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Urban Uprising: Dark New World
DHCShoot 'em up8.44 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Urban Uprising: Dark New World is considered to be a sequel to DHC's previous release with the same title. Sporting an upgrade system similar to Konami's Gradius series, the vertical shooter can be difficult to play without a strategy or two.

Fortunately, shooter veterans should find no problems adapting to the shift of perspective. Activating the shield is usually the first priority. It's also useful to have another protective barrier ready at hand even when one is already in place, since bosses could take some time to defeat.

Press the Z key to shoot, tap the X key to enable the power-up of your choice and hold the C key to lock the options' shot direction. One of the best offerings from this particular company.

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Uwabami Breakers
ZUN, D.N.A. SoftwareShoot 'em up156 MBClick here to download

In the vertical shooter Uwabami Breakers, the character you control is a female drunk who gains power by destroying alcoholic drinks or substances. You must fill your alcohol content gauge as shown on the right before closing time, which is indicated on the left side of the screen. Avoid getting hit as the colliding with enemy bullets will cause time to pass quicker.

Use the C key for rapid fire, or tap the Z key quickly for the same effect. Hold the Z or X key to activate your special attack. The left shift key can be used to reduce your character's movement speed, which can be handy when players are doing their best to dodge bullets. A boss will appear and attempt to kick you out of their establishment when you're drunk enough. Score is indicated by the food bill you're running when drying and emptying the eatery of its refreshments.

May require the installation of Windows' East Asian language pack to work properly. ZUN's well-known drinking problems may have inspired the creation of this game.

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