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NenadShoot 'em up7.50 MBClick here to download

Ablation is basically a four color vertical shooter with an interesting concept. Touching a white bomb neutralizes all projectiles, while activating a black one destroys every object in range. Collect power-ups for a firepower upgrade. Hold the control, Z or space key to shoot, and use the function keys numbered 5 and 6 to switch window sizes. Press the P key to pause the game.

Black pixels do no damage, though contact with a white pixel will cause your ship to lose one power-up degree. Destroy an enemy's weak point for a special core bonus.

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Absorb Development TeamShoot 'em up29.2 MBClick here to download

Quite a number of heroes and their ships from classic arcade shmups make their appearances in Absorb. You're cast as the enemy, attempting to acquire the projectiles that they shoot out and return the favor in kind. Hold the F key to activate your shields while absorbing bullets and several other harmful objects. Press the D key to launch them back at your adversaries.

Both buttons act as the cancel and confirm buttons as well. The keyboard controls work fine but a joypad is recommended.

Ad Nauseam
cactusShoot 'em up1.59 MBClick here to download

Ad Nauseam is a vertical shooter by cactus which was originally made for the third SHMUP-DEV competition. The current version is in a playable state, with five different power-ups to collect and seven types of enemies to deal with.

Gameplay is far better than what the screenshots may suggest. Definitely worth a try.

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Ad Nauseam 2  
(mature content, nudity)
cactusShoot 'em up1.61 MBClick here to download

Ad Nauseam 2 is an intense 2D shooter from the prolific Swedish developer cactus, and fans of Seizuredome or Burn the Trash will find something to like in this release. Press the Z key to shoot, and tap the X key to activate the shockwave effect. Hold both buttons to activate the alternate fire. Using either of these two specials will deplete your circular power gauge, shown discreetly in the background.

Collect four green pluses to upgrade your weapon by one level, but be sure to avoid red minuses which downgrade your ship's firepower. Use the F1 function key to switch between uncensored and safe modes. Press F2 to turn off motion blur, or F3 to disable screen shakes.

The game has three phases in total, and your fastest completion time is submitted online once you've beaten the final boss. Playing on the easiest difficulty setting doubles your time on the high score list.

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KMCShoot 'em up11.2 MBClick here to download

ad2 is a minimalistic 3D arena shooter with RPG elements, though the game is too short with very little depth to sustain interest of players after completing a mission for the first time.

The map shows available paths and enemy encounters for a player to gather invasion points, which can then be used to evolve the ship in several ways. Hold the Z key to shoot, and press the X key to launch a bomb.

Adler Zone
battlegorgeShoot 'em up0.56 MBClick here to download

Adler Zone is a gorgeous 8-bit style shooter by battlegorge, though only one playable level is included in this early version. Hold the A key to shoot, and press the S key to activate the hyper field.

Upgrade your firepower by acquiring either fifty or a hundred green power-up containers. Collect blue crystals for bonus points.

PercepticShoot 'em up2.77 MBClick here to download
(external link)

AerialKeng is a short vertical shooter where players engage one large enemy ship after another as they strive to make it through each of the three stages included. Use the cursor keys to move, hold the Z key to shoot, and press the X key to activate the slow motion feature. Using this option drains your shields, which is automatically restored after a few seconds. Your ship will be destroyed if it takes a few hits during this window of vulnerability.

The game offers no continues, and has a short congratulatory message for an ending.


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TesselodeShoot 'em up3.16 MBClick here to download

AetherBeats is an arena shooter that plays like a primitive version of Everyday Shooter, where a looping musical track changes ever so slightly depending on what happens on screen. Shots fired from your ship will chase down any enemies in the vicinity, and every once in a while you'll acquire an additional life or a weapon upgrade that increases your firepower.

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After Burner Climax on D-language
keim, Kei MesudaShoot 'em up1.23 MBClick here to download

After Burner Climax on D-language is a test project by keim, developer of Nomltest FS, Invisible Vision and Quantized Blaze. Only two keys are used, and though the gameplay is currently a little unbalanced this particular production is already showing plenty of potential in it's early stages.

If his previous achievements are anything to go by, this could end up being a lovely remake indeed.

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Air Brawler
Ryan BurnsideShoot 'em up3.59 MBClick here to download

In Air Brawler, the ship you pilot is always in perpetual motion. Control the ship by using the arrow keys to alter speed or travel direction. Hold the space or Z key to shoot, and collect pink glyphs to regain health.

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