has few puzzles and a linear structure, allowing the player no way to alter the eventual conclusion but maintaining the illusion of non-linearity. This gives weight to some of the story's motifs - questions of free will and determinism.

Pilot Light
Brendon ChungAdventure2.26 MBClick here to download

Pilot Light is a short adventure game with simplified controls, easy puzzles and a story involving the transportation of a cargo. It's intro features a rather mild bed scene which might be unsuitable for children.

There is plenty of inventory space even when less than ten items are collectible during the course of the adventure. It's quite unfortunate that this is the only AGS effort ever made by Brendon Chung.

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Poizoned Mind
(mature content)
C.E.J. PacianAdventure2.39 MBClick here to download

Poizoned Mind is an interactive fiction adventure game by Pacian, also the developer of Snowblind Aces and Gun Mute. Use the arrow keys to navigate around your choices, and press the Z key to select an option. The interface is slightly broken, in adherence to the rules of the competition this project was submitted to.

Project Joe
Synthetix-InteractiveAdventure145 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Unnamed Project Joe is an adventure game by Synthetix that showcases gorgeous art but is slightly lacking in the gameplay department.

Developed using the Wintermute engine, the interface is similar to the one adopted by Curse of Monkey Island and Full Throttle. Holding down the left mouse button while your pointer is over an item will bring up the interaction menu.

There are several locations to visit and some puzzles to solve in this demo, which is only available from the Adventure Gamers' site. Looks promising but current project status is unknown.

(mature content)
Jonathan LynchAdventure88.6 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Purgatorio is a short adventure game by Jonathan Lynch which tells the tale of Frank O'Shea, a soldier on a peacekeeping mission who was knocked unconscious and injured in the line duty.

He awakens to find himself wounded and in a strange, but somehow familiar town. The game features a mix of photograph and hand drawn art, with the results looking far better than another similar attempt called Soviet Unterzogersdorf.

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