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replicornShoot 'em up0.48 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Haritama is a fast-paced vertical shooter created by replicorn, author of the Pipe Dream remake Pipeful Sunday. The game comes with an auto-bomb option, which can be enabled in the settings menu.

Use the cursor keys to move, hold the Z key to shoot, and press the X key to launch a bomb. Reducing your desktop resolution before starting the game helps to increase the display window.


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Bottomless Pit GamesShoot 'em up14.0 MBCurrently unavailable

The new release from Double Jump Studios, Harmotion sheds all the unnecessary baggage for a versus gameplay in which real-life opponents face off against each other for a spot in the top rankings.

The first power-up collected is used to search for opponents online, though players are advised to modify the Windows firewall setting before running the executable. Collect red power particles to increase your firepower by holding the right mouse button. Tap the left mouse button repeatedly to shoot at your opponent or disintegrate the plasmoids. The tab key can be used to display your current stats, while pressing the enter key brings up the chat interface.

Your opponent always appear at the top of the screen. Each ship has it's own advantages in a battle, and it's up to the player to choose one that suits their preferences.

- Windows, Mac
monoRAILShoot 'em up11.1 MBClick here to download

Harpooned is a Cetacean Research Simulator disguised as a vertical shooter, in which you play the role of a Japanese scientist performing research on whales around Antarctica.

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Hector 39
Ichigo-CitronShoot 'em up14.1 MBClick here to download

Hector'39 is a doujin game made by Ichigo-Citron, featuring an unofficial appearance by Hatsune Miku from Yamaha's singing synthesizer series. This vertical shooter has basic enemy sprites, but the latest version does contain five playable stages in total.

Hold the Z key to shoot, press the X key to activate your special attack, and use the C key to reduce your movement speed. The F3 function key can be pressed at any time to pause the game, while background music can be switched on or off in the options menu.

Additional files/mirrors

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(mature content, nudity)
Akira Hut OriginalShoot 'em up9.70 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Another good shmup from Japan, Hellbound features more alien levels and bosses for your alter ego to wreck havoc on. The sprite designs are absolutely outstanding.

Only one key is used for both shots and shields. When you release the shift key, a shield will momentarily protect your character on-screen from incoming bullets and projectiles.

Hello Panda
GPTouchShoot 'em up28.7 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Hello Panda is a stylish vertical shooter made by GPTouch using Game Maker, featuring three playable characters and five levels interspersed with the occasional boss encounters. Enemies drop blood when defeated, which can then be acquired and used to fuel special attacks or to upgrade your default weapon.

Press the Z key to shoot, and hold the left shift key to display your character's hit point. Use the X key to execute your secondary attack. Press the C key when you're firing to upgrade your weapon, or increase the blood pack count by one if the red gauge shows a hundred percent. Use the space key to activate a temporary invincibility mode when you have at least one blood pack.

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Ruminants WhimperShoot 'em up74.0 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Hellsinker is a doujin vertical shooter from the Japanese development team Ruminant's Whimper, featuring gorgeous graphics but also an excessively complicated interface. Hold the Z key to shoot, press the X key to activate your alternate weapon and tap the C key to launch a bomb. Use the V key to bring up a pause menu.

Additional files/mirrors

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Hisyo Ayu
TenkuuShoot 'em up12.8 MBClick here to download

Hisyo Ayu is the prequel to Clannada, a shooter with oversized everyday items as your adversaries. Take on all sorts of sundry goods such as clocks, trees, swords, jars with mysterious contents, ducks, panda bears, cute furry creatures and more.

Controls are limited to directional keys, primary and secondary shot buttons. Smartbombs can be replenished by collecting hyper items dropped by vanquished enemies. When used, it clears bullets from a certain section of the playing area and doubles your firepower damage for a short while.

Bullets come thick and fast, especially near the end of the second stage. There's not much dodging that can be done, but fortunately hyper items are readily available in abundance. The first boss is a generic green frog, and the second one is probably the biggest bun I've seen in a shmup.

Plays a lot like a Psikyo shooter. Demo features two levels only.

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Hitoga Happa
Platine DispositifShoot 'em up26.9 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Hitoga Happa is a vertical shooter from prolific doujin software developer Murasame, featuring gorgeous 2D graphics and plenty of bullet dodging action. Gameplay is quite similar to an old shoot 'em up classic called Do Don Pachi.

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Hive Mind
Jph WacheskiShoot 'em up4.28 MBClick here to download

Hive Mind is a decent shooter by jph which combines three different gameplay modes into one single package. Use the up arrow key to activate your thrusters, and hold the left or right arrow key to turn your ship in the intended direction. Press the down arrow key to stop your ship and make it stay in one position.

Hold the K key for a few seconds to charge your super shot, and press the J key to lock on to the nearest available target. The lock on button can be pretty useful during the hive mind phase. Destroy the core to initiate the third wave.

When the hive mind is vanquished, energy crystals will appear in it's previously occupied spot. Protect these crystals from space insects and they will turn into blue orbs when the next phase begins. Collect the orbs to increase your shield count, indicated by a blue gauge at the bottom right of the screen.

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