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BomBShoot 'em up2.47 MBClick here to download
(external link)

XED is a decent vertical shooter by BomB that will please veteran shmup fans, but drive beginners mad even at it's default difficulty setting. The game sports great pixel graphics and consistent frame rate, though only two continues are allowed for each game.

Hold the left shift key for spread shot, and use the Z key for concentrated firepower. Your special weapon can be charged by destroying enemy ships, then activated by pressing the X key. A stage select feature allows players to attempt levels previously completed. The config file can be used to change key configuration settings.

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EhudShoot 'em up0.62 MBClick here to download

XWars is a decent attempt to fill the hole left vacant by the forced withdrawal of Grid Wars. There are no configurable options yet, though gameplay is practically the same bar some minor sprite changes. Dual analog controllers are also supported in the latest version.

Your ship can be moved around using the W, A, S and D keys. The mouse can be used to aim at other vector shapes. Indicators shown at the top of the screen provides information on the next upgrade or multiplier increase at a glance. A worthy substitute, especially with a little more work. Made using the HGE engine.

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