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Alexis AndreShoot 'em up3.51 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Earth is a Space Invaders-type shooter with a message, made for the Experimental Gameplay's art game theme. Besides playing the game in the conventional way, the developer has included optional methods to complete your mission as well.

This experimental project isn't going to appeal to everyone, but Earth does fits the bill perfectly as an installation in a Space Invaders-themed art exhibition.

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Binary ZooShoot 'em up10.9 MBClick here to download

Echoes is an arena shooter by Binary Zoo which consists of ten levels, with a different enemy type introduced on every new stage. Each have their unique strengths, weaknesses and require various strategies to deal with effectively.

The player loses energy when collision with an adversary could not be avoided. Remaining energy is shown as a counter on the top right of the screen, also indicated by the colored ring surrounding your ship. There are only three different power-ups to collect. One increases firepower, the other restores health while the third is a sort of bomb.

Zoots awards are handed out whenever a certain task is completed, with current achievements available to peruse via the trial accomplishment screen. To get a perfect score, all ten objectives must be attempted at the highest difficulty. Hold the Z, o and 0 keys at the same time when the main menu is shown to unlock crack.


Eden's Aegis
x.xShoot 'em up49.7 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Eden's Aegis is a new vertical shooter from x.x, featuring two playable characters and the usual array of boss fights commonly found in all of his other releases.

Hold the Z key to shoot, tap the X key to launch a bomb and use the C key to activate your special weapon.


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Eden's Edge
x.xShoot 'em up4.49 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Eden's Edge is another shooter from x.x, developer of Blue Wish and Green Wind. There are two versions to download, the first one is a slightly older build and features only one stage.

Expect cameo appearances from obligatory mid and end level bosses. The screen size is particularly small for a shooter, measuring 400 pixels high and 300 pixels wide. Barely enough room to maneuver around bullets. Fortunately your ship is equipped with a few smart bombs, useful in situations such as these.

The left shift and control keys are assigned as the primary and secondary shot buttons. Pressing space will bring you back to the main menu even when you're playing.

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Electrical Bird
Y.ABE, TUREZUREShoot 'em up11.6 MBClick here to download

Electrical Bird is another 3D effort by Y.ABE that is slightly disappointing, due to the lack of gameplay it exhibits. You have five minutes in each stage to acquire a respectable high score by destroying the shapes and objects that litter the landscape.

The ogre.cfg file can be edited for a higher resolution or full screen mode.

Additional files/mirrors

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Empyreal Nocturne
Double Hawk GamesShoot 'em up10.4 MBClick here to download

Empyreal Nocturne is a third-person aerial action game in which you combat enormous flying objects by commanding a legion of birds. These objects are connected by orbs, which are fiercely defended by birds of its own. Defeat each creature by destroying their weak points, then fly into a portal to access the next stage.

Use the W, A, S and D keys to navigate your ship, or press the space key for a temporary speed boost. This move is limited to the number birds you have accompanying your ship, though these will replenish automatically as time passes.

The mouse wheel can be used to switch between attack and defense mode. Hold the left mouse button when you have acquired a target to queue missiles for launch. Restore energy by pressing the right mouse button, and use the C key to switch camera mode.

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EndEffector Accomplished Edition
KMCShoot 'em up69.1 MBClick here to download

EndEffector Accomplished Edition is another superb freeware shooter from Japan that actually showcases 3D graphics for sprites and backgrounds, although gameplay is still very much on a flat 2D plane.

Textures are poor but that's practically the only drawback of an otherwise excellent shmup. The Z key is assigned as the cancel/secondary button, while the X key is used for selection and shoot. Pressing the C key will bring up a menu. Hold the Z key for a few seconds to charge your special weapon.

No power-ups to collect as you're already equipped with a powerful charge weapon that can be used like a slingshot. The first level is quite plain, but things do pick up after the initial boss battle.

Endless Fire
CodespaceShoot 'em up3.32 MBClick here to download

Endless Frog Kids is a puzzle game centered around the mating habits of our green amphibian friends, mixed together with a cautionary tale that is told using charts and graphs. You need to have a Java-enabled browser and also an open mind to play, as the game might possibly offend some players with its innuendos and sexual undertones.

The current build features ten levels to solve in total.

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BrownBotShoot 'em up4.51 MBClick here to download

Sketchfighter 4000 Alpha, eat your heart out. Here comes the freeware arena shooter entitled Eraser, featuring some dastardly level designs which can be used as cover to get out of tight spots. Four combination of control options are available, although there's no support for analog controllers yet.

Requires the installation of several additional files with links conveniently provided in the game folder. Only fifteen stages are implemented, but more might be designed in the near future.

Additional files/mirrors

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Alan BroadShoot 'em up3.37 MBClick here to download

Eridani is a short vertical shooter demo with 10 levels, featuring geometric shapes for enemies. Interchangeable weapon modes, shields and smart bombs round up this little gem.

Using the keyboard as your choice for ship control is advised. Expect 50 levels of mayhem and mass destruction when the full version is released.

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