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Dash Border
IsshikiShoot 'em up2.89 MBClick here to download

Dash Border is a rather unique shooter by Isshiki, creator of Vax-11, Z-LOCK and Area 2048 among others. The screen wraps around, enemies are shapes made out of simple lines and bullets can only be fired in a straight line. Much like Asteroids really, but that's where the similarities end.

Playing the game cautiously won't get you far. The author encourages players to move the ship continuously, in order to gain momentum. Doing this rewards you in two ways. Your ship acquires increased firepower and the ability to pass through all enemies but not their bullets.

The game is over if you fail to destroy everything within the time limit. Use the arrow keys to control your ship, and press the Z key to shoot. The F1 key operates the coin slot.

OUEO factoryShoot 'em up3.00 MBClick here to download

Debrysis is a Geometry Wars-style arena shooter which uses a combination of both keyboard and mouse for controls. The handy radar indicates the position of all enemies and power-ups on field which are out of your view, shown as red and blue arrows on screen. Your best score and weapon of choice can be submitted online after the end of each game.


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Deep Wing Break
cactus, KvalsternackaShoot 'em up1.48 MBClick here to download

Deep Wing Break is an atmospheric arena shooter by Kvalsternacka and cactus, where players must protect the small dot being carried by a winged creature from enemy projectiles for as long as they can. Use the W, A, S and D keys to move, or hold the left mouse button to shoot. Press the enter key to start a game from the main menu. An automatic online high score submission feature is included.

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David ScatliffeShoot 'em up3.65 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Defem is a score-based arena shooter loosely based on Defen, a game originally created by Terry Cavanagh for submission to a Klik of the Month event. David Scatliffe's Defem is all about staying alive for as long as you can while dodging planes, tanks, missiles and nukes that try to blow your UFO out of the Russian skies.

Everything is controlled with the mouse, and craft movement is automatic. Temporary weapon power-ups are acquired by collecting a set of gems quickly, but even if you nabbed a minimum of three you'd still get a shield of sorts that'll provide protection for a couple of seconds.

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Demolition Gunner: 3 Minutes Version
DHCShoot 'em up3.44 MBClick here to download

Demolition Gunner: 3 Minute Version is a vertical shooter by DHC, featuring two missions and boss encounters which usually lasts for about twenty seconds. There are several power-ups to collect and four difficulty levels to choose from, plus an additional one included for experts to unlock. Like Under Defeat, shots can be directed at an angle by moving your craft left or right.

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Demolition Gunner: In Search and Destroy  
DHCShoot 'em up10.8 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Think Under Defeat, but with 2D sprites. Demolition Gunner: In Search and Destroy was originally developed for a three minute gameplay competition, then turned into a complete production featuring seven stages and obligatory boss encounters.

These battles last only twenty seconds each, so there won't be much of a struggle beating them assuming that you're good at dodging an insane number of bullets. Press the Z key to shoot, or hold the X key for a few seconds before releasing the button to launch a napalm bomb. Click on the first link after the title to download.

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Demon Attack
Harold ThijssenShoot 'em up6.88 MBClick here to download

Demon Attack is a pretty good remake by Harold Thijssen, and an improvement in nearly every way over the original. Gameplay is rather similar to Galaxian, in which an enemy would swoop down on your ship when dropping bombs isn't enough to annihilate the player.

The speed at which a bomb descends can be reduced or removed entirely. There's also an autofire option and save game function included in the package. A competent remake, although Imagic's classic doesn't exactly have the sort of pulse-pounding experience that would entice most shooter veterans.

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Design, The
cactusShoot 'em up1.83 MBClick here to download

The Design is a 2D shooter with some unique quirks. You control two dots on a design, which can shoot at the angle from one to the other. New figures on the design appears and you earn points by destroying them.

Note that the enemies can only be killed when they're white in color. If you shoot an enemy while it's red, the bullet will turn against you. Aside from the normal shooting, you also have three upgrades that'll help you with getting a highscore.

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Shadow SlashShoot 'em up4.31 MBCurrently unavailable

DEX-EV is a vertical shooter project by Shadow Slash which runs entirely from an Excel spreadsheet macro. Security settings may have to be set to medium in order to get this game working. Press the Z key to shoot, hold the X key to move your ship at a slower pace or to activate the special attack, and use the C key to launch a bomb. The game also sports three different power-ups for the purposes of upgrading your weapons or to generate a protective shield around your ship.

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Hyougaki YukiusaShoot 'em up62.8 MBClick here to download
(external link)

DiadraEmpty is a shooter by Hyougaki Yukiusa which plays quite similar to Defender, but minus the humanoids for enemies to kidnap. Hold the X key to shoot, and use the C key to trade for an upgrade or use your special attack. Press the Z key for a temporary boost. The demo consists of only three levels.


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