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Jables's Adventure
Jason BoyerPlatformer24.9 MBClick here to download

Jables's Adventure is a 2D platformer that took JaJitsu (developer of Cat Poke) over a year to make, although there's only about an hour's worth of gameplay in it even after taking the sparsity of checkpoints into consideration. The story is about a boy named Jables who one day wakes up with a squid on his head, and sets out to do heroic things after being advised to do so by the talking cephalopod.

Drinking from a bottle of juice restores his health, collecting a fruit increases his maximum hit points, and slapping the palm of the character who wears a striped beanie saves the game.


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Jackie and the Beanstalk
DrPetter, Tomas PetterssonPlatformer1.24 MBClick here to download

Jackie and the Beanstalk is another Ludum Dare competition entry by DrPetter, created in less than twenty-four hours. One gameplay element that immediately stands out is the grappling hook, which can be used to hoist your character onto any platform she desires.

Play the role of Jackie as she tries to stay above the water by climbing up a strange plant. Flying creatures will attempt to thwart her efforts, although you can feed them candy until they burst courtesy of your own limitless supply.

Note that the game does not have an end or any sort of level progression.

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(mature content)
Miles DrummondPlatformer1.70 MBClick here to download

Jigsaw is a puzzle platformer made for Arthur Lee's Action 52 cart-themed game development jam, featuring two worlds to explore and a healthy number of checkpoints that automatically saves your progress up to that point. The playable character in this remake has a gun that fires nails, which is mainly used for defeating the enemies he encounters and building small steps for him to scale walls with.

It is important to note that only a maximum of three nails can be had on the screen as steps, so if a fourth nail is impaled on a wall then the first nail will disappear as well. This leads to some interesting switch puzzles later, since a switch will only be on when a nail is still stuck to it.

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Jimmy's Lost His Toilet Paper
Petri PurhoPlatformer5.67 MBClick here to download

Jimmy's Lost His Toilet Paper is a platformer puzzle game where the goal is to clear the level from toilet paper. Move with arrow keys and hold on to the toilet paper with shift. To restart the level press space.

There are some additional elements in the later levels, such as lifts, laser walls and love.

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JNKPlat 07
Jayenkai, James GamblePlatformer1.88 MBClick here to download
(external link)

JNKPlat 07 is a puzzler by Jayenkai disguised as a platformer, in which all movements are measured in grids. The problem of missing a leap by mere pixels is avoided, though two jump buttons have been included so there could be a slight confusion when learning the controls.

Each of the twenty stages can be completed without collecting all bonus items.

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Joe Gunn
Georg RottensteinerPlatformer0.02 MBClick here to download

Joe Gunn is a superb new original C64 platformer by Georg Rottensteiner. It plays like a cross between Dizzy and Rick Dangerous. The game has you skillfully avoiding enemies and solving item based puzzles.

A C64 emulator is required to run the game. WinVice is recommended.

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Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp
IshisoftPlatformer0.76 MBClick here to download

Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp is a short platformer for the DS, consisting of fifty levels. Take out the bad guys on each screen and head for the exit.

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Journey to the Center of the Earth  
Dot Zo GamesPlatformer12.8 MBClick here to download

Journey to the Center of the Earth is an exploration platform game in which you play the role of a treasure hunter, out to retrieve forty pieces of relics from the ruins of an ancient civilization. You carry an unlimited number of bombs that can be used to hurt enemies or launch yourself higher into the air. A treasure map showing location hints and relics collected is accessible by pressing the A key at any time.

The game runs at a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels, but you can also play it in full screen mode by pressing the F4 function key. There is no progress save feature, so you will have to spend about half an hour or more to complete the entire adventure in one go.

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Jump on Mushrooms: The Game
Hempuli, Arvi TeikariPlatformer6.14 MBClick here to download

Jump on Mushrooms: The Game is a short 2D platformer created by Hempuli in under two days, where players would have to retrace their steps around each level based on the number of coins collected and the location of every mushroom men they've squashed. Players can jump as high as they like, although touching the ceiling will cause the protagonist to fall. Fall from too high, and you would have to replay the level from the start.

Some understanding of how physics work in Mario's universe is required to overcome many of the obstacles in this adventure.


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Jump, Copy, Paste
Hempuli, Arvi TeikariPlatformer2.20 MBClick here to download

Jump, Copy, Paste is a 2D platformer in which you overcome obstacles by copy and pasting parts of a level to build new platforms or create a passage through a wall. Parts which are greyed out cannot be affected by your copy and paste ability, so players need to work around those areas as they collect all yellow pieces to unlock the exit door.

There are seventeen levels to play through, and the game does get trickier with the introduction of bad guys, laser beams, switches, portals and even sawblades in the latter stages.


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