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Prometech Software, Inc.Application4.05 MBClick here to download

OE-Cake is a simulation tool in which users can choose from a myriad of objects and fluids to add to the environment, then watch as they interact with each other realistically while bounded by the laws of gravity or physics selected by the player. Images can also be dragged and dropped into the application window, then used as a surface for any new object you create.

OLE Coordinate System
Jun FujikiApplication0.61 MBClick here to download

The Object Locative Environment Coordinate System is an engine that determines and calculates a robot's interaction with the environment based on the camera's current perspective. Gaps can disappear behind a pillar, bridges can be joined just by rotating the camera, and all sorts of weird mind tricks can be accomplished with a little experimentation or plenty of imagination.

Save a layout with F3, and load a previous one with F2. It saves to the ole.dat file, and it seems you can only have one at a time. There's a pretty complex world as the default, so back it up before you make new levels.

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