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Enough Marios
Glen ForresterPlatformer0.46 MBClick here to download

Enough Marios is a 2D platformer with a clever gimmick, made by Glen Forrester in under two hours for a Klik-of-the-Month game development event. The objective of the game is to assist our plumber friend with capturing the enemy's flag in each of the four levels he visits, and though there are plenty of coins to collect there is no obligation to claim any unless you wish for it.

A copy of the protagonist magically appears whenever he steps on a Goomba or acquire a coin, and regardless of their positions in the level they will all carry out the same type of action whenever a button is pressed. The game doesn't offer a continue option yet, so it might be wise to watch your step when you're down to just one clone left on the screen.

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Escape from the Underworld  
BanovPlatformer12.0 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Escape from the Underworld is an exploration platformer originally created by Banov for the friendly Indie Kombat competition against his fellow developer, Andrew Brophy. You play as a fallen angel who must explore the underworld and retrieve abilities, items, and health upgrades before returning to the surface.

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cactusPlatformer1.31 MBClick here to download

EVAC is a 2D platformer created by cactus in under three hours, consisting of only a handful of rooms to explore. Press the enter key at the title screen to start playing, or use the escape key to quit the game at any time.

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EverEternal WinterWorld
SilverNovaPlatformer5.49 MBClick here to download

You play as an unwilling hero in EverEternal WinterWorld, thrown into a quest to stop a villain from inflicting eternal winter upon the lands. The game features an original soundtrack, three different weapons, seven levels, four bosses and hordes of evil enemies.

Try disabling snow via the options menu item if you experience any slow-down.

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Hempuli, Arvi TeikariPlatformer1.34 MBClick here to download

In Excavatorrr you play as an adventurer who is searching for rare treasures in an unexplored network of caves, equipped with only a pickaxe and some starting items strewn on the floor. Maps are procedurally generated every time you start a new game, and you can only replenish items or offload treasures for cash back at the shop (press up at the entrance) on the surface.

An online high score submission feature is included, although you would need to add the game executable to your firewall exception list before your best scores can be submitted online.


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