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- Windows, Mac, Linux
Metanet SoftwarePlatformer1.26 MBClick here to download

N is a platformer featuring a ninja with the ability to climb or slide down walls and run at amazing speed. The basic objective is to survive five rooms filled with traps and danger in each episode, with a different maze design introduced in every level to challenge the player's reflexes and quick thinking.

Collecting a piece of gold increases the allowable episode completion time by two seconds. Progress is automatically saved when an episode is completed. Tutorials and help sections are supplied to assist beginners, plus a healthy and active community continues to provide a continous supply of new content and custom creations.

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CCLUBPlatformer6.06 MBClick here to download

Nanikura is a brilliant remake of Nintendo's Ice Climber with updated graphics and level designs. When your character jumps, she will automatically attempt to destroy any blocks above her head and hence creating holes in the ceiling for her to advance upwards.

Press the Z key to hit sideways, and use the X key to jump. Cutscenes can be skipped, and the demo features a boss battle as well. A definite recommendation for fans of the classic.

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Nation of Reincars
KrimeloPlatformer7.88 MBClick here to download

Nation of Reincars is a puzzle platformer created by Swedish developer Krimelo, where the player's objective is to reach the end of a level by figuring out the correct order of animals to reincarnate as. There are only five animals to choose from, and you can view a zoomed out map of the entire area by pressing the M key.

Note that checkpoint flags can only be placed on flat surfaces, and the game will also access the internet to submit your questions.

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Team NEKOPlatformer9.87 MBClick here to download

Neko is a surprisingly refreshing 2D platform game, seamlessly blending different styles of gameplay, while keeping it all fun and enjoyable. Use your head to solve puzzles and your reflexes to avoid getting hit. Drawing inspiration from the famous plumber and Maneki Neko, the protagonist can perform all sort of actions besides jumping and collecting items. Expect to do a fair share of climbing, throwing, rolling, parachuting and much more.

Graphics are surprisingly good for a freeware title, considering that it took only three weeks to develop.

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New Game 2
Duncan FennPlatformer0.29 MBClick here to download

New Game 2 is a short platformer by Duncan Fenn with two rooms to explore. Use the cursor keys to navigate the terrain, and hold the control key to shoot. Press the shift key to jump. The jetpack can be used by pressing the up arrow key while airborne.

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New Satan Sam, The
James WhiteheadPlatformer41.7 MBClick here to download

The New Satan Sam is a freeware platform game, originally intended as a direct remake of the first SatanSam game released back in 2002. The story is told through cutscenes and conversations, while gameplay is near identical to the old game.

Basically you have to clear the screen of bad guys and escape through the door. Completing levels requires the player to utilize weapons and objects at their disposal, be it to destroy bad guys, flip a switch or something else. Knowledge of items is key to beating this game, as well as good reflexes. You can mix around Sam's powers for interesting combinations.

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FishmanPlatformer18.1 MBClick here to download

Nezumi man (Rat man) is a 2D platformer created in the same style as early Megaman games, where you are in control of a rodent who has to defeat the evil Dr. Gyoniku and his henchmen. Ratman can jump, shoot, slide, and earn special abilities by beating the boss characters in each of the eight levels included.

A hidden bonus chapter can also be unlocked once you've completed the entire game, although it doesn't really take more than two hours to achieve that feat if you're already accustomed to playing difficult platformers by now. The save feature will come in handy if you need a short break or two between sessions as well. You can resize the application window by using the configuration file included in the game folder.

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- Windows, Linux
Chris RazPlatformer2.65 MBClick here to download
(external link)

Ninjah is a fast paced action-puzzler by Chris Raz, developer of Pogo Fred. The general idea is to get from A to B as quickly as possible with the help of an elastic ninja rope and your ability to move into slow motion.

You may only come into contact with blocks the same colour as your belt. To help combat this strange allergic reaction to the evil blocks, you can change the colour of your belt by hitting the corresponding checkered blocks.

Use the W, A and D keys to move. Hold the left mouse button to shoot, and press the right mouse button to use your rope. Use the space key to activate the slow motion mode.

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Noitu Love 2  
Joakim SandbergPlatformer10.1 MBClick here to download

Noitu Love 2 is a platformer made by Joakim Sandberg, developer of Chalk and Tripline. In it, you take control of Xoda Rap as she embarks on a mission to uncover the cause of disturbances in her beloved city.

The trial version contains level one in it's entirety, and a third of the second level is playable as well.


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Noitu Love and the Army of Grinning Darns  
Joakim SandbergPlatformer7.59 MBClick here to download

With a quirky name which is actually evolution spelled backwards, Noitu Love and the Army of Grinning Darns is quickly gaining widespread recognition for it's classic platforming goodness.

Controls are stripped down to basics, featuring the standard punch and jump plus two more attack variations assigned to both the left control and shift key. Much like Capcom's Mega Man series, you get to utilize certain devices to change form and access special powers. The first few levels may seem repetitive but the game does get better after the second stage.

Most of the highlights occur during boss battles, where each leader has to be defeated using different strategies. The final boss encounter is simply amazing, even when compared to other platformers freeware or otherwise. A word of advice, you'll miss out on quite a bit if the easy difficulty setting is chosen. Press alt-Enter to play in full screen mode.

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