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Ted LauterbachShoot 'em up3.99 MBClick here to download
(external link)

I.c.e. is a short horizontal shooter developed by Ted Lauterbach for the YoYo Games Winter Competition. Use the cursor keys to move the ship, and hold the Z or X key to alternate between your primary and secondary weapons. The game features two playable levels only, but does include three difficulty settings to cater for both beginners and shooter veterans.

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ZAC SOFTShoot 'em up0.93 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Ifrit is a horizontal shooter developed by ZAC SOFT, music contributor for Guardian of Paradise. Your mission involves flying an outdated ship in an attempt to repel the alien invasion.

The obsolete craft only has a beam outfitted with no room for additional equipment, hence the absence of power-ups or smartbombs. Press the Z key to shoot and C to pause.

Each level ends with a boss encounter and you can continue from any stage previously attempted.

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Eikyuu LoopShoot 'em up16.6 MBClick here to download

CloverWing and Iincho are two excellent shooters from Eikyuu Loop featuring a dash system not unlike Suguri. The objective of the game is to earn enough points and meet the target in order to progress from one level to the next.

Points are earned by taking out entire waves of enemies, then collecting the items that they leave behind. Press space to shoot, and tapping the Z key while holding down a directional button will cause your character to dash in that direction. She will be invulnerable for a short period right before stopping. It's a skill that will be used often as the protagonist is extremely slow when it comes to moving around. Some bullet formations can only be dodged by dashing past them.

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Imperishable Night
Team Shanghai AliceShoot 'em up18.9 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Imperishable Night is a vertically-scrolling shooter by ZUN which features a total of eight playable characters in pre-set pairs. The pairs work in tandem: one person fires when unfocused, while the other pops in and fires when focused, with a reduction in movement speed. The two attacks can be drastically different.

Pressing the shift key slows down the player's movement, makes the collision box visible and focuses the player's attack to make it more powerful by switching your character with her Phantom teammate. This function is essential for navigating through complex bullet patterns and defeating bosses more quickly.

There are 4 levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Lunatic. Each difficulty level features differences in the number of bullets fired by each enemy, rate of fire, variations in the bullets' pattern of movement, and the number and type of enemy Spell Cards used.

In this system, the game starts at 11:00 pm, and 1:00 is added after each stage. If enough time orbs are collected in the stage, 0:30 is added for that stage instead. 0:30 is also added in the case the player decides to continue. If the time reaches 5:00 am before the end of the last stage, the player receives a Game Over.

Boss have multiple lives, represented by multiple health bars shown at the upper left of the screen. Bosses usually alternate between attacking normally and attacking with Spell Cards, switching once with each health bar. Colored sections on the health bar indicate the start of a Spell Card attack when the boss' health is depleted that far.

Each attack is accompanied by a timer. When time runs out, the boss will switch to their next attack pattern even if their health bar isn't empty. Waiting for a boss character's attack pattern to self-destruct may be enough to beat them, but mere survival won't earn the player any score bonuses. Some bosses that are invulnerable, hence you will be awarded a score bonus if you survive the countdown to zero.

When fighting a boss, a position marker shows up on the bottom margin of the screen, indicating where the boss is on the horizontal axis. Since your target can be completely obscured by bullets or darkness at times, use this marker to help you aim your shots. The marker will dim when the boss is being hit, and will flash red when her health bar gets sufficiently depleted.

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Perfect RunShoot 'em up8.89 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Intercept is the latest offering from Perfect Run, featuring a gameplay system much like the one found in Hizoka Ohkubo's Warning Forever. The objective is to defeat the boss in each round before time runs out, forcing you to chase after the mothership while dodging all manner of projectiles.

Time is displayed on the right in blue, together with the enemy ship's status and weapon level. Players can determine the opponent's strength and weaknesses with just one look. Status indicates the amount of damage you have inflicted on your adversary.

Press the Z key to shoot, and swap weapons by using the X or C key. Each can be upgraded by collecting power-ups which appear after an enemy ship is destroyed.

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Invaders: Corruption
- Windows, Mac
Manuel van DyckShoot 'em up10.6 MBClick here to download

Invaders: Corruption is a free, procedurally generated arena-shooter where a seed-keyword, provided by the player, determines the appearance and flow of the game. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible, evading and shooting Invaders, collecting power-ups, and when successful - posting your scores on-line sharing your generation 'Core Seeds' with other players.

The game's main enemy is the Invaders, named after their space-invading cousins, come in millions of different shapes, but are all based on the same mechanism. An algorithm randomly fills half of the image, making up the invader, with dots that can be either colored or black. The resulting white noise is mirrored to create the Invader.

Invalid Tangram
Goose GamesShoot 'em up1.10 MBClick here to download

Invalid Tangram is a shmup that could have came right out of Kenta Cho's deep pockets, featuring tangram-shaped objects in four different colors. Enemies turn into blocks when destroyed, slowly filling up the background which can then be absorbed in multiples of two and above for a temporary power-up.

A handy tutorial explains most of the controls, though only two buttons are required along with the arrow keys for directional movements. Absorbing blocks will also award the player with three precious seconds worth of additional play time.

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Invisible Vision  
keim, Kei MesudaShoot 'em up1.79 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Invisible Vision is a 3D arena shooter set at sea, where players get to engage in naval battles with enemy submarines while surviving the occasional boss encounter or two. Wireframes are used to replicate the surroundings of a dark ocean, and with careful observation you can easily detect enemy ships based on the ripples caused by their movements.

The arrow keys can be used to move your ship around. To launch a torpedo, just press the Z key. Every missed shot costs three seconds, and the game is over when you run out of time or lives.

If green is not your favorite color, there are two other executables to start the game in gray or blue.

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- Windows, Mac, Linux
Charlie's GamesShoot 'em up13.2 MBClick here to download

Irukandji is a score-based vertical shooter that currently contains only one level to play, although by beating the game for the first time you do get another ship that can be used for your subsequent attempts at unlocking more achievements. There are multipliers and power-up items to collect, and you can also destroy enemies with your special missile weapon by holding down the C key.

Players can only unlock two ships in the demo. The full version features six different ships, a full set of achievements, online high score tables, and will cost a dollar to purchase.

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