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Cactus Block
chuchinoPlatformer1.16 MBClick here to download

In chucino's Cactus Block you play as an unnamed blue character who has to find his or her way home on a snowy winter day. Some cliffs might seem to high to climb at first, but you can place a random tile on screen as a platform to stand on or jump off. The problem with this ability is that there's an equal chance of getting a cactus instead of a brown block, which hurts the player should they come in contact with the prickly plant.

Pressing the F4 function key switches between full screen and windowed mode.

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Cave Story  
- Windows, Mac, Linux
PixelPlatformer0.88 MBClick here to download

Cave Story is a freeware sidescrolling platformer title created by Daisuke Amaya, art-name Pixel. You control a cute little amnesiac who runs around helping out these rabbit-ish creatures called Mimigas while trying to find your way out of the giant cave inside the floating island which makes up the game's setting.

You can expand your health meter by collecting Life Capsules in similar fashion to Metroid games, while you can get stronger by collecting energy to boost your firearms' output. Each weapon can be built up to the maximum level fairly quickly, but taking damage will drain energy from its experience meter, sometimes causing it to level down. Given how quickly they power up this only tends to be an issue during boss fights, and even then there's usually plenty of opportunities for collecting more weapon energy.

The game has loads of secrets, too. For a freeware Japanese platformer, it's fairly lengthy and has quite a large amount of text. We're also talking three very different endings, plenty of plot, and quite a cast of charming characters. It really is a superb little gem.

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Joep Aben, JaJPlatformer5.54 MBClick here to download

Cavetrap is a new platformer by Joep Aben which features a knife-wielding protagonist spelunking in a network of caves. Use the Z key to attack, press the X key to use an inventory item and tap the C key to switch between objects currently in your possession.

The F4 function key can be used to switch between windowed and full screen mode.

Challenge from Kiyoshi
8bits fanaticsPlatformer8.44 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Challenge from Kiyoshi is a 2D platformer that was designed to be extremely unforgiving, with plenty of instant-kill traps more likely to cause frustration than a feeling of amusement. Some puzzles require the player to think out of the box, and there are even a couple of invisible platforms that can only be found by trial and error.

Pressing the X key causes your character to jump, and you can leap even higher if you press the same button while squatting down. Tap the D key to throw a couple of punches and kicks, or use the Tab key to kill yourself and return to the checkpoint at the start of the stage. The space key can be used to pause the game at any time, while pressing the F4 function key switches between full screen and windowed mode.

Challenge from Kiyoshi is a game that will not appeal to casual players, but it does provide the sort of entertainment that fans of difficult platformers will definitely appreciate.

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Charles the Rabbit
David WaltonPlatformer2.23 MBCurrently unavailable

Charles the Rabbit is a short game by David Walton, featuring a cute little protagonist who tends to hop around like most bunnies do. Embark on a quest to collect a hundred carrots and unlock the only exit to complete this one level platformer.

Hold the shift key to jump higher, and stomp on enemies to stun them or to reach higher ground.

Clock Tower's Secret
SSIPlatformer1.22 MBClick here to download

Clock Tower's Secret is a platformer in which players have to figure out a way to reach the exit portal by activating the correct switches to rotate the entire world towards the direction shown by the blue arrows.

Hold the Z key to zoom out, and tap the C key to jump. Press the X key when your character is next to a switch to activate it. Developed by ssi for a recent Three Minute Game competition.

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Composition Piece
Theta GamesPlatformer6.27 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Composition Piece is a short 2D platformer that tells the story of a composer who is writing a piece of music for a girl he is infatuated with. While in the process of writing you're somehow transported to a world inhabited by famous composers and talking metronomes, but worse still are the spikes and walls that try to prevent you from completing the song in one piece.

The landscape scrolls automatically, so you'll have to move along with the screen or lose the game if you can't catch up with the action. Lack of checkpoints and the need to replay the entire game from the start when you fail will deter most players from finishing it, but assuming that you do reach the end there is at least a happy ending of sorts to reward you for your perseverance.

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Crazy Bound 2
CraftMPlatformer6.33 MBClick here to download

Crazy Bound 2 by CraftM is a 2D action game in the style of Within a Deep Forest, where players have to guide a bouncing object past obstacles and dangers placed haphazardly in the underground caverns. Use the up and down arrow key to view other sections of the map, and hold the space key to center the view at all times. Wall jumps should be mastered in order to progress past the second stage. Hold the cursor key in the direction opposite of a wall to jump off it, and repeat the process in a small opening to scale upwards any surface.


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Crazy Over Goo
BanovPlatformer3.83 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Originally titled Yellow Goo Love, Crazy Over Goo is a mouse-controlled platformer with fifty playable levels. The game is sort of a follow-up project to Banov's Assassin Blue, another Game Maker creation released several months before.

You control an elastic ball who is after the love of his life, both looking suspiciously like a gaming royalty couple from the early 80's. To clear a room, simply make your way past the traps and touch the red flag to progress. None of the challenges are particularly hard, but to unlock everything you will have to complete the entire game without skipping any stages.


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