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Which Way is Up
Olli EtuahoPlatformer3.53 MBClick here to download

Which Way is Up is a traditional and challenging 2D platformer with a slight rotational twist. Help a mysterious big-eared salaryman named Guy find his keys in a labyrinth of dangers and bad dialogue. Use the Z or up arrow key to jump, and press the down arrow key to activate switches or collect items.

Six levels in total. The Windows binary version contains an executable which runs just fine without the need for a Python installation.

Within a Deep Forest  
NifflasPlatformer20.1 MBClick here to download

Within a Deep Forest is a rather difficult platformer by Nicklas, not helped by the unfamiliar character controls. Most times you control a bouncing ball made out of different materials, always in perpetual motion throughout the entire game.

Starting off with the basic blue, your jump height will change depending on the type of ball in use. A comprehensive tutorial provides all the information you need, while solutions to most puzzles can be found in the forums. Being likened to the legendary Seiklus is the highest praise that anyone can give. Press F1 to play in full screen mode.

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Xain'D Sleena
X-0utPlatformer11.1 MBClick here to download

Xain D Sleena is an excellent platformer remake by X-Out, developer of the equally impressive Prototype. You assume the role of a soldier with a mission to save each of the five planets invaded by the enemy forces.

Each location consists of two equal parts. You have to fight your way to the enemy base station, detonate it and leave on your ship. The escape is basically a horizontal shooter stage with a boss in the last planet.

Plenty of options to tweak such as autofire, difficulty and image quality. Having to restart from a save point after losing all health may discourage a few players from playing much but fans of the original will cherish this remake.

Try setting Quality = 0 or Filter = 0 in the engine.cfg file if the game doesn't work at first.

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Time WraithPlatformer2.31 MBClick here to download

Xorpl is a short exploratory platformer with three endings. The game runs in a small window. Cursor keys can be used to control the main character.

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You Made It
Jesse VenbruxPlatformer3.85 MBClick here to download

You Made It is a new 2D platformer by Jesse Venbrux, developer of Frozzd and the Karoshi series. Move your character with the cursor keys, and use the up arrow key to jump. Press the same key again while in midair to execute a double jump.

The game has ten levels only. A screenshot is taken automatically and saved as a bitmap image once you've managed to complete the entire obstacle course.

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You Probably Won't Make It
Jesse VenbruxPlatformer3.58 MBClick here to download

A sequel to You Made It, You Probably Won't Make It is a platformer created by Jesse Venbrux which is difficult by design. Expect to encounter spikes after spikes on walls, floors and even ceilings as you attempt to make your way safely to the exit in each of the eighteen levels included.

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