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Walker and Silhouette
- Windows, Mac, Linux
C.E.J. PacianAdventure1.60 MBClick here to download

Walker and Silhouette is a short interactive fiction game about a pair of detectives named Nate and Ivy, working together to solve a case for the Oldchester Criminal Investigation Department. The interface is an easy one to use, and all a user has to do is to click on a highlighted keyword to investigate further or progress the story forward. Occasionally certain words like leave, think and help have to be typed in, but these situations rarely occur and wouldn't cause too much of an inconvenience to any player.

The writing on display is good, the storyline is intriguing, and there are some clever puzzles designed just for the single keyword system. A windows executable is included with the Windows version, while Linux and Mac users can play the game by using a TADS interpreter to run the TADS 3 game file.

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What Makes You Tick
- Windows, Mac
Matthias KempkeAdventure30.6 MBClick here to download
(external link)

What Makes You Tick is a freeware adventure game by Matt Kempke, created using the LASSIE engine. The story tells of a young man named Nathan is sent by his University to find the mysterious Dr. Coppelius who disappeared about one year earlier.

There are only about ten rooms to explore but quite a bit of adventure to be had. The interface for object interaction resembles one used by later LucasArts releases, in which the player has to hold the left mouse button to bring up a menu. Release the left mouse button while hovering over an action to execute it. Press the F1 function key to access the save and load feature. View your inventory by moving the cursor toward the brown bar at the bottom of the screen.

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Mike InelAdventure9.68 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Where is a small but atmospheric maze game created by Mike Inel in under three days. There is an actual way to reach your intended destination, although you will have to figure out the solution to a puzzle or two in order to get there.

The game is played using both mouse and keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move, and hold the right mouse button to fast forward the action onscreen.

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(mature content)
Mike InelAdventure20.9 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Which is a short horror adventure game about escaping from a house that you are trapped in. A 3D mode is included if you have the right glasses to view the images with.

Note that Which has a bit of violence that might be seen as disturbing, and if you're worried about jump scares then you should probably avoid playing the game as well.


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Whispered World, The
Marco HullenAdventure39.3 MBCurrently unavailable

The Whispered World is an abandoned project that is only made available as a demo for download, with the full version unlikely to surface due to publishing problems. A verb scroll is used for interaction, while accessing the inventory bag only requires a right click anywhere on screen.

The backgrounds are absolutely gorgeous, but unfortunately there's only two screens to explore with very little to do in this release.

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White Chamber, The: International Edition  
(mature content)
Studio TrophisAdventure358 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Warning: Contains strong language and graphic scenes.

The White Chamber: International Edition is a new version of Studio Trophis' debut effort. Smaller than it's predecessor, it includes four new endings and voice acting as well.

There are plenty of easter eggs to be found, and some are hinted at the end of each adventure. Fans of the original certainly won't be disappointed with the extras.

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Winter Rose, The
Alex van der WijstAdventure8.28 MBClick here to download

The Winter Rose is an excellent adventure game by Alex van der Wijst that was released recently after spending a year and a half in development. The story is about Rose, a young archer on a quest to save her father and rid the land of the evil ice-dragon.

For a solo effort, the game does showcase excellent use of limited resources. Backgrounds are hand-painted, and a lot of nice touches have been added to create the right atmosphere. The animation is great, snowflakes are beautifully animated, and throwing in footprints is genius.

But what is most impressive about the game is the writing. Every item has a description based on your actions, a feat rarely seen in other AGS titles. You will be rewarded with quite a few chuckles if you attempt to click on everything you see, because of the witty script.

Verdict? Fans of classic adventure games won't be disappointed with this one.

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